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Smile Snowball Did It!! 100 Lbs Gone!!!1


You did it! You lost 100 lb - that is soooo amazing. I'm so proud of you. How do you feel? What are you doing to celebrate?

All the best to you and your last few lbs to go.



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WOOHOOOOOO CHICKIE!!!!! That is absolutly fabulous!!!! So So So happy for you..all of your hard work, tears and sweat paid off. Wow!!!! I wanna see some pics!!

Speech, Speech, Speech!!!!

How do you feel?
How do others feel about your loss?
How many clothing sizes did you lose?
Do you "see" the difference in the mirror?
What's your reward besides a whole new body?!?!

*HUGS* I am so proud of you!

1st Mini Goal: 239

Got lost along my way, started over 09/19/09

Follow your dreams and dance to the beat of your own heart. Fly to the stars and claim one for your own.
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Congratulations, that's one **** of an achievement!!! Hope you feel very proud. We all know what you must have been through to accomplish it, and all of the effort has paid off - fantastic!!

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Yep Amazing, wonderful, incredible, inspiring, fantastic.......Bloody well done! Love to see some before and after pics. Also give us a day in Snowballs life before and after like the mags do (please) I bet there is a big difference with what you eat and how much you exersize. Love to hear your insights, Congratulations

Logged back in 2012. CW 128 GW 122
cw 161 Goal weight 140 as of june 2005
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Thanks, guys I'm pretty dang happy to have lost 100 pounds. The best part was at the WW meeting today, the leader gave me a FREE WW electronic food scale. I was so excited

TO answer your questions, Jennifer:

How do you feel?
~Proud. I feel good both emotionally & physically. It's wonderful

How do others feel about your loss?
~Dh & the rest of my family are very, very proud of me. Last night, dh told me I "look unbelievably awesome" My friends & happy & proud as well. I've only ran into a few people that think I am "too skinny" (trust me, that is not a problem! There is still plenty of flab & fat! ).

How many clothing sizes did you lose?
~I started at a *tight* size 26. Now, I am in between a 14 & a 16. So, 5 or 6 sizes.

Do you "see" the difference in the mirror?
~Sometimes I see a BIG difference, sometimes I see that I still have a long way to go. But, whenever I look at a picture from 313.6, I know that I've definitely changed!!!

What's your reward besides a whole new body?!?!
~Well, I was going to get a massage, but $$$'s tight from Christmas & we have a lot of school bill's (both me & dh are in college) coming up over the next couple of months, so I don't know if I'll be able to swing that (some day I will, though, eventually!!!!). So, going cheap, I am setting aside 2 hours for *myself* this Sunday & taking a book & going to the lake with our dog.

Kitty, are you sure you want to hear about a day in the life of Snowball before!?!?! I tell you, it wasn't pretty. I really can't believe how much I used to eat. On a typical day, at work, I would eat one (sometimes two) king-size bags of M&Ms , if I didn't do that, I would get cookies from the cafeteria, lots of chips, pizza, cheeseburgers, & other foods like that. And not normal servings, either. 5, 6, 7 or more slices of pizza would be my supper, not one or two. My diet has changed dramatically now. Here's my journal from yesterday:

Breakfast - 1/2 a banana
Snack - lite yogurt
Lunch - 1 orange, a Lean Cuisine frozen dinner (herb roasted chicken, my favorite), a lite yogurt
Snack - 1 apple
Supper - 1 C. whole wheat pasta, 1/2 C. meat sauce, 3/4 C. green beans, 1 C. pineapple
Snack - lite yogurt

I haven't had even one M&M since the day I joined WW!! As far as exercise, it was non-existent before I decided to lose weight. I was *extremely* sedentary. Now, I am working out at least 5 days a week. I feel sooooo much better!!!

I really want to thank everyone here. You've all helped me so much & continue to help me on the last 40 or 50 pounds that I want to drop. You are wonderful, & have made this journey so much more enjoyable. Thanks
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I'm a little late, but wanted to add my congratulations. That is so awesome!
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I posted under the weigh-in thread when I saw what you did, but it bears repeating. How totally and wonderfully awesome!! Congratulations on this incredible accomplishment!

Here's wishing you smooth sailing on the rest of your journey. You're an inspiration to us all.

The grand essentials of happiness are something to do, something to love and something to hope for - A. K. Chalmers.
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Slowly going crazy!
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Snowball YOU ROCK! ! ! ! !
Congrats on that 100 pound weight now skimmed off your booty! ! !

I can't wait to be there! ! ! ! ! What an inspiration!
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Good for you!!
Starting again in 2006!

start 2-20/current/short term goal/long term goal

I don't suffer from insanity. I enjoy every minute of it!!
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Wonderful!! Congratulations!
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all i can say is, wow. it's almost inconcieveable for me. almost a whoel extra person (yes, a small one), GONE! congrats, kayla!!

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All the superlative words have been used above but they all bear repeating. I'm so happy for you and the power you have had over your own life for now and for the great future ahead.

Two hours of "me" time can be a great reward!
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You are AMAZING!!

Walking away the Pounds
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Congratulations, I am truely inspired.
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Congratulations! You are truly an inspiration!!!

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