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Cold feet but excited (plastic surgery)

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Default Cold feet but excited (plastic surgery)

I admit I am feeling a bit of cold feet over the fact I will be having surgery in November. The surgery will be a (must have) hysterectomy and (want so badly) tummy tuck.

I just found out today it's all going to happen for me Yippee! I am having to pay for the tummy tuck myself but it's a reduced price due to the hysterectomy surgery happening too.

The tummy tuck is the only bright spot to not being able to really work out for 8 weeks . I will only be able to walk on flat surface after a couple of weeks. I honestly and terrified to not workout. But my eating is pretty solid and I am not scared over that.

But the cold feet is that I almost felt when I told my Mom she was alittle jealous and discounted the fact I have worked my butt off to get here. I have had 6 c sections and have hanging loose skin (13-15 pounds worth). I am thrilled but gun shy to tell friends and family because the feeling like I am somehow cheating .

It's like a dream come true but I know it will be a large sacrifice for my husband who will have to do alot more than usual. I am going to hire some help with the kids and house but things will still fall on his shoulders. You can bet my Christmas shopping will be done online and I am already thinking on how I will handle the Christmas decorating this year. It may seem silly but being out of commission is going to throw a HUGE monkey wrench in my lifestyle. But it will be so worth it in the end!

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Good luck
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can't wait to hear how it goes. My tummy drives me crazy and I only had 4 kids.

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good for you!
the make me heal website has some great info on the surgey and what you may want to have on hand before you go in and what to expect for recovery.

I too would be THRILLED to be able to have the TT. Good luck and speedy recovery!
~Dixie CGC,TDI~
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I am so excited for u!!!! I hope everything turns out perfectly. And don't worry about being out of commission for awhile. It's all for a good reason

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Don't tell your family unless you want to! It's none of their business and it's not cheating.

I had a woman I worked with who had a body to die for. She worked out all the time. Years later she confessed to be that she had a boob job. Did it make her effort any less or her body any less hot? No.
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It may seem silly but being out of commission is going to throw a HUGE monkey wrench in my lifestyle.
Silly? Seem silly? Oh no, no,.. of course it's not silly. Things are going to have to be done a little differently for a while. But luckily, us humans are very adaptable people. I'm sure you'll adjust. I like how you thought of Christmas shopping on line. Good thinking!

And yes, it will be SO worth it.

I hope you have a speedy recovery. Keep us updated.
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I have a hysterectomy in 1999 when I was 24. It was very painful I wont lie. And the added pain you will have from a tummy tuck....But it will all be so worth it. After a 2 week time period I was feeling better than I had ever!!! It was the BEST thing I ever did for myself. I do not take hormones, they made me crazy. But never having a period is so cool lol.

Good luck. I am excited for you!!! And its not cheating at all.
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Originally Posted by Nikki6kidsmom View Post
because the feeling like I am somehow cheating
You lost 108 lbs so far! What part of that is cheating? No way!!! You earned it. Be proud. NEVER feel like you cheated!

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You're not cheating. You're claiming just one of many rewards to yourself for your hard work! And, don't feel badly for your family. It never hurts for everyone to get a reminder of just how much you do for everyone else.
- Rhonda

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Im happy for you!! I had a tummy tuck and for almost two weeks I was dependable on someone else, in my case my mother, to do everything... and it was painful, I wont lie... but it was totally, absolutely worth it !! I would do it again in a beat !! And it didnt feel like cheating at all, it felt like compensation, for all the hard work Id done.

Good luck !!
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You are not cheating. Getting the excess skin out of your way is going to be a very positive thing for your body and life. Your workouts on the other side of recovery are going to be so much more efficient and productive, and as you well know the risks associated with sweat and excess skin can sideline you for far longer than 8 weeks. Not to mention, getting it done in tandem with your hysterectomy is far less disruptive to your life and your family life than two separate surgeries and recoveries.

Another vote for the make me heal fora here as well. The plastic surgeon who did my breast reduction in 08 and the surgeon who will do my tummy tuck & breast lift when I reach and maintain goal both swear by them, and the latter models her recovery kit after the ones available on MMH down to the brands.
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Good luck. I had to have a hysterectomy at age 20 and didn't have much pain at all. Let us know how the tummy tuck goes. My hubby has already said I can get a tummy tuck and boob job when I get to my goal weight.

Link to before and after pics
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Finally Losing Myself
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Thanks for all the encouraging words. I am beyond excited and I am starting to make arrangements for when I am laid up. You can bet I will on the board a good bit while I am sitting around. Thanks again.
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