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Default Questions for those who have lost 50-100lbs

My current weight is 260 and while ideally I would like to go lower than 160 for now I am just sticking with it. So if you have lost 50 - 100lbs already

Tell me what you did to lose so far..

food wise? (calorie counting, carb counting etc)

exercise wise?

water intake?

I am trying to get a feel for what others have done so I can tweak what I am doing.

Right now I am focusing on the exercising while trying to choose healthy foods. In two weeks I will begin counting calories more rigidly. I am walking 15 miles a week plus weight machines (lower weight more reps) and zumba/iron works classes when I can fit them in.

Any info is appreciated!!

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sticking my nose in where it doesnt belong.... try HIGHER WEIGHT and LOWER reps....... not to offend but id be willing to bet you have a decent amount of muscle mass in your lower half already from carrying your weight around.... you are going to have to challenge those muscles to get them to grow!

"All the Secrets of your foundation shall come to light.... and when you lie, uprooted and broken in the sun, then shall your lies also be separated from your truths" Nietzche

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I do not sleep. I RECHARGE.
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Welcome to the boards! There's lots of info here and TONS of good support. For me it's nice to have a place to turn and get some instant validation for losing a pound or two or fitting into a new size. Those aren't things I feel comfortable braggin about IRL!

I've lost 50lbs in the last 6 months. Here are some key things that I think made a difference for me...
1) I ordered frozen meals through a company (BistroMD). I know this isn't a possible for everyone because it's expensive ($180/week), but it's made a big difference in how I see portion sizes and the types of food I should be eating. I feel like it retrained me and I'll make better choices once I stop ordering food. It was also easier to avoid fast food and other pitfalls because there was always a meal waiting for me!
2) Even without the food delivery (there have been times where I still made my own food), I've been eating much "cleaner" -- unprocessed foods, LOTS of fruits and veggies.
3) I've kept a food journal of everything I eat (well for 95% of days anyways!) and tracked the calories. I don't keep track of carbs, but I do keep an eye on them. I try to have each meal fall between 45-60g carbs and snacks from 10-15g carbs. I also don't track protein, but I keep an eye on it. I eat protein at every meal. I average around 90g of protein a day which is more than the USDA guidelines, but fits with many recommended weightloss plans. I plan for the calories (1400-1700 a day) and the carb, protein fall into place because I pick healthy foods.
4) I drink LOTS more water, 50-70oz a day, and no more sodas.
5) I eat 3 meals a day and 2-3 snacks.

I've done very little extra exercise. I walked/ran for a couple of weeks, but stopped. It's on list to get started again. I find it more difficult to lose when I'm exercising a lot, but I suppose it would be healthier!

BEst of Luck!!

My blog: http://bit.ly/jen516blog
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Originally Posted by brenbray06 View Post
Tell me what you did to lose so far..
I have a pretty reflective blog entry about my process, here:

My Progress Pics ---My Blog
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Hello brenbray!
Welcome to 3FC!!
I have lost 76 lbs. in 7 months, with 24 more to go.
We are the same height.
I do a combination of cardio and weight training at least 6 days a week. I make sure that I sweat during my work outs. I really push myself. I agree with what mkroyer said above about heavier weights.
I could lift weights all day at the lower amounts, with more reps and see very little change. I didn't really start to see a difference until I increased the amount I was lifting. My son taught me to weight lift and he is studying to be a personal trainer and was in the US Marine Corp. He said "make any face you want, make any noise you need to, but make sure you are really working at it". Not to the point where you are injuring yourself, make sure you are safe. BUT, most of us can do much more than we THINK we can. Really find out what you can do. Challenge yourself.

I have not counted calories or gone on any specific weight loss plan. I have created my own plan by always looking at the nutrition info. on everything. I try to eat whole foods, including lots of fruit and veggies and protein. For me, a life without carbs is not sustainable, but I have cut way back on the carbs I ate previously.

I no longer drink my calories at all. I drink only water 95% of the time. I have black coffee with splenda twice a day and occasionally a diet soda, maybe 3 times a month. I have cut out as much sugar as possible, including HFCS. I don't eat white flour, bread, cake, cookies, all of that is out.

I feel so good compared to how I felt at the beginning of this journey. I haven't given up one thing that I miss at this point. No kidding. I never thought I would be able to say that. I thought I would die without sugar, but I truly haven't craved it in months.

Good luck to you! You can do this!
Maintaining goal weight since March, 2011

My goal story:
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I have lost 88 pounds so far, so I fall under someone who you asked the question for. But I took a pretty casual start to weight loss, especially when I first started. The only item that became forbidden to me was soda. Other then that, I ate what I always ate, only smaller portions. I began exercising lightly - mostly games for the Wii.

As I've progressed, I have increased exercise a lot. I work out close to daily - since 1/1/11 I have not worked out 2 days - and I do a lot of treadmill walking and running and Zumba. Strength training starts next week as we just finished the workout room and DH assembled our new Bowflex machine today (yay!)

