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Default Questions about the points challenges

I have had some questions in the past regarding the way points are handled when we do the challenges and I am wondering how everyone feels.

Question 1: "Can I get 1 point for food?" Food is 2 points. You earn that point when you stick to the food plan that you have set out. I think this question comes in to play becuase people go a tiny bit off plan and they hate to lose 2 points just because they went off a little. I never know how to answer this question, so most of the time I just let them have the 1 point because I want this to be fun and not all strict and about rules and stuff. Me personally, If I eat 1800 calories or under 2 points - ANYTHING OVER - no points. Do you think 1 point for food should be allowed?

Question 2: "Can I get an exercise point on my planned day of rest, since it was what I was planning to do". This one really gets me. The idea behind this whole challenge is to make a plan and stick to it, so if you "plan" 5 days of exercise and 2 days of rest and do just that, you stuck to your exercise plan 100%, but you've lost 2 points. I completely get that, but on the flip side if someone exercises 5 days and someone exercises 7 days, shouldn't there be some difference in points? My take on this is that you should stick to your plan, but on the days you don't exercise, you shouldn't get an exercise point. What does everyone else think?

I want our challenges to be fun and fair for everyone, so I am just looking to get a idea of how some of you feel about some of my most common questions.


Also - in the past I've seen people not give themselves food points because they ate too little while being sick. I think you should get food points if you eat too little - the goal is not too much. You can't help your sick!!

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Default Re: Questions about the points challenges

Do you think 1 point for food should be allowed?


if someone exercises 5 days and someone exercises 7 days, shouldn't there be some difference in points?


Also - in the past I've seen people not give themselves food points because they ate too little while being sick. I think you should get food points if you eat too little - the goal is not too much. You can't help your sick!!
Agreed. It's not like you're pigging out. If you're sick, you're sick. Eat chicken soup, drink orange juice, and feel better. If you ate 3 pizzas & half a birthday cake, well then duh. You don't get your points. But eating only broth & other liquids? That's ok, you stayed under your calories. It's not like you're undereating every day--someone who undereats every day should not be rewarded.

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yeah, it's really a toss up with the exercise. i PMed sandi about the same thing already. i've decided that on my "rest" days, i get the point if i do SOME exercise. as in, i bike to school. that isn't a REAL workout in my book, but at least i moved. if i don't.. like someone drops me off at school, no points.

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Question 1: I think if you go over your food plan, even by a tiny bit, that you get zero points.

Question 2: I agree with you on this question.

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I could go either way on the food points.

On the exercise front, I think that even if you plan a day of rest, that going for a walk, be it 15-30 minutes would be a great way to get the point.

Just my 2-cents
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Sara and I went shopping today (4 HOURS!) I counted it as exercise.

Right now I count when I am doing something planned.

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I think you know if you cheating yourself or not. On the food thing its 2 pts or 0 pts. Its my hardest points to get so when I have a 4 pt day I am so proud of myself.

My excercise is planned movement or movement above and beyond the call of duty. For example I could have had zero activity points for yesterday then I spent over a 1/2 hour shoveling my car out of a snow drift. My heart rate was up and going. Oh and I lifted a manway cover yesterday too. Both were above and beyond.

Personally I use the point system as a measure to see how well I am staying on plan. The only person I can cheat by not being accurate is myself.

Does that make sense?
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I've been waiting to reply to this so I could see some other perspectives. I thought the reason we went to 2 points for food was because that seemed to be the hardest thing to stick to and it was more rewarding with 2. I don't really think you can have a 1 day either you stuck to plan or you didn't.

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