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DH knows and has known pretty much always but we've both always struggled with our weight and before this journey we always gained/lost together. In general, we try to be very open with each about everything but that also comes with the understanding that we don't criticize each other when it comes to things like that and we're here to support each other.

It sounds like your DH is there to support you and I do feel that being honest is also very important. I'd say it's better to tell him you don't feel comfortable saying a number rather than telling one that's not correct. That being said, you might want to avoid telling him to guess, that's pretty cruel! I would have had no clue what DH weighs at his highest if he hadn't told me , it wouldn't have affected my feelings for him whatsoever. That being said knowing that number helps him know how long this journey may take you and how much you're planning to lose.

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Yep. The moment I bought a scale and stepped on it I nearly died. I weighed as much as my 6'4" husband and I was a foot shorter. I pretty much have a parade for each pound lost so yeah.... he knows.
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Yes, my husband knows. He weighs about 20 pounds less than I do. He and I don't keep secrets from each other. It's just a number and has no bearing our love for one another. He's supportive of my efforts to drop the weight and is encouraging to me as well. He's awesome!

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All he knows is I'm "over 300". When I said that, he tried so hard not to react, but his eyebrows sort of shot up like "wow". I felt horrible. I'm not sure if it was the number or that he thought I weighed much less, but I will never forget that image. It's one of the reasons I'm losing weight. I don't want those eyebrows to shoot up again unless it's in response to, "Check out how much weight I've lost!"
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My husband has no idea. He has never asked and I will not volunteer the info. Obviously I am overweight and he sees me naked and of course during intimate times there is no hiding it.
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My girlfriend knows. I also know her number.

Realistically, it took me a while to be able to tell her, when I lost weigh last time. It was a hard number for me to say to myself. Now, I tell her. Its not like she didn't have a clue, as she sees me naked.
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Years ago, when I first met my husband, we went to the gym together and were on treadmills next to each other and you had to input your weight on a keypad. I covered the keypad with my hand and typed in 195 - and when I looked up he was laughing because I was so obviously trying to hide it and the number was flashing in big letters across the screen...
More recently, after I had lost 35 lbs off my high of "over 350" I said something about that being 10 per cent of my body weight. When I realized that he could figure out my weight from that I tried to backtrack and said "No, wait, it's more like 5 per cent" and he started laughing and was like "that would make you 700 lbs..."
So I never mean to tell him, but somehow I keep managing to do so...
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Of course my DH knows! I'd never think to keep it a secret, why would I? The only time he didn't know, it was because I hadn't been on a scale in a LONG time. Part of our special marital intimacy is knowing that he is safe in this and all things - there is no shame, distaste, or secrecy regarding my body or his, and nothing about my weight makes me less beautiful or lovable to him. So yeah, he knows the number, and he is my biggest cheerleader regarding the lowering of it, because he knows how it makes me feel to hear him supporting me

I honestly couldn't imagine keeping a secret like that from him, it just wouldn't even occur to me not to share.
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Originally Posted by facingfacts12 View Post
Ok,so today during a weight loss conversation with hubby about weight loss (a big topic for me these days), he asked me, how much DO you weigh?

I've kept my weight top secret, because I am embarrassed to admit to even myself (what more him) that I weigh more than him. I never thought I would come to this place - no matter how much I ever weighed I never thought I'd be more than HIM! (he's 6 ft tall!)
When I crossed that mark during pregnancy I told myself oh well, that's me PLUS baby. I don't have that excuse anymore.

And I simply could not tell him the truth. Instead I asked, how much do you THINK I weigh?
He didn't really want to answer... and said he doesn't want to get in trouble, but then he finally guessed - 180.
I was just silent. It was daunting to think that I am FIFTY pounds above that. That I have not weighed that in over 5 years, since pre-pregnancy. And that this number, that is 50 pounds away from what he was too scared to even pronounce.
A real eye opener...

I ended up telling him that I will be more comfortable losing the weight (a good load of it) first and then telling him where I had started...
I felt the same way... im only 5'4" and for awhile I weighed more than the hubby... he came home one weeked (he's military and gone a lot) and he weighed in on our new scale.. for the 1st time I weighed LESS than him... only 2 pounds might I add... but I still didn't tell him what I was at before.. I just said I weighed less... my license says I weigh 190.. its sad because when I was a little kid.. like 12ish my doctor told me that if I don't control my weight im going to be a 160 adult.. now i think about that and think.. crap I would not mind that at all.. lol. Its ok, after you lose then you can be like... u know what i weighed before??
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Haha no... not because I tried to keep it from him, just because he has no concept of how much things weigh!

Recently, I asked him how much he thought I was at my highest and he said "200?" Haha... no.
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Originally Posted by facingfacts12 View Post
For now... if hubby thinks I weigh 180, I dont want to give him a heart attack and clue him in that he is 50lbs off.
I'd rather tell him in hindsight.... lol
Besides... that's extra motivation to lose weight - to tell him where I "dropped" from...!
My husband always thought I weighed 50lbs. less than I did. Not because I told him this, but, because when I told him I needed to lose weight to finally weigh less than his 195.lbs. He guessed I was 220 when I was actually 270 +. A year later I was too close to 300 at 295lbs. and though I had been above that during pregnancies, I refuse to go there again and especially since I am finished with childbearing. He may have known my weight at pregnancy not sure but he never mentioned it. He did joke once or twice during the last couple months of the second pregnancy " Are you sure there's just one kid in there and not 3 or 4?" I see no reason to come clean and like a few of you here said it is extra motivation. For me to get somewhere I have never been below his weight. I hope he thinks I weigh 50lbs. less than him when I get there, so he may never know! Ha!
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I share what I weigh with my partner. It's just a number. He knows how large I am without putting a number on it. I now weigh less then he does but he's a lot taller then I am. We are the same size jeans now so I am always raiding his closet because I don't have any jeans in my size. When I drop down a size, I think he will be happier because he can have his jeans back.
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I just told me husband for the first time this week as I was starting medifast. I'm 100 lbs heavier than he and he's only a couple inches taller than me. I think he was shocked. I think he's seen my weight on my license, but that's my goal weight...not my real weight!
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kon-fyoo-zed say it aloud
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my husband is often in the room when i do my weigh ins on the wii fit. yep. he even gets to hear me cuss out the little mii when she gets super fat and it makes that obnoxious sound and says "that's obese!"

to quote "knowing the number of your weight has no impact on how much i love you." aww...

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k0nfyo0zed oh my yeah I have never been on a wii fit because I'm too heavy but will definitely be cuzzing out the Wii-Bese version of my Mii once I can try it)

On the topic, I'm not dating but its just a number... Its no secret that I'm huge. My feelings may change if I ever get out of the 300;s and closer to the 100's. I think I'm ingrained enough in my stubborn attitudes that they probably won't though.
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