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Default Feeling quite zen about things today

So, the office is now cluttered with free candy (including taffy - my fave) and little bags of potato chips.

And I'm feeling really zen about it all. I have no interest in either the carby/sweet or the fatty/carby/salty. What now?

I recognize that this is one phase, and that I am not temptation-free for life. But how awesome is it to just have a short reprieve where I'm not white-knuckling when the carbage is free and readily available?

Going to get rid of the taffy soon. I got the bringer's permission to just throw it away, and I may do that if it's not gone soon. And the chips can just be set in the hallway. Law students (including me) love free food. I don't know if I'll be feeling quite as zen tomorrow.

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Enjoy your day! I like the idea of moving it all out into the hall.

I have zen days like that too, especially when I'm fired up about a project that I'm starting. I can focus on the non-food activity and NOTHING in the kitchen sounds appealing at all!

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Originally Posted by Sophronia View Post
But how awesome is it to just have a short reprieve where I'm not white-knuckling when the carbage is free and readily available?
Laurie -- This is a FANTASTIC visual and SO true! And YES, it is truly a blessing to have those moments! CONGRATS Zen Master!
~ Jami

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Yay for the zen feeling! I'm like that at the moment too. DD got this massive thing of candy because of a friend's b-day and we confescated it immediately (no way does a 2 year old need that much candy!). It's been sitting in our cupboards for days until we figure out something to do with it. Maybe I'll have DH give it to his college students...

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I love those moments - they seem to become more frequent and longer, perhaps I'm becoming "normal" in regards to food -LOL- We have a massive container of candy at the moment, its out of reach just in case I do get tempted but I actually have no desire at all.

I wasn't so zen the other day when one of the other lecturers gave me toblerone chocolate present, but I managed not to open it at work just eat it for lunch which I would have done once upon a time -LOL- It made it home and DH ate most of it (partly because I pushed him to knowing that if it stayed there I'd probably consume).
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that's been my favourite part of this journey - not getting thinner, not fitting into all kinds of clothes etc., but the SANITY! after i did a bit of therapy to get over being a spoiled brat my entire life LOL and get a grip on life and myself, that FREE feeling of not panicking that i didn't have enough diet coke and chocolate in the house for the weekend snacks is AWESOME, and it's been around for a long time now. To me, that's priceless! beyond rubies

Congrats on the feeling & here's to it lasting and lasting!!!

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It's a great feeling, isn't it? And it will actually stay with you, I think, because you have the right mind set for all of this. And one day you'll look at the taffy and have one piece and it will be enough and the rest can sit for the next day. Great job. Have a great semester at school. I can't even imagine the demands on your time. Good luck.


Life style change started on Jan 13, 2011. I was going to lose 100 pounds by Christmas.
I lost 93 pounds by Oct 1, 2011 and am holding there for now. We'll see what happens.
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Georgia - I know exactly what you mean! Getting involved in projects is incredibly helpful. But when someone puts it in my face, it's a little more difficult.

JamiSue - Zen master! I totally love it! Not really applicable, but fake it till I make it, right?

Running - College students LOVE professors who bring candy. I couldn't have it in my house for that long and leave it alone that long - perhaps you're the Zen master?

Jitterfish - Yep. I do that. I "share" that kind of stuff all the time if I really want a bite or two.

Trazey - I can't wait to be to that point. Not even close to that, but it's nice to know that it's possible. This is actually a dangerous point for me, as I can get overly-confident and not adhere to my "protections." Hopefully, it will come one day. And if not, at least I get it occasionally!

Lin - I hope you're right! I know that I ate one piece on Saturday, then another, and at right about 8, I got out some peas to help me leave it alone. Hopefully, one day, I can eat just one, and only when I really want it.

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That's a great feeling to be able to just leave candy alone. We always have something in the office, usually hershey's kisses or some sort of chocolate. I used to eat them pretty quickly. Now, it's like they are not even there. it was hard to get to that spot though.
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I was in a good space as far as food was concerned today, too -- though it helped that I was outside all day and, for the most part, away from temptation. That's great to be able to look it in the face and not have to struggle with it.

I gotta say, though, I cannot imagine getting through law school without a ton of crap food. I don't think I ever ate worse than during law school. I graduated in 2000, but I'm not barred in the state I live in, been a sahm for quite a while, so I'm trying to study for the bar and omg! Sometimes I do feel like a snack would make it all manageable.

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