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Dieting = Losing Hair?

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Default Dieting = Losing Hair?

I've recently lost 41 pounds on a reduced-calorie diet. About 3 weeks ago I noticed that more of my hair was falling out than usual. I have very thick, thick hair so imagine my dismay when I realized my hair was falling out.

Has any one else experienced this kind of hair loss? How long did it take before your hair stopped falling out excessively? A vitamin or mineral deficiency maybe?

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There have been times during my weight loss when I started losing hair. I got alarmed but I never lost enough to make my hair thin. This seemed to come and go. I don't know what causes it.

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Pretty harmless really...
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Biotin is great for hair loss, (skin & nails too) it takes a while but after about 3 months in it did for me. I have been taking biotin for years and rarely lose any hairs these days..
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Are you taking a multi? Deficient in anything?

Had thyroid checked?

That's all I can think of.

Started Oct 2014:
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I've had hair loss off and on through this whole thing. No matter how you suppliment your body will try to protect itself when you shed weight and part of that is turning off hair follicles. They'll come back!
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Try reading this article: Weight Loss & Hair Loss

Did you lose the weight really fast? If so, that could be why, your body is lacking the proper nutrition.
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It usually happens because you aren't getting enough good fats on a daily basis.

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Not having enough protein as well can cause hair loss as well. Are you getting at least 60 grams daily?
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I've always lost more hair while dieting, regardless of the diet. I've talked to my doctors about it over the years, and they've all said that a person can do everything right (nutritionally) and still lose more hair while losing weight. One doctor said it was common/natural when a person cuts calories, their body may start shutting down or cutting back the energy spent on non-essential processes. Losing hair is often a side-effect of the body trying to reserve energy.

However, during many illnesses, the body also does this same "cutting-back," which is why you should see your doctor when you're having unusual hair loss, because there could be a more serious problem.

So see your doctor to rule out other possible causes.
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I have never lost this much hair before when I was dieting but there is a first time for everything right?

No I do not take multi-vitamins they make me deathly ill for some unknown reason.
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Yep! Totally! It is some scary stuff to realize that your hair is falling out. I didn't lose my weight fast. I get enough protein and fat and had my thyroid tested. And still it was falling out in handfuls. And I have really fine, thin hair to begin with.

I started taking 5,000 milligrams of biotin and using a shampoo for thinning hair. My hair has stopped falling out and is growing back. I am trying to back off on the shampoo because I don't like what it does to the texture of my hair, but I will take the biotin until I lose the rest of the weight and then for a while after that too.

I would get my thyroid tested just to make sure something else wasn't going on and then I'd try the biotin.

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When I was younger and dieted, hair shedding was always a side effect. Back then, I know I wasn't eating a well balanced diet.

I haven't had any issues in the past few years (knock on wood LOL).

As others have mentioned, are you getting enough protien/fiber/leafy greens etc? That might be the culprit.

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Not sure what biotin is but I will check it out. I also forgot to mention that my hair texture is completely off too. I wash my hair every night and the next morning it looks all weighed down greasy looking. I have changed shampoo I am going to see if that helps.
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I think I am ok in the protein department Jen but a few other areas I know I am lacking in. I may try a multi vitamin again and see if I still have the same responds I use to which was severe vomiting very shortly after taking it.
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I had a "thyroid episode" in October. I discovered I have nodules (3) on my thyroid when they became enlarged causing some discomfort. My family doctor and an ENT specialist ordered tests, including biopsies. All is normal. Inflammation went down and the discomfort in swallowing went away. I have to get a sonogram once a year now to keep an eye on things. Just before this happened, I lost some hair. I noticed the pile of hair in the drain was bigger than normal. I noticed that there was more hair in the sink. It went on for several weeks, but stopped just about the time the nodules showed up. My hairline has very slowly been changing as I age anyway, and I equated this with the thyroid issue. I didn't think it was weight related because it happened 9 months after I was well into the diet changes. I started using a bit of mousse to add a little volume to the front where my hairline has been in trouble anyway. I thought I'd give things a few months to see if it started coming back. Well, it has. I wear my hair short. It's almost totally grey and my friend colors and cuts it about every 4 weeks. We've both been noticing changes. The new hair is softer than my other hair, but that could be due to the fact that it hasn't been colored as often. But the biggest thing is - wait for it - it's curlier! Can't explain that one!

I do remember a person I knew a number of years ago whose hair fell out after chemo. When his hair grew back in, it was curly for a while. Then it got straight again like it always had been. And my friend (the hair dresser) know someone who lost hair due to chemo who got curly hair for good!

Maybe my hair loss was weight related. No way to tell now for sure since everything tests normal now. Maybe something was off and caused the nodules to become inflamed and also triggered the hair loss. Who knows. I'm glad SmallSteps started this thread, though, because it makes me realize just how many of us have the problem.

I'm going to check out Biotin tomorrow after work. There's health food store near by. I'll let you all know if the curly hair stays. LOL


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I lost 93 pounds by Oct 1, 2011 and am holding there for now. We'll see what happens.
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