I still am not a calorie counter, but I eat better things - less bread and when I do eat it, I get whole grains rather then white. I eat brown instead of white rice. And I've always loved veggies, but have added more fruit. And, of course, I eat less then I used to.

Whenever anyone at work or personally asks about my weight loss (and I was asked if I had lap band surgery earlier today) I tell them "I eat less and move more".

"I'm through accepting limits, cause someone says they're so. Some things I cannot change but 'til I try I'll never know!" ~ Wicked ~

"Have you ever looked fear in the face and said 'I just don't care!'" ~ Pink ~


My goal reached thread http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/goal...ncers-say.html
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S/C/G: 260/257/160

Height: 5'6"


Thank you for your responses.

I guess I should have said I am weaker in my upper body so that is where I do the less weight more reps. However, I will try to push the limit even if it is only 20lbs for certain machines. My lower body is strong so I do heavier weights doing leg exercises. For now I do all machines but eventually will head into the weight room.

I appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions. I have always tried and failed to lose weight because I would give up. This time I am making smaller goals that are easier to achieve. I will do it this time I guarantee. The road will be long and it will have its challenges but it will be done...
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I've lost a little over 80 lbs so far, since last February. My recommendation is to start out making small choices over time, instead of trying to completely change all your habits at once.

When I first started, I just cut out soda pop first, then fried foods and potato chips. All I did for the first month, and it definitely made a difference. Then I started adding in more walking. Over the course of the past eleven months, I've worked up from getting winded just walking up the stairs in my house or going down to the mailbox to being able to walk a half-marathon. I also stopped ordering all those fancy drinks they have at Starbucks and just have plain coffee instead. Little things like that add up over time, and nixing them can really save on calories.

I drink at least the recommended 64 oz of water everyday, more often than I not I drink more. Except for a mug of coffee in the morning and maybe a cup of tea later in the day, all that water intake comes from plain water. I very rarely drink my calories.

I also calorie count, and it's been really nice because I don't feel restricted when it comes to my food intake. What I eat has changed a lot, though. When I first started out, I ate lot of frozen meals, processed foods, simple carbs, etc. I've slowly progressed to eating more whole foods and cooking my own meals, and it's definitely made a difference in how I feel. On top of that I watch my sodium and fiber intake, just because I personally feel better with a moderate sodium intake and a higher fiber intake (30+ g a day).

As for exercise, I really need to do more consistant weight training. I walk, as mentioned before, and I do Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred on and off, with some inconsistant high weight/low rep weight training thrown in there. The walking makes me feel great, but I'd like to get more toned, so that's something I need to work on. Like I said before, though, the little things add up over time!

Overall, I think what has helped the most is writing everything down! There are some days where I need a break from it, but I've been logging my food intake and exercise almost every single day for eleven months and it helps me to see what I'm doing right, and also what changes need to be made. Looking back on my diet habits from February 2010 compared to now helps me to see the progress I've made on days when I'm feeling down for whatever reason, and it's a nice boost to see that. Also helps to reevaluate what you're doing when you can see right there on the paper what you've been doing in the past, makes it easier to pick up on something you might need to change.

Hope that helped a little, and good luck!

Normal BMI

The aim of life is self-development. To realise one's nature perfectly - that is what each of us is here for.
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I have lost 140 pounds. I can't quite believe that, but it's true.

1) Planning planning planning. It doesn't take a lot of time, but it takes a little time every single day. If there is any sort of disturbance in my routine: late night at work, Saturday full of errands, visit from my mom, anything, the FIRST thing I do is plan how I am going to eat. I always know what I am going to eat for the rest of the day when I leave the house in the morning. Basically, I know I make lousy, lousy decisions when I make them on the spot. So I prioritize never doing that.

2) Not making my plan too strict, but always fulfilling my plan. It's better to plan to eat 1800 calories a day and live up to it than to "try" to eat 1500 and go over every other day until your average is 1800 anyway--if that's the case, you just end up with the same calories but you feel like a failure.

The worst thing about going "off plan" is that you reward weakness with yummy food. You train yourself, like a pet, to splurge because being weak feels (tastes) so good. So much better to have a more permissive plan but follow it exactly. Then it is strength that brings rewards.

3) As far as eating goes: strict calorie counting, using a kitchen scale. High protein/high fiber/low-ish carbs (and those all complex). Lots of eating the same thing. It's just easier.

4) Never eating for other people. I go to parties and just don't eat. I go out to eat with friends and I have coffee. They get used to it surprisingly quickly.

5) Exercise every day. I started out doing just 5 minutes at a time because that's all I could do. I increased it a minute or two a week (literally) until I was up to over 2 hours a day (I've dialed it back some since). Early on, exercise is mostly about establishing the pattern and learning to plan the time. It's less important, IMO, that you do it "right" and more important that you just do it. That's why you don't want it to be too tough, because you will let life interfere if you hate it.

