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Problem Meal

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Default Problem Meal

What meal throughout the day gives you the most problems? Why is this meal so difficult? Is there anything you could do to change it?
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No matter how much I eat earlier in the day, dinner tends to be my most intensive meal. So I don't fight it. I eat lighter earlier in the days so I have room for dinner. If I happen to be too light on calories, I add a snack or nuts.

Also, I try to plan what dinner will be earlier, when possible so I can spread things out better. If I know I'm going out, I reduce what I eat earlier as well. I don't typically skip any meals. I see it more as budgeting. With that must come a little thinking about what my daily activities will likely bring and how my meals might fit into that.
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I budget for dinner too. I know they say you should eat more in the morning (eat like a king in the morning, prince at lunch and pauper at dinner), but I like the big meal at night.

But lunch is my hardest. I get bored with lunch, and if I'm not organised then I'll just go for eating crap.
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8 Week Challenge

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I prefer to have light breakfasts and lunches with heavier dinner as well. I like sandwiches and some salads/soups that don't leave me feeling heavy and sleepy while the sun is still out.

Unfortunately however lunch always ends up being the heaviest one because it's the one I have no control over - it's home-cooked but I rarely know what goes in (I don't cook it, I come home to it.) So it ends up being a light breakfast (~250-350 calories), heavier lunch (~500-600) then I budget my calories for the remainder of the day. It has made my progress slow but at least its steady.

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One Step at a Time
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Breakfast is my absolute WORST meal. I hate getting up early in the morning, I hate eating first thing in the morning, and I hate trying to figure out what I can actual stomach if I do eat in the morning.

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Hrm. Apart from avoiding trigger foods that mess with my blood sugar?

It's not the meals. It's the times. Midcycle and period time specifically. Drive me nuts!

Started Oct 2014:
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For me it's snacking at night. I try to save 150-200 calories for snacking, so I have a super light dinner (like 200 cals or so) and then some snacks. This has worked well and has kept me from binging!

Lunch is my biggest meal of the day.

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hmm, sometimes it's dinner, only because I try to make something healthy and if it tastes good, I might eat a bigger than normal portion. Only because I usually eat package meals for lunch, so I get a little off for dinner. My other difficult time is definitely 3pm. I always want to snack.
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They are all giving me a problem, haha. Seriously, breakfast is tough because I have never been a breakfast person. I hate eating in the morning, but I know I will have to start.
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Breakfast, i'm just not hungry in the mornings
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Meals have never been a problem - it's the snacking at night that gets me. I just have to fight it.

As for those who don't like breakfast - it really is important to eat something to get your day off to a good start. Think non-traditional foods, maybe. A couple small chunks of cheese (or a pre-packaged piece of string cheese) along with a few whole grain crackers and a small serving of fruit, maybe. Or yogurt with fruit in it and some granola on top.


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