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Default dieting and insomnia?

First, let me say right up front that I have always been a hard-core night owl. Even getting up at 5:00 am every weekday morning to get DS to school, I don't actually feel like I am awake until around 1 in the afternoon and I really hit my stride around 7 in the evening. And when the opportunity presents itself, I immediately fall into a stay up until 4am, get up at noon routine.

But I rarely get to do that and normally, I am in bed by 11:30 or midnight and pretty much go right to sleep.

But this last week, since I have changed up my eating and starting walking on the treadmill some, I literally can NOT fall asleep anymore! The first few nights I was awake until after 4 and then crashed around 4 in the afternoon the next day. I forced myself to stay up thinking that I would eventually get so tired I would have to fall asleep. Nope. AN over-the-counter sleeping pill made me jittery. Last night, I took a dose of Nitequil and slept off and on, but not like normal.

Oh, and part of the change up in my eating is that I haven't had coffee or tea or diet Pepsi in the last week.

What the heck is going on? Is this normal? How long does it last? I am not sure I should be driving at the moment (and that is not an option.)

Oh yeah --- and why do night owls like me inevitably end up with day larks like my husband?

Thanks for listening!
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I'm another lark, so I can't answer all the questions. For me, though, eating well and exercise has improved my sleep immeasurably.

Perhaps others will have answers that are more helpful. Perhaps another week or so will have your body settle down - you're making major changes.

good luck!

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I have been suffering from major insomnia since the beginning of the month. For me I think its mental/psychological, and the fact that I have been drinking diet soda. Its slowly getting better, but I have been considering calling a Dr about it.
But usuall I am like the PP. When I exercise/eat usually it helps me with sleeping.
Hope you can figure it out!
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I hope it all evens out, but thought I'd just ask what time you are working out. My sleep doc says not to do it too close to bedtime because it causes wakefulness. Throwin' it out there!
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Ok, sounds like I should just hang for a few more days and see if everything settles down. Hopefully, the combination of better food and more exercise will stop confusing the heck out of my body.

Good question, Shannon --- I try to work out in the morning, but twice it has been late afternoon before I had time. I will make sure for the next week or so that my workouts are morning.

Thank you, ladies, for the advice!
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Welcome and good luck!


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I am a fellow nite person unfortunately I have to get up at 7am. That is a big big big yuck for me!! Routine is very important. Wake up every day aprox the same time to get your body use to it. In the beginning it is hard but worth it.
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I'm completely a night owl, like you. I also have fairly moderate/at times severe insomnia. I generally find that any sort of change in my life affects my sleep patterns (generally in a negative way).
Also, you mentioned you cut out coffee/tea/caffeine? Did you drink a lot of it before this week? If you're in any way dependent on (or even just accustomed to) caffeine and then cut it out of your diet cold turkey, it tends to have reverse effects the first few days and give you insomnia! I find it generally evens itself out after a week or so, though, so just keep with it!
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Yes, I found I was NOT rewarded with better sleep when I started diet and exercise program. I had gotten the advice about not exercising in the evening but most days could not fit in much earlier.

For months (maybe a year), I couldn't get to sleep or would wake up after a few hours and have difficulty falling asleep. Could have just been coincidence as I'm at the age where sleep disruptions can occur but finally these days I'm sleeping much better.
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