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Shrinking week by week
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Height: 5'2

Default loose skin concerns

New here! hoping to lose 102.7 pounds total, from 207.7 to 105. down to 202.6 right now, so only 97 more to lose!

I worry about loose skin afterwards--- being thin but saggy. Is this a given? any way to avoid? what do you think???

Thanks! looking forward to losing with ya'll!
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is recommitted
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I think everyone's skin elacsticity is a bit different, and it also depends on how much you have to lose. Some people get really bad saggy skin, while others don't. I don't think there is anything you can do to prevent it, but I've heard going for a slow, steady loss might help so your body has time to readjust.

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I'm doing this!
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Yes, what rakel said and be sure to drink lots of water and doing toning exercises.. What I heard anyway
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Hoping for 160 by NYE!
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I've been on this journey for a year (on Feb 13) now and I'm down 107. The loose skin is just as bad as I was afraid it was going to be, but I'm not as worried/devastated about it as I thought I would be. It's worth it to feel as good as I do now. Since you are starting out much smaller my hope is that yours won't be as bad.
Trish, wife to one since 8-96 and momma to 7 ages 4-14

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Mine is bad. But, I was once close to 350 pounds and in the 300's for around 10 years and I'm 41 years old. And, I lost close to 200 pounds in less than 2 years. It all contributed. At least I don't have it on my face, neck, lower arms or calves! It's all on the thighs and butt mainly...easily hid with clothing.
I wish I would have done toning exercises right from the start, maybe it would have helped. I'm doing them now, and I'm noticing my arms are looking a little better. Of course, I just hit goal a couple months or so ago, so maybe in a year the skin will look better.
Good luck with your weight loss...you can do it! I'd start doing toning exercises now.
The extra skin is still way, way better than being heavy.

Link to before and after pics
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Cocktail Cowgirl
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Height: 5'6"


Personally, I was worried about this too. It was my main excuse to not lose weight. Now, I have come to realize that I would rather tuck a few pounds of loose skin in my jeans than try to hide 100 lbs of fat.
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I want to feel better
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I am worried about that also. But I have read on here from maintainers that it does get better in the months/years after losing. Many reasons for the differences in skin elasticity were mentioned, and I also think age is one.

There is a whole section devoted to things like this under the Maintainers Section, called something like "Body Image Issues". I'm sure you will find a lot of conversations about loose skin there too.

Good luck, you are off to a good start!
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is super awesome.
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Height: 5'7"


After 80 lbs, I don't have any... yet. I'm not worried about it, because the energy I have now is WAY FREAKING BETTER than weighing 279, lol.

Also, I drink TONS of water. I drink 5 of my 24oz Camelbak's, and I have 2 mugs of hot tea, a mug of green tea and usually a mug or 2 of coffee. I usually have a can of cherry coke zero if I'm wanting something sweet in the evenings. I do as MANY toning and body weight exersizes as I can. Squats, lunges, pushups.. I use my bands too. I just turned 30 in December, though, so I'm sure my age has something to do with it too... And genetics: looking at my grandmother when she passed at 78, she didn't look anywhere near 78, lol... My mom passed away from lupus at 59 and had systemic scleroderma too, so, lol, I can't use her as a guide!

My advice? Don't worry about it till it's there... because it might not be or it wont matter.
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Leveling Up
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Height: 5'3"


Just know that you can follow all of the advice and STILL wind up with extra skin. I drank lots of water, did a LOT of strength training and I still have it.

It's not as bad as some people have, but I do have a little. While it's annoying, I would much rather be here than where I was before. I feel so much better, I have more energy and I just feel like I can tackle anything. The extra skin is totally worth it.

I don't have any on my arms and legs, which I do attribute to all of the strength training...so my advice is, lift weights! Heavy weights!
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I have a bit of loose skin on my tummy, thighs, upper arms, and butt. I lost all this weight very rapidly though, and for the first six months did very little exercise.

I'm beginning strength training so hopefully my loose skin will look much better a year from now, in addition to me feeling leaner and stronger!

Like others, I'd much much rather have a bit of loose skin than 130 lbs of fat on my body. The skin isn't noticeable at all in clothes, either. If it's really bothersome you can always invest in some Spanx!
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I have quite a bit - mostly in my belly and upper thighs and buttocks, and upper arms. I was very big for a long time though, I spent at least 10 years at 270+ pounds. I have also had two babies, which plays a part in it as well. I look great in clothes though, so I don't care!! I'd much rather have this extra skin, than the extra 100 pounds, that's for sure. Maybe one day I'll look into surgery for my arms, so I can wear pretty sundresses and not feel self-conscious, other than that though I am happy to tuck.
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Height: 5ft5


I too have thought about this often but am trying to keep my eye on the reason I need to do this for health rather than vanity. The vanity thing would be great but I guess I think I will look a heck of a lot better with loose skin that this extra 150 lbs.
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Shrinking week by week
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Posts: 48

S/C/G: 207.7/ticker/105

Height: 5'2


Thanks guys!!! I guess thats how I have to think about it-it's better to be thin and fit wiht loose skin than to have 100 pounds of fat!!
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