6) Here. You've got to stay INTERESTED in this. No one in your life will be interested enough. Post here to stay involved.
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I did it bycalorie counting and planning ahead. Keeping a food diary and weighing regularly. I do what exercise I can due to some health issues. I did go to gym for awhile but now I mainly walk for exercise.
Goal 12/21/2007
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I've lost 124 pounds in about 9 months. I do calorie counting and no processed foods...basically, I eat veggies, lean protien and fruits. Weigh everything I eat so I'm as sure as I can be on the calories. I do lowish carbs...the fruits bring my carb count up. I've had no cheat days and stay on plan all the time and count every bite that goes in my mouth. I jog on the treadmill 6-7 days a week anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. Could only walk for 10-15 minutes when I first started!

Link to before and after pics
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Welcome Brenbray! I'm going to cheat and just do a copy/paste right from a paragraph in my blog: No sugar, no white flour, avoid starchy carbs, no alcohol, avoid processed foods, lots of water / tea, limit meat intake to 4oz or less per day, control portions by sticking to 1100-1300 calories a day.

I started regularly walking about 3 months ago, and have just started jogging a bit and doing wifit yoga about a month ago. I don't like plain water, but I drink 6-10 8oz mugs of herbal tea every day, plus at least 64 oz of crystal light or carbonated water every night. I invite you to visit my blog (particularly the link at the top that takes you to "My Dietary Plan" page for lots and lots of detail Link is in my sig!

Edited to say: Looks like me and KatMarie are two peas in a pod Posted almost the same thing at the same time
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Well, I've only lost 30 so far...but my aunt lost 120 pounds. Here are her main tips (she doesn't use 3fc...but did this easy!)

She worked out every day. Something. Some days, a simple 15 minute walk...some days a hard weight workout...some days aerobics class. But be active daily.

For food, she decided if it didn't come raw from the grocery store...or wasn't homemade she didn't eat it. So meat, veggies and fruits (frozen and fresh) were good. Canned veggies were not. For her breads and carbs, she made them all from scratch so she could control the sugar and salt in them.

When eating out, she tried to think about the things she would eat at home and eat that way.

Eating fresh/homemade like that meant she could make her own pastas (wholewheat flours, good fats, no sugar), all her own sauces, and learn how to nurish her body by cooking and providing for herself rather than using boxed meals, processed foods, and bad choices.

Whatever you choose to do, good luck. Remember motivation is a fleeting emotion. Make a plan and be determined. Your motivation will wane, but you make all your own choices. Make them smart with YOU in mind.

My History: Started MRC Sept 1, 2010....lost 40 pounds from 209 total around Feb, 2011....took a "break", gained 10 back...now I'm getting fit.

Goals: 5 pounds- new eyeshadow- met on 1/14/12!
10- a pedicure
15- manicure
20-new anniversary dress (must make this by mid-March
25- facial
30- Hanson's 5 of 5 DVD set
35- goal! two piece swimsuit to wear at my 25th birthday
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All my answeres are in blue.
Originally Posted by brenbray06 View Post
My current weight is 260 and while ideally I would like to go lower than 160 for now I am just sticking with it. So if you have lost 50 - 100lbs already

Tell me what you did to lose so far..

I'm down about 62 since starting the beginning of July (so 6.5ish months?).

food wise? (calorie counting, carb counting etc) Calorie counting. I've pretty much been aiming for 1500 a day, more or less, since I started.

exercise wise? I try to work out 5-6 days a week. Many weeks it's only 3. I started out doing Couch to 5K. Finished that, and my exercise typically consists of running for 40 minutes, doing 40 minutes of high intensity intervals on the treadmill, or one of Jillian Michael's DVDs.

water intake? I aim for 64 oz a day. Some days I only get 48. I haven't completely cut out my vice of diet soda. I have it once a day, with breakfast.

I am trying to get a feel for what others have done so I can tweak what I am doing.

Right now I am focusing on the exercising while trying to choose healthy foods. In two weeks I will begin counting calories more rigidly. I am walking 15 miles a week plus weight machines (lower weight more reps) and zumba/iron works classes when I can fit them in.

Any info is appreciated!!

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I've lost about 64 so far. I started with a goal weight of 150 but now I'm probably going to shoot for 130.

I count calories. I started out not changing my eating much, but gradually focusing more and more on whole unprocessed foods.

My exercise started with walking and low impact aerobics. I gradually began trying harder and harder workouts. Sometimes it was too hard and I had to go back down a notch, but I was always trying to see if I could push a little more. Now I'm about to start P90x in February. I also do some yoga and pilates.

I've lost at a slow rate, purposely. Not trying for more than a pound a week, and recently not more than three pounds a month as I am getting closer to a healthy weight. I've noticed it's when I start to think about quick loss and how soon I can get to goal that I begin falling off track. I over restrict and get tired and extremely hungry. Which leads to binging or giving up entirely. Slow and steady, for me, really does win the race.

I don't rack my water but I try to drink a lot. I allow myself coffee and the occasional diet coke or crystal light.
"The pieces won't pick up themselves, you know..."
--Olivia-- Falling down isn't the failure, staying down is.

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