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Default What Is Your Plan for Halloween Night?

I have two young kids- so Halloween is a BIG holiday in our house. This year I have decided not to eat any Halloween candy- not one bite- because I know once I get started, I will keep going and going and going and going.

For passing out candy, I got stuff I don't like...blow pops and smarties. That way I won't be tempted.

What's your plan for tonight (Halloween)?
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I CAN do this!
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just say no! then post on these forums about it. it's such a feeling of accomplishment! and i may have to hide/freeze my kids' candy.
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I am walking the children around for trick-or-treating; my partner passes out the candy and the rest will go into his office if there's any left over. There's a certain nose-thumbing feeling about all the walking I'll be doing tonight.

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Locking the door, turning the outside lights off. I know that sounds like the grinch that stole hallowe'en but it's translated really badly into Britain, and often ends up demanding money with menaces, and doing real damage.

So I fed the dogs early, so I could get them out to their bathrooming early, and we're all locked up tight.

I'm lucky, I guess, the next food blitz I'll face is Christmas!

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Went to a Halloween party last night, my strategy was to volunteer to be my husband's DD, so the got rid of the booze drinking and I had my wits about me at the buffet table. The result? A 1.2lb loss this morning.

I get up for work at 5:30 am, so my plan for tonight is to eat a salad and be tucked in bed by 8:30. We don't really get trick or treaters where I live.

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The kids here trick or treated Friday night. For the ones coming to our house I got candy that wouldn't tempt me, which means no chocolate. As for the candy my daughter brought home. I knew I would want some. Soo.. I had some. I factored it into my calories for the day and had a couple of my favorite pieces. I handled it quite well. I realize some people can't do that, and in the past I couldn't either. There are things I still can't, like Oreos aren't allowed anywhere near the house. =)
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Choose your hard...
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Candy is not an issue for me this year. There are not many kids that go trick or treating where I live. So, I do not have to worry about purchasing candy and handing it out. Also, I do not have any kids yet. So, I do not have to take a child trick or treating. I have ignored it in the grocery store.

So, my plan for tonight is to relax and not think about candy.

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well, it is a HUGE deal in my neighborhood. the police block off our street because we get SO many trick-or-treaters. i am having anxiety about it because i will be passing out all the candy-part of me wants to turn off my lights and lock the doors...but i know my 4 year old would NOT be on board with that!!! my husband has to work tonight- so i have to go it alone with the kids...this is SO NOT my favorite holiday. my neighborhood is VERY decorated- and i just have not had a spare moment to decorate, which makes me feel bad!

i am ready for it to be November!!!!
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I went to a halloween party last night. I 'saved up' some calories to use there, but I know I exceeded them. I had a good amount of alcohol (straight alcohol though, no sugary mixed drinks, but still) 4 fun sized snickers, some chips and dip, and 4 mini brownies. Not a binge, but not what I had planned on.

As soon as I was drunk, all planned eating went out the window. I was still hungry after I left so I got a bbq sandwich and a lemonade on the way home but I felt too sick to eat it, so I saved it for lunch.

I'm not going out tonight, and I don't have any candy for trick or treaters so I'm safe until thanksgiving.
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Resident Pixie
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Nothing special here. Just another day
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I have two kids, so we'll be doing ToT tonight.

My DH is handing out the candy. I *just* opened it and as planned, allowed myself 5 pieces. My husband has been given strict instructions to make sure it's gone before we get home, and I won't touch my kids' candy (they seem to have steel-trap memories when it comes to stuff like that, so I know I'd get busted!).

I had those 5 little pieces and feel sick. It wasn't as good as I remembered, and I'm not tempted in the least to go get more.
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Got a package of non chocolate candy to hand out, which my Dad is doing. I'm having long distance movie night with my man. We're watching Ghostbusters!


Doing this one day at a time.
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Beautiful and Merciless
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bought no candy (so i wont eat it) and im shutting off the lights.

hiding the the comfort of my bed and watching ghost adventures on travel channel.

(halloween isnt the safest holiday in my neighborhood)
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I LOVE Halloween - it's my favorite holiday - so I always buy candy for the little ghouls and goblins. Also, it's my first Halloween in a new house so don't want to be the grinch and get egged or something. So, I'll give out candy, then take the rest to work tomorrow so I won't eat it. Happy Halloween everyone!
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I have 4 kids, and one of those kiddos were born on Halloween. So it is HUGE at our house. I managed to stay out of all the candy (and my husband bought good stuff!) until it was time to pass out. I allowed myself 1 mini heath bar and that's what I ate. My kids ToT last night (per town's request so they aren't doing ToT on a Sunday), and we now have 2 walmart sacks FULL of candy.

My plan is to freeze (or put far away) all the chocolate for Christmas candy recipes. (We give a lot of that stuff out for gifts). I'm having a hard time resisting, but I will!
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