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Default Exercise equipment...

I'm thinking about purchasing a piece of exercise equipment. It's been too cold and snowy to go out and walk. I have a Gazelle...one of the fancy ones It's folded up in the corner of my dining room. I like it, but need something different. I was thinking about getting an exercise bike. Does anyone have anything that they love? Any suggestions?

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I really like my stability ball. Makes some exercises more fun and a lot more challenging. The one piece of equipment I would like but can neither afford nor fit into the house is a treadmill

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I have owned exercise bikes, treadmills, rowing machines... and eventually they just stop getting used. And then at last they get sold or given away.

So I would say, use the Gazelle you have... but if you can't face that and just need some variety, consider a gym membership. You'll find many people at the gym are in the same boat as you--and you'll have lots of different machines to work with. Prices vary a lot, so shop around. Avoid contracts.

As for exercise bikes, the best one is the one you'll use. Shop around for these, too, if you just can't face a gym. Different style work for different people--I am uncomfortable on a recumbent-style bike, for instance, and prefer an upright one.

Good luck!
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Thanks for the advice. I live in a rural area. We don't have many gyms. There's a Curves, but their hours don't fit into my schedule. I think our local hotel has started gym membership that include pool usage. I may check into that.

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Hey Sunshine. You might consider just getting a stepper. I wanted something I could do indoors, but didn't have a lot of money to spend on a piece of equipment. I do it in front of the TV and use hand weights to add some intensity. I got a Gold's Gym one at walmart and it was about $40. I also have a Total Gym that we got off Craigslist for $75 dollars. I love having it at home so I can do strength without having to go to a gym.
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I have a mini trampoline, which I probably use the most. My husband made me a squatty stool that I use as a stair stepper. I also have the big ball and resistance bands. I like all of these things because they are easy to fit in my house. But, I'm thinking about getting an exercise bike from Walmart. They have a Gold's gym bike that looks pretty good for the price.
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I bought a bike stand a while ago. You put the back end of your own regular bicycle on it, adjust the resistance and away you go. Then in warmer weather you just use the bicycle on the street. I plan to get mine down from the attic when I put the Xmas stuff away. I'd forgotten about this... Thanks!

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I have a Gazelle Freestyle (the older version I believe) and used to have a stepper (used it twice!). The stepper I didn't like b/c was exhausting and hard on my knees so I wouldn't recommend if you're not sure about your knees and need a little variety. The Gazelle is much better on my knees and much better then sitting on the couch, lol! I used it for awhile then stopped...just making excuses of not having time...but no more! I started using it again and don't plan on that anytime soon. I also bought for my bf an off brand bowflex but I haven't used that...but he seems to like it $200 versus $1000+(?). I may be using it though in the near future. I'm trying to follow/incorporate what I've read/learned in the You: On a Diet book
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I just purchased a Sole E25 elliptical machine. My bf and I live together, and the only machine we use is an elliptical, so I'm excited that we now have one inside our home! We will still use the gym at our apt complex for weights, and I'm an avid outdoor runner, so when it's nice outside I do that as well. I also see the purchase as motivation to finish my weight loss since I don't want all that money tied up into something that sits!

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I looove the semi recumbent Schwinn in my avatar
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I've purchased a couple of recumbent exercise bikes on ebay/craigslist over the last 10-12 years. They usually die after a couple of years. I do ride it 5-6x a week. I'm a lazy/add exerciser because I listen to podcasts/music and play solitaire on my itouch. I used to read and sometimes still do. The key is doing something you like.

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