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Default Sugar Burns...

...and whole milk tastes like liquid cheese

I have recently been grappling with a myriad of health issues that have inspired me to really re-evaluate how nutritious my food is and as a result have really been paying attention to how I feel when eating food to decide if I need to go on a anti-inflammatory diet (I'm insulin resistant and have HS so yeah-duh I do- but it took me awhile to come to that conclusion).

And I discovered while eating a cereal bar (glorified cookie) and glass of milk that I didnt like them anymore because after paying attention I realized that I actually experienced a burning sensation in my mouth when I'm having the cookie and that the milk (perfectly fresh milk) tasted too curdy to me when I am used to skim milk or almond milk now (unfortunately I haven't managed to discover a new found disgust to whipped or heavy cream but you know...)

I notice alot of people on the board talk about foods that are non-negotiable because they cant eat them in moderation but has anyone discovered that were formerly trigger foods are now kind of gross?
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Hi From Canada, eh?
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I was thinking more along the lines of what you get used to -- 2% milk to me now tastes like butter LOL and i never thought i'd like 1% but i love it! Never did get a liking for soy milk (let's be honest, it's not milk! it's squeezed soy JUICE at best ROFL)

and you're so right about the granola bars - wow, absolutely glorified cookies! they taste like a giant chocolate bar to me now.

As for your question, I went a different way. I thought there would be no way I could control what food is around me 24/7 for the rest of my life, no way i can get the universe to cooperate with that, so i decided to get a grip on the one thing I CAN control, and that's ME and what i choose to do -- i don't want to make it sound like it was an overnight trip LOL it was a good 18 months of therapy to get here but absolutely worth it. I have bags and bags of hallowe'en candy i haven't even thought of nibbling on; boxes of cereal, cartons of ice cream, and we can all co-habitate. i choose not to eat them, and they no longer have the siren-song of allure they used to.

heh soy juice, that's a good one

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Out is Through
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Originally Posted by Trazey34 View Post
heh soy juice, that's a good one

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I can remember when I first started someone saying that they could no longer eat french fries because they tasted like grease sticks. And I remember thinking wouldn't it be nice to be at that point? I'm there. A couple of weeks ago I had a french fry and it was really gross! I guess it is all a matter of what you get use to.
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Cheetos - I used to eat tons of them.
Had a weak moment a couple weeks and got some.
Oh I ate them - cuz I'm not a quitter lol....but I wondered
what I ever liked about them. They didn't really taste like
cheese and how is it possible to get that much grease into
something puffy.
As of 3/8/11

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Hey! Don't knock my soy milk. Vanilla...mmmmm. Now, my brother thinks it tastes like kaopectate. LOL!

My trigger foods taste just as good to me now as they ever did, maybe even better. Chocolate is richer. Almonds have become a trigger food, even unsalted ones! Bread has become a trigger food, really good bread, not the sliced sawdust variety.

I have found however that I no longer care for anything at Chick Filet, or McDonald's french fries. I haven't tried any from anywhere else in a year's time. I no longer like chicken nuggets. Ham is way, way too salty and I recently discovered I actually prefer low sodium deli turkey. I do not like salty meat. I do not like salt on my vegetables.

Oh, and speaking of vegetables, I have developed quite a taste for them! If it can be roasted, I believe it love it.
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