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Favorite Body Part

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Default Favorite Body Part

I started this thread a couple years ago, and since it was fun then, I thought I'd do it again

What is the body part you just can't wait to see, OR if you've already lost the weight, which is the one that was the best one to "rediscover?"

For instance, I can't *wait* for my collarbones to come back. I think they're elegant and sexy!

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Collarbones. They are more there than they used to be, but I want those beautiful babies to JUT! :P

Also, I really would like to see my behind resemble something firm and shapely and not just...the frighteningly huge thing it is.

This is for me. Not them. They are never going to change. I am, every day, with every inch and pound!
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I dunno about favorite...but someone stole my extra chin! I keep rubbing the one they left...I'm all impressed.

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I am beyond thrilled with the results of my arms. I was so terrified of bat wings! But they're toned almost sculpted and I can rock a tank top. Surprisingly I'm coming to enjoy being slightly small breasted again, they're a little more deflated looking than I'd like, but it seems like there's been so e improvement. From about my mid thigh down my legs are amazing! I love seeing the bones in my hands and feet and my collarbone is great. Looking at this list it's seems that there are a lot more likes than dislikes, I only have 3 dislikes - but this thread isn't about those!
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Oh, you stubborn Viking!
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Right now I can't get enough of my ankles and feet! I used to retain water SO badly, but since I've been more active and losing weight that is all gone! I can see the bones, tendons and veins in my feet and I no longer have to buy wide shoes! And there is this weird bone running down the front of my calf...never felt THAT before!

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Almost fifty and I love my legs! I love that I can see a space between my thighs, my calves look good and my ankles are slim.

Good gams!

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hipbones and collarbones!
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S/C/G: 255/see ticker/130

Height: 5'4


Oh, I can't wait to see my ribs when I stretch...and my hipbones!
Fat Girl Alchemy <--- my blog
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I want my awesome butt back. I used to have the greatest butt, I'm talking celebrity J-Lo, Beyonce butt on a white girl, make all the guys eyes fall out of their skull butt. And then i RUINED IT WITH PASTA AND CHIPS AND OTHER THINGS THAT WERE NOT WORTH IT! I WANT IT BACK!

Also, my collarbones, hipbones, chin/neck, dimpleless legs, slender fingers, non-wide feet, my back line (as in that line of your spine that's so ladylike and elegant and not full of rolls.

God i can't wait.
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I'm just amazed to be able to identify individual body parts; never mind which is best!

However, I am currently enjoying my collarbones emergent, and just love to look at my fingers. I like seeing my shapely shoulders, too.

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Really maintaining now!
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My shoulders and back. Did you know that simply by walking absolutely everywhere, and routinely carrying home tons of fresh vegetables and fruits, amongst other things, you can give your shoulders and back the kind of workout that builds amazingly defined muscles? I didn't, either. With a little help from lycra tights, my legs are totally stonking, as well. (See: "walking absolutely everywhere."
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i love my neck and collar bone. It's so slender and long, it makes me feel really sexy. And my waist.. it's relatively small compared to the rest of me.

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Knowing I'm worth it!
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I want to see a long, lean neck framed by beautiful collar bones. I want toned arms so I too can rock a tank top! Oh and I want an awesome butt and a flat stomach. Ohhhhh how I want a flat stomach....or even a slightly rounded tummy. Anything but what it is today.

Beating the weight off, 5 lbs at a time!

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cheek bones and hands/wrist
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Well, looking forward to my b.m - it's always quite good but hoping it'll get noteworthy again.

I am loving my face and my eyes at the moment, I have become so vain. I love to look at my face in the mirror and just marvel at what it's become, compared to what it was.

Dukan & divin'.....
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