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Default Re-Introducing myself and getting back on that wagon.

Alright - it's no lie - I've been here before, and I fall off the wagon, get back on, fall off, get back on so here I am again. Back on. And as the hope always is, on for good...but something is different this time. I'm 30, and as it happens when you turn 30 reality sets in... I didn't want to do 'new years resolutions' because it creates too much pressure so instead I've made 30's resolutions (birthday was just before Christmas) which are all about health...mine and no one elses... mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and financial. On the physical end - which is why I'm here - the first thing I did was make a doctor appointment...the first with a primary care physician of my adult life - yes I know that is shocking but let's just say I have extreme medical facility anxiety and have avoided primary care the whole of my adult life. As awful as it was (I'm sure it would have been fine to a normal person) I'm happy to say that I lived through it and it's good to have that eye opener outside your comfort zone of home where no one is watching. I know where my weight is in my doctor's scale (262) and I know she thinks my blood pressure is a bit high (though I'm sure my hospital anxiety helped with that) and soon I'll know what I'm dealing with in terms of cholesterol etc.

It's a starting point and someplace I have to be accountable cause she wants me back in 6 months and I'll be damned if I go back having not made progress. So...anyway here goes. Day one, since I'm 'working from home' for the rest of the day I'm off to the gym. I'm counting calories, I'm on track, and I'm setting a long term goal of 150lbs (so losing 112lbs (I'm 5'5") and a short term goal of 25lbs by my next 6 month doctor appt. I look forward to getting to know everyone here as I'm sure it's all different people from the last time I joined in. Oh and one other thing I'm ready to share...since I feel it has been long enough that I won't jinx myself, I've also quit smoking and I'm proud to say that it has been 30 days since my last smoke. I've gone cold turkey and am thankfully not missing it at all...though I'm still avoiding situations that might trigger me wanting one!
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First of all, welcome back! It's a step in the right direction, and I commend you for taking it.

Secondly, I can totally identify with your situation. I also got that wake up call that happens when you turn 30. For some reason, every time I tried weight loss before this, I would do well for a while, then fall off the wagon and give up. This time, I truly believe that won't happen. For some reason, being 30 years old and making personal goals for myself (NOT resolutions!) seems to have made a difference. Almost like me telling myself that I'm mature enough to be realistic about it for the first time in my life. This isn't some pressure-filled resolution that I stick to until the year is over. This is forever. And I think the act of turning 30 changes what "forever" means...

Congratulations on conquering a fear and stepping up to visit the doctor. I know that personal anxieties can truly interfere with success, and I know that finding a way to face that fear and move past it can truly be a liberating experience. Be proud of yourself! Next time it will be easier, I'm sure of it!

Also, congrats on the no smoking!! I was also a cold turkey quitter. I determined that I would stop by the time I turned 30. I did that almost a year early... and by the time I turned 30 years old, I had been smoke free for 9 months! I'm currently at 615 days smoke free, and counting. You CAN do it! You ARE doing it! And I promise it gets easier. I'm able to be around smokers most of the time without it being a problem (I'm married to a smoker, even...). It's only a few times this past year that I found myself battling a real craving. I have never given in! Stay strong! It makes such a difference in your weight loss journey to have freed your body of this addiction!

Congratulations on taking your (hopefully) LAST first step, and remember that we're here to be your cheering section!

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You can do it! Remember, take it one day at a time! No one is perfect, some days will be harder than others, but you WILL get through Small changes can also lead to permanent changes so get started! I hope you find a plan that works for you
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Welcome back and congratulations on quitting smoking!! If you can do that, you can definitely do this too! Looking forward to seeing you around!
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I can totally relate. I've been here and gone 4 times now. This time is a little different. For me I want to finally get this weight thing undercontrolled by the time I'm 40. I just turned 38.

Great job on the not smoking. Tomorrow will be 7 months that I haven't smoked.
Welcome back to you and the best of luck to you.
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