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Default WTF? A binge, really? :|

I have binged today. A hardcore binge. First time in a loooong time and I don't even know why. My calorie count today is near 3000

I don't even know why I am making this post except maybe as accountability :/
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Achievement seems to be connected with action. Successful men and women keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don't quit.
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Here to Learn
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Don't beat yourself up over it. Say to yourself what you'd say to your best friend: It's just one day, get back on the program starting now and forget it. The only other thing you might think about is what the trigger was. Are you stressed? Tired? Depressed? Or was it just that the most tempting food in the world was right there? If it was a trigger, sometimes planning what you'll do next time will help.
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Stop. Right this minute. (You already know that, but sometimes we need to hear things we already know. )
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Think of all the support you've given to so many who have made the same mistakes. Even the strongest slightly fall, it's ok. It won't set you back to the beginning! Start fresh tomorrow!! Thanks for the honesty! I binged all weekend! With fast food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but effective Monday, I was back on track!
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3 + years maintaining
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Oy. I've been there - and worse. It doesn't feel good. But it will again. Get right back to it and before you know it, this episode will be part of your PAST history.

Plan out your day really well for tomorrow and stick to it like glue. Like glue and you'll be on your way once more.
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Gotta agree with everyone else. It happens. I've done it too. Tomorrow is a new day!

BTW, I think you did post to keep yourself accountable. But, I also think it helps the rest of recognize that we all have moments. Thanks for being transparent. Thanks for showing the rest of us that when these things happen we can get right back on plan.
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Don't want to be so tired
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Default You are inspiration to so many of us!!

Your posts must have stopped me from binging at time or two or your ~don't worry about he past binge~ would have helped from a after binge at a time or two too! you are the resident pixie and thats what you do so sprinkle yourself with some magic dust and get back up!

you could do worse and don't tell it to us or to your ownself and go on slippery slope but you made a mistake and you owned it~ thats all there is too it..

Don't be disheartened ~ a binge or two every once a year or two is just human!

hugs to you~

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On a break with Baby #5
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It happens, even after years of maintenance. NORMAL people eat like crazy on occasion, ones who have never been fat and never struggled with food addiction issues. Where we have to be careful is that our tendency is to NOT get back on track and to spiral downward. Make a conscientious effort to get back on plan and stay there and I see no reason why this is any big issue.

You can do it!
Taryl - http://www.aurorafiberarts.com/weightloss

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Yep, I agree with whoever said stop now! And forgive yourself. we're only human after all.

And just a kind piece of advice too - whenever I have had an off day, I accept it and move on. And then I use it as motivation. If tomorrow you want something off plan, just tell yourself - no, I got that out of my system yesterday I don't need that today. And also, when I have caught myself in a binge - I might throw in some exercise this evening if it's early enough there, and do a little more tomorrow. Sort of my way of doing penance.
Going for the 2-teens!

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props to you for having the guts to post that. i havnet binged for awhile.. but i did not eat on plan yesterday. point is, i know we both won't let our mistakes take over.

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You weren't alone. I caved to family drama and the stress/anger eating that resulted.

But I tell myself move along... shoo... no more to see here. It's over, and back to normal and back in the saddle. Otherwise a momentary lapse gets THAT much bigger from the dwelling on it. For me anyway. It sets up this emotional eating ping pong thing.

Started Jan 2016:
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I think the important part is rebounding after we binge and not let it turn into a week long binge
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It took a huge amount of courage to post about that. I've had worse binges since the weight loss happened and have not posted. Those bad days get fewer and fewer the longer you remain on plan.

Do you think there was something that triggered it? Was there some change in routine?

As everyone else said, tomorrow is right back on plan and there will not be any lasting damage from one day.
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We all stumble. Tomorrow is a new day!
*Never give up and Never stop believing!*
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I'm on my way!
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I'm sorry. At least you know what you did and admitted it. If it is important for you to know why then figure it out- otherwise forgive yourself and move on. Just a thought, but haven't you recently gone through a long stall and now just revamped your eating to be more restricted? If I am confusing you with someone else I am sorry - just thinking about what may have triggered it. {{{{Hugs to you}}}}

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