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Default New here... can you guide me?

I'm not sure where to start, but am so excited I found this site. I am 130 pounds overweight and feel like I've tried everything. I am at a point now where I know I need help, but don't know where to go/what to do. I am addicted to carbs/sugar and I am considering joining OA. I don't know how to eat though. Should I hire a dietitian? How do I find one? Should I just go low carb? WW doesn't work for me- Is there anyplace on this site or other site for meal planning help? I am scared for my health and want to live for my children and family. I'm so embarrassed to ask for help from anyone in real life. What would you all recommend? What subforum do I belong on? Where to start?
Thanks so much in advance...
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Welcome to 3FC =)

First of all, there's no wrong place on 3FC. It's just divided into sections so that people can find what they might be looking for easier. Most of the titles of places are fairly self-explanatory.

There's also no wrong way to go about losing weight (so long as it's healthful).

If you're curious about OA, there's a section under Chicks in Control where you might be able to ask some questions and find some answers. If you'd rather start with a nutritionist or something of the like you can find recommendations through your doctor's office.

There's a Food section at the bottom which might help you with finding different types of meals or foods, but it's going to depend on what type of food plan you wind up with.

You might also want to look through Diet Central to skim over some of the more well known plans that people are using to see if any of them speak to you as something you could see yourself doing.

Don't worry. You don't have to do everything all at once. Take a couple steps at a time, and soon you'll find your way of eating and practice how it fits into your life.
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First of all, take a deep breath and relax. A lot of people here have been where you are and we're all happy to share advice. Just remember not to get discouraged -- what works for one person may not work for you, and that's okay. If it's not working after trying it for a few weeks (note, weeks, not days), then move on to something else.

Can you tell us more about why WW doesn't work for you? Have you thought of simple calorie counting (which WW kinda does, but through their points system)?

I admit, I'm a fan of low carb to start. For me, cutting out refined sugars and carbs overall gets rid of the cravings after a few days, making following the diet plan after day 4 much simpler, or at least not as traumatic. I had a lot of success with South Beach and plain calorie counting mixed with macronutrient watching (low carb, high protein).

I don't know if any of that helps your situation or gives you an idea where to go, but I wish you the best. Good luck!

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Hi, Renee! I'm happy you found this place, too!

I do think if you know that you have a hard time with carbs, the best/easiest/healthiest way to handle it is to eat a low carb diet. I also have a very hard time with carbs and sugar and low carbing has been so great for me. I would probably just try straight up Atkins, if I were you. But, read everything you can find and you may find other stuff that resonates more, or along with Atkins. You an always tweak it along the way.

A real eye opener for me was Gary Taubes' Good Calories, Bad Calories (look him up on youtube to see what he's all about, there are a couple of interviews there). Dieting feels so much different and better to me now that I know the science of it and know why the rest of the world insists that low fat is the end all be all.

My personal opinion is "no" on the dietitian. They are likely to give you the standard "balanced diet" line, which I truly do not think is appropriate for someone who is very carb sensitive. It just doesn't work. Usually they're just some skinny minny who thinks they know all there is to know about nutrition and weight loss even thought they've never had to lose a pound. That's been my experience, and I have seen a ton of them over the years bc of my diabetes.

As for OA, I haven't tried it but I've read about it and I think there is probably a lot of good there. Look in the "chicks in control" forum and read the stickies there. I think they have some about OA that might be helpful.

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Just thought I would add..Weight watchers has changed their plan recently..its called Points PLus.. it may work better for you, compared to the old Weight watchers plan..

I'm a single mom and Full-time university student and I find WW works great with my family and schedule.. we all eat the same stuff..I just count mine

Good luck with your weight loss journey..this forum is a great help..check in daily, always something new and lots of supportive people.
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Welcome Renee! I am a twin mom too. My girls just turned 6 this summer. Are your little ones about to turn 1? If so, how is your sleep? I put on a big part of my weight the 1st year my daughters were born and I attribute it to my intense cravings...which I now look back at and realize were due to lack of sleep.

