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I Will do this....
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Default Really down in the dumps :(

Yesterday was a bad day
Since my 15 lb truimph whilst on vacation, I have lost NO WEIGHT at all in two weeks. Infact I have been playing upsy downsy with 2 lbs. Grrrrrrr
There's been no change, I have stayed on plan, worked like a demon in the garden and generally been doing the usual.
Last night, DH, as a reward for the hard work done in the garden decided to order Pizza. We don't have many take aways in this country, and the only thing I find hard to resist is pizza. No-one remembered I wouldn't eat it, no-one cared I had nothing but 2 day old soup to eat.
Soooooo, the pizza arrives, and it smells amazing- I was also hungry because I had been working in the garden all day. My family (who I adore btw and who are usually very sensitive) barged me out of the way, scoffed loads of pizza, and then tucked into chocolate pizza sticks !! Meanwhile I ate my 2 day old soup and a salad.
Later I went to clean up the kitchen, found my son tucking into yet another piece of pizza (he's 13 and does nothing but eat and sleep). I was just so frustrated and mad and pi**ed off that I got mad with everyone and stomped of in floods of tears.
This is very unlike me. I am the queen of positivity, but I feel so mad that I haven't lost since returning, am so close to halfway I can taste it, but can't achieve it, and felt very unsupposrted by my family, who incidentally chomped their way across Florida whilst watching me not eat a thing, or chew on a lettuce leaf!!!!!
They love me Fat or thin, and want me to be happy. I know that I can't expect other people to support me in the way I need sometimes. I also know that whilst they say well done, and keep it up, and you look so much thinner mum, they also don't really understand how I feel. I have tried to explain so much to them about how I feel and what this means to them, but still feel that they don't understand. My best friend who is like a sister to me has the same approach - she just says stupid stuff like do you eat in secret !!
I guess what this rambling rant is trying to say is that I am
- Frustrated at not losing since vacation
-annoyed at my family for not understanding that
-looking for some support here
-hoping to change the funk I'm in.
Thanks for listening to me. Thanks for reading my garbled nonsense. Thanks for any support or advice you may have for me.

Restart 7.1.15- Am going to re-do this

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Stalls are so frustrating, especially when you're doing everything right that had been working in the past.

Congrats on staying strong about the pizza. I know I would have given in and had a piece. Or two. And then felt miserable about that.

I don't know what plan you are on - I'm a calorie counter myself - but it might be you need to switch things up a bit to get the weight loss going again. Good Luck! You've doe great so far!

"Vision without action is a daydream ~ Action without vision is a nightmare"
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First off all, I'm from Belgium too!

Secondly, I understand the frustration of seeing your family eating pizza (hmm, pizza, my downfall) sometimes I want to jump over the table, steal their food and run off with it. Do try to take your frustration out with exercise, not on your family!

Also, maybe review your plan, you seem to go very hard on yourself, eating only old soup and lettuce while on vacation. I've never denied myself much during my weight loss, as denial leads to utter fail with me, and I'm getting there too.

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Just Me
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Honestly, two weeks of not losing anything or 2 lbs bouncing around is really not a big deal. If it turns into 4 weeks or more, maybe you can look and see what is happening. The scale measures all of you, fat, bone, muscle and mostly water. Water weight in our body fluctuates all the time and this is especially true for women because hormone levels at various times of the month can affect how much water we hold onto. Also, sodium can affect it as can exercise.

So I'd just keep doing what you are doing.
You can't out-exercise poor eating habits.
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I Will do this....
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Thanks guys. I know it will get better. I had a bad day yesterday and just could have fallen on the pizza !
Quillie - I have been hard on myself, because I want to. It's what works for me, and nothing else. Food is like a drug for me and if I leave well alone from things that set me going, I will fall off plan. BTW where are you in Belgium?
I am doing low carb and keeping calories low. It has been working, and I have no reason to think it won't continue to do so. Just needed a reminder that all is not doom and gloom at this stage

Restart 7.1.15- Am going to re-do this
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Hope you are having a better day. I think we can all relate at one point in time that we have felt this way. GLad you were able to vent and stick with it!! WTG on not eating the pizza - I have to admit - I would have!

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