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Question Potatoes???

I was just wondering, other than sweet potatoes, what is the second healthiest potato? I have a recipe that sweet potatoes wont work for. I just don't know what would be the best choice. Anyone happen to know???

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There only Sweet/White/Red. So depending on your recipe? Personally I like both, I am a fan of potatoes once in a while. as long as I make them healhty, typically that is is to cube them and toss on some olive oil and fresh garlic and bake them! So Yum and loaded with potassium!
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I like to think red skins are better because the skin is tender and more likely to be eaten - lots of good things there. However, I highly recommend and suggest you spend the extra money and get organic. Root vegetables are particularly susceptible to absorbing the nastiest stuff in our farms systems.

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Potatoes aren't unhealthy, that's a bit of food propaganda (in terms of nutrients they are a better choice than many foods!) but they are very starchy. And the least healthy, in terms of sugar content, happens to contain the most vitamins (sweet potatoes), so it isn't all cut and dry.

Waxy red potatoes are lower in starch than the same amount of white potatoes (idahos, spuds, etc etc). They are a good choice, as they tend to be smaller than their white counterparts, and so it's easier to not overeat them by having a massive serving without realizing it. I nuke mine to softness and then eat them with lots of malt vinegar, it's absolutely delicious and very low in calories.

Potatoes make a lot of us show water retention on the scale, but that is a temporary effect. They are moderately high in calories but can be a part f a healthy diet for someone not excessively sensitive to carbohydrates.

I love potatoes, but I make sure to measure/weigh them so I don't overeat them and tend to include them sparingly (maybe a potato or two a week for most of the year).
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You could try some of the blue/purple varieties. Like other foods with a lot of purple and reddish pigmentation (think blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries), they're full of antioxidants. Of course, depending on the dish you're making, purple potatoes could look pretty strange--depending on your dinner guests, that could be a drawback or a benefit.

I Googled this and it looks like red potatoes are slightly less caloric for a given volume than white/yellow potatoes (the LiveStrong article I read listed 100 calories versus 120 calories for a medium-sized red potato and yellow potato, respectively).

As long as you're not on a low-carb plan, though, any kind of potato can fit. The keys are portion size and cooking method.

Edited to add: Arctic Mama is faster than Google and beat me to it!

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