I think you should check with your doctors office and make an appt with the nutritionist. My husband went to an awesome one, and one of my good friends is a nutrionist. I am sorry the previous poster did not have luck with visiting one, but everyone is different...it might be just what you need. Also, sometimes health insurance will pay for you to go one.

I personally calorie cycle and exercise. Calorie Cycleing is calorie counting, but instead of eating 1500 cals every day, I eat btwn 1300 and 1800 calories every day. This way if I am really hungry on a given day, I can eat another healthy snack or two to satisfy me.

Besides trying to get more sleep if you are lacking in sleep, the biggest tip I can give you is to include as many healthy choices in your diet as you can. When you start down the path to getting healthier you do not have to do every thing at once...but the healthier you eat, the fuller you will feel, so you will not get that feeling that you are starving and have to suffer...you do not!

You can do it!!!

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I also do best on a low-carb diet, which was really hard for me to accept (even though my doctor recommended it) because I had always thought (in 35 years of dieting) that low-carb was unhealthy and unsustainable (and the way I always had tried it, it was).

I chose low-carb exchange plan that I found on the hillbilly housewife website. The site no longer has the information on it, but I may have a printout of the plan (essentially you just take a regular diabetic exchange plan of whichever calorie level you want to start, and trade out about half of the bread servings for protein).

My best advice is not to let mistakes convince you that you can't do this, or that you're doomed to failure. I'm one of the mistakingest people on the planet. By all my previous definitions of success, I am a dismal failure - but I've failed off more than 90 lbs. You don't have to be good at any of this, you just have to do better and keep getting better, and don't let lack of progress derail you.

We're "taught" to give up when weight loss stalls by assuming that mistakes mean we're doomed to failure or somehow "not ready" to lose the weight.

We don't pick up a musical instrument and decide that if we can't play concert-worthy music from day one, or within in a month or two that we're doomed to failure, and yet with weight loss if we don't fit our own self-imposed definition of perfection from day 1, we've decided that our case is hopeless.

Don't let frustration and mistakes convince you that you cant do this. And dont' think that a diet isn't right for you, just because you have problems sticking to it perfectly. I have a lot of problems sticking to my plan, but I do know that I have to get as close as I can, and keep trying to hit those exchange targets (even when I miss by a mile).

Hang in there, because that's the only secret to winning this.
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You guys are so inspirational. I actually feel like maybe I can do it this time around. I think I will definitely go lower carb- WW doesn't work for me because there's just too much freedom in what I can eat, and that spirals out of control for me. If I feel like a donut- I can have it, just count the points- BUT, that leads to cravings for more and suddenly I'm totally out of control. I lost about 20 lbs on the HCG diet, and did really well on it until I cheated, so although I won't do HCG again due to the calorie restrictions, I think low carb is the only way to go for me. Now I just need to figure out a meal plan. I'm horrible at planning meals, which is partially why im in the situation I'm in. Thanks guys, I appreciate your time in posting.

Envelope- my twins are girls too- and will be 8 in September. Luckily we sleep well over here but I do miss those baby days!!

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Welcome, Renee I'm a twin mama, too; my girls will be 6 in Sept. (I have 4 others also).

A few things that helped me were reading Dr. Judith Beck's books and The End of Overeating by David Kessler. I was an emotional eater. I binged. I truly believe that I was addicted to food, and now I'm in recovery. Here are links to those books: http://www.amazon.com/End-Overeating...4014950&sr=8-1


I eat mostly vegetarian, some fish, low-carb, very limited refined grains and white sugar, and aim for about 1200 calories a day. I started exercising and am now able to do fun things with my kids like mountain biking and sailing.

This board is a great place for support, encouragement, and friendship. Hope to see you around, and good luck on your weight-loss journey.

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