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Default Chocolate Cravings

Oh help me. For some reason, just this afternoon/evening, a serious chocolate craving has come upon me. I have even been thinking about my old favorite (which I haven't had in ages)...brownie batter. There is nothing in the house (yes, I looked) and I'm not so bad as to ask my husband to go get something (he wouldn't now even if I did), but I'm antsy. Super antsy. So....I have a chocolate protein drink next to me. 160cal, 1g sugar, 30g of protein. And it tastes as healthy as it sounds. Ick. Sometimes peanut butter or peanuts help, but we're out!

Am I the only chocoholic here? I'm guessing it's pms, though I crave chocolate all the time (rarely to this extent).

Writing on here helps, so thanks for letting me vent.

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Im a HUGE chocoholic and Sugar addict. I know what you mean.
You know what has been helping me...Fiber One chocolate Brownies. Now granted they aren't the real thing but they really aren't that bad. And I believe they are only 90 cal and high fiber. I have loved brownies with all my heart all my life but it's a love/hate relationship and I know I can't have them so I tried the next best thing.

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I agree, Fiber One brownies are actually kind of good. I like the fudge ones more than the pb ones for more chocolate flavor. I also like the bars, all varieties, but especially the choc/pb because it's sweet, salty, and satisfying for 90 cals. And Fiber Plus has a coconut, chocolate, and caramel bar for 130 cals that tastes really close to Caramel Delight Girl Scout cookies!
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I am a serious chocoholic and I build it into my eating plan. I count calories and small amounts of chocolate are included.

Maybe you could obtain small individually wrapped chocolates that your husband could hide & give you one per day or week or whatever you you build into your plan.
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I have been quite lucky and found that my very low carb plan has just about eliminated cravings, even for TOM. I am allowed to have sugar free jello and that works if I really, really want something sweet, although I am finding that cup of sweetened hot tea with a generous splash of milk really works well too.

And trust me, I NEVER would have imagined myself saying this. When I was calorie counting and sticking with whole foods and even fairly low carbs, this never happened to me before.
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I third the Fiber One brownies. The best way to eat them (and it helps bring out their chocolately flavor) is to heat it up for about 10 seconds in the microwave. The little drizzle of chocolate on top gets melty and the whole bar becomes almost fall apart tender! If you want real chocolate, then you could do as blueheron777 suggested and get a bag of whichever small wrapped chocolates you like (I like the Hershey's variety pack because it has Mr. Goodbar, but Dove makes a sampler pack as well) or sometimes you can find individually portioned M & M's which are around 100 calories for a small bag.

Lately I've been on a chocolate milk kick, so I make myself an 8 oz glass with skim milk and the malted Ovaltine powder. Full of nutrients and I want to say it's around 160 or so calories for the glass. There's also many chocolate peanut butters on the market, I like Justin's brand because it's all natural and has a drier texture than mass market peanut butters. Last resort, you could also stock up on fat free or sugar free pudding cups. I have fat free ones that are chocolate flavored and 80 calories a cup

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Like April Snow, I find that sugar cravings are down, including chocolate, since I go pretty low on the white carbs and only eat them once in a while. How funny that a sugar cravings and a chocolate cravings thread show up at the exact same time! All replies in both threads apply to both!


Life style change started on Jan 13, 2011. I was going to lose 100 pounds by Christmas.
I lost 93 pounds by Oct 1, 2011 and am holding there for now. We'll see what happens.
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I used to live on sweets, especially chocolate. Im serious. Sometimes I would eat nothing but chocolately sweets for the whole day. I gave up the sweets and junk food and the cravings went away. I have slowly introduced some sweet stuff, like sugar free 60 calorie chocolate pudding, fiber one 80 calorie cereal with unsweetened almond silk, but really, I crave grapes, mangos, cherries and carrots now. It's like your taste buds change when you get rid of all that sweet/carb/fat stuff. Gosh, I remember well that intense craving for junk food! It'll go away. I mean, I still get a little wide-eyed if sweets are right in front of my face...that's why they don't make it into my house. Lol
I did have a slice of chocolate cake recently when we ate out at hubby's favorite restaurant...the excess sweetness made me sick all night and my heart felt like it was racing. Yuck...sugar overload.

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Thanks everyone! Well I made it through the night! Ha! I actually do as BlueHeron does and build it into my plan. I had already had chocolate earlier in the day, but this was a different kind of intense craving. I've tried the Fiber One bars and they aren't for me. I lost 80pnds before having one 200 cal choc. treat day (M&M's, Starbucks. etc). It totally worked for me. There are just some days where the craving is more.

Ultimately I probably should got off of sugar/high processed foods. I may try that one day. For now I need to do whatever keeps me on the losing path. Even if it's slow.

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I do have to say that Fudgsicles are an excellent low cal treat. Wish we had those last night. Rotten kids.

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I just work it into my plan, for some reason dark chocolate doesn't trigger crazy cravings in me like milk does, so a square of dark chocolate for dessert calms the cravings while not breaking the caloric bank. I find my sugar cravings ramp up when I am not getting enough protein, so if I am feeling peckish for sugary junk I always try eating some chicken, peanuts, or cheese first, and that often helps.
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Originally Posted by Arctic Mama View Post
I just work it into my plan, for some reason dark chocolate doesn't trigger crazy cravings in me like milk does, so a square of dark chocolate for dessert calms the cravings while not breaking the caloric bank.
I'm a big time chocoholic. I find this to be true for me too. Wow, when I go back and eat something a sweet chocolate like Hershey's now, it feels like a bang in the head, a rush, and for a couple of minutes like I could eat 10 of them (a Kiss). I usually have a couple of tootsie rolls, or squares of a less sweet dark chocolate -- and I find it better not to do it every day, it's a habit that builds on itself for me.

I'm love fruits too, and the summer is a great fruit time.
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I don't keep chocolate in the house anymore because it's too dangerous for me to do that, but every once in a while I get a huge craving for it. These days, if I'm going to eat something like that, I like it to be something really worth the calories and something I can really appreciate having. We have a locally owned sweet shop in town and they make all kinds of chocolatey confections, I'll go there when I have a real craving for it and get enough for just a few bites and then I'm done. It's something I can trust myself to do and I know I won't buy too much because it's very expensive! It's also nice to know they make all their stuff with all natural ingredients so I know I'm not shoving preservatives in my body too.
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I allow myself a couple of squares of plain dark chocolate after dinner, but I've found that since I allow that, some nights I don't want it? For me its a LOT about this fallacy that you CAN"T have something - therefore all I do is think about it...in fact I can have what ever I want on occasion and in moderation..all about long term change for me. And I can't imagine NEVER having a dessert ever again...

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I love dark chocolate - the higher percentage the better. I've been reading labels and buying the kind that's slightly higher in calories and fat but lower in carbs, and it is amazing! I build it into my plan - in fact, my nutritionist laughed reading my food diary because I've had some pretty low calorie days (1000-1100 calories) that have included dark chocolate! I don't feel like I have cravings for it though - just that I like it.
The other thing that I do is keep tins of Trader Joe's dark chocolate nibs in the house - they are 1 calorie per tiny dot of chocolate, but sometimes all I want is a couple just to get that taste...
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