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Annoying Co worker question

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Tired Of Just Surviving
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Default Annoying Co worker question

I have a co - worker who is always "on a diet" is always "going to exercise tonight" is always "going to the gym" and she never ever follows through. She is a follower if you are doing it she is doing it too and can do it better and faster than you ever can.

She knows I am dieting and she knows I have given up all forms of soda but she is forever offering me food and soda. She always says one drink will not hurt you, one piece of cake will not hurt you, one doughnut will not hurt you (you get the idea)

My questions is how do you deal with the self sabotagers in your life who are not happy unless they are bringing someone down with them?
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is recommitted
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Hmmm, tough one. Aside from having a heart to heart, I would continue to decline until she gets tired of asking, and don't offer too much information about what you're doing... Just let your results speak for themselves.

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one choice at a time
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"Great, good for you. Best of luck with your plan! So, how is your kid doing?"

"No, thanks - I know the donut won't hurt me, but I just don't want it. Thanks, though. So, have you seen any of the Oscar-nominated movies?"

Repeat as necessary. She will get the message eventually.
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it's a fine day
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Kindly ignore. I have a friend like that. Whenever I do something, she has done it, she knows better, she's fitter. she's this, she's that. She is an insecure person and she tries to come across as stronger by behaving like that.
Carter has said it really.
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Ignore, ignore, ignore. Maybe bring in some healthier food for you both to share if she's so adamant about sharing food. Also, if she's willing to listen, you can maybe try explaining calorie counting and how one soda or one piece of cake DOES matter because you're trying to make a change or portion out your diet for the day.

I also deflect in those situations. For example: "hey, I would, but I just ate. I think (other co-worker) would like it, though!" which, in most cases is true.
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This is tough. She's trying to 'trip you up' it seems. Keep saying, "No thank you."

Could you say something like this: "It would be so helpful to me if you don't offer me goodies'.

Some people can't stand to see people do what they can't do. Good luck.

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"It would be so helpful to me if you don't offer me goodies'.

I like this one. I have found most others want to feel involved in your journey, but don't know how, this makes them feel like they are doing something to help you.
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I like all the answers so far. Here's a different one. A bit sarcastic, so you have to decide if it's appropriate. If other people at work also know you're trying to lose, call her out in front of them by saying, "I know you love to share, but I'd rather not right now and I appreciate the fact that everyone else has honored that. It would be a big help if you stopped offering me treats. If I change my mind and want some, I'll ask. Thanks."

That's my immature self coming out. The older and wiser self says its probably not the best response but it will feel good! Just ignore her. She's a small bitter person.


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Sometimes I just stretch the truth a bit and say "No thanks. I'm pre-diabetic. It will mess with my blood sugar."

I've never had someone react with anything but "Ohhhh... sorrry. Didn't know!" and they back off.

I'm actually prediabetic PCOS hypothyroid syndrome X but who wants to explain THAT? It's so much easier to go "diabetes" because everyone's heard of that.

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If you don't want to stir up any discussions and confrontations, I've found that "I'll have some in a little bit" is a good way to get people off your back. You haven't outright refused the food, and chances are they forget about you not having any.
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Ok, I know it's wrong to lie but sometimes you just might need to. Maybe next time you could tell her that you're pre-diabetic and that having those things would be harmful to your health. That might make her take a step back and stop trying to sabotage your healty lifestyle if she thinks it is more than just another diet. Then if she wants to talk about it further just tell her that you prefer not to talk about it. In the end aren't we all "pre-diabetic" and pre-a lot of other things if we don't get our weight under control? We all know her kind! Good luck!

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You have accomplished so much already.

Secondly there are always people who will try and guilt you into failing. It normally is because it justifies there decisions and less about you.

The only advice I can impart is that I have learned to tell people who know I am "changing my lifestyle" that "insert particular offered item here" will not kill me it will simply make me have to work that much harder tomorrow but thank you anyways.

Keep it up we can all do this together. One day at a time
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It seems like every work place has one of those people who feel that they have to push the food! I have said, "I have diabetics in my family and the sugar can hurt me." However, the best defense is just saying, "No thanks". In my experience, if you are consistent with that, the food pusher eventually gives up. But accept once, and they are encouraged to continue!

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Tired Of Just Surviving
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All Great and Wonderful Suggestions!!! I really think I pissed her off this morning and I really don't care because I am in that kind of mood!

She came into the office carrying two plates each with a doughnut and a napkin.

Her: "Here I brought you some breakfast"

Me: "Thanks but I have already eaten"

Her: "Oh go ahead and eat it, it will not hurt you to have just one"

Me: Screaming as I am throwing the plate, doughnut and napkin into the trash can "I told you I do NOT want this, I have asked you repeatively to stop!!"

Her: " Now that really was not necessary!"

Me: "Obviously it was you NEVER listen to me!"

I am so over this!! Maybe now she will understand!!

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I'm sorry that you had to get all dramatic but that person just doesn't LISTEN or what?

I wonder what need she fulfills by being a food pusher?

Started Jan 2016:
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