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Default When did People start Noticing?

My clothes are feeling looser and I'm starting to notice in my face and stomach. I asked my best friend today who I see at least once a week if she noticed if I lost weight, and she said that she sort of noticed in my stomach.

When did people start really noticing that you lost weight? How much did you lose when people started noticing? How did people react to your loss? Thanks for sharing in advance.

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Kinda depressing but I had to lose about 70 pounds before people (friends/coworkers) started commenting. I think I had been so fat so long people really didn't *see* me. Now however I get lots of complements.

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I had to lose over forty pounds. I think mostly people don't notice until you have to really overhaul your wardrobe.
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I've lost 21 pounds still no comments about my weight loss. Hopefully soon! I've even went down a pant size and still nothing. But I wish you lots of luck on your weight loss and congrats on your success so far.
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When I originally lost 70 pounds a lot of people noticed because I started losing weight in March and kept going throughout the summer when school wasn't in session. When school was back in session during my junior year everyone was like because they weren't expecting it. With my 20 pound loss so far no one has said much because I think people are afraid of bringing it up, but I've noticed I've been getting some extra looks from the gents lately, lol .

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I've lost 35 lbs, and so far other than my dh, and my mom.. no one has noticed. Honestly I don't know how much they REALLY notice and how much they are just trying to encourage me.
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38-40lbs - i.e., really just this past week or 2!

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For me its been recently. So about 40 pounds (I weighed 244 in April). I think it really just depends though.
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My mom noticed after about 20 or 30 lbs. No one else commented until I was about 70 lbs down, thought I'm not sure when they really noticed. I was out of commission for a few months with a back injury and missed most of my kids' activities - it was when I started coming back that people started commenting. It's just as well for me, because I get very uncomfortable when people want to talk about my weight loss.
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I'm at 37 lbs and the only people who really mention anything are my mom, sister, and husband. Other people may notice but don't say anything, or they may not notice at all. In my head, I know there's a difference because I have pictures to prove it and my clothes fit different, but I would still love that added affirmation of people exclaiming "Holy crap, you've lost so much weight!!!" when I walk into a room.
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Earlier this year I was about 50 lbs down (I know...I know...), and my ILs (inlaws) noticed. My DH and my mommy notice with smaller changes, but they love me best and know what I need to hear.

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Aren't families the best! hehe! It is great to have their support.

It seems to be quite variable from person to person, but 40 pounds seems to be a popular number from a few people on here. I think that what other people say is secondary, from what I feel about my weight loss. Although, it is always nice for others to notice. Congrats to those that have lost on this thread! Awesome job!

Did anyone ever lose friends or find that people treated you differently (good or bad), once you lost weight?

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I think people started noticing after I had lost about 50 pounds.

I haven't really noticed anyone treating me differently. I'm 48 and not particularly pretty, so I'm not experiencing the "suddenly a babe" effect that some posters have mentioned. I get along well with my colleagues at work, and they've been very supportive.

I'm kind of a loner, so my relationships haven't really changed. I had the world's most amicable divorce about 8 years ago, but it was still difficult, and most of my friends abandoned me. It's still hard for me to understand how and why that happened. Anyway, after thinking I had a support system, and finding out that I didn't, I've been very reluctant to get close to people. Better not to lean on anything/anyone than lean on something that isn't there.

Long story short: a fairly significant weight loss has made little or no difference in my social landscape, but I'm probably very unusual in that respect.
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I can't remember. I'm guessing around 40 pounds. It seems people comment more when I get a haircut or wear clothes that are more form fitting.
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My Mom and DH noticed at about 20lbs, and my sister-in-law could tell and made a comment at about 25-30lbs or so. I have a buddy I see every Thursday and I keep waiting for her to notice but she doesn't say anything...

I do think that many might notice, but don't say anything, for fear of being rude. Weight tends to be a sensitive issue for lots of folks.

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