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Default strange question about...sandwiches!

haha, I know it's a completely lame thread but I had to ask! I'm wondering if most of you have a whole sandwich or half a sandwich? (when I make a sandwich it consists of: turkey, tsp mayo, mustard, lettuce, whole wheat bread) I pretty novice at this whole thing, I don't know what to monitor or not.
on a side note, I've been really watching my portions & eating balanced and healthy meals, but I can't believe how hard it is to resist the urge of eating more. I never thought it would be so difficult, and it's been a really big wakeup call of how much I've relied on food to comfort me...yet now without it, I feel sort of naked. sheesh, this past week has been filled with so many revelations. I love you all on the forum, you all are amazing
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It just depends on how many calories I'm trying to eat how large a sandwich i eat.

But most of the time, I either eat the orrowheat sandwich thins or the La Tortilla Factory whole wheat, low carb, high fiber wraps. I don't think I've actually bought loaf bread in almost 8 months...
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I count calories so it will help dictate what I put on my sandwich but I always eat a whole one
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thanks! seriously helps!
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Yep. Me too. I don't usually eat bread - though I like the really heavy whole grain stuff that's supposed to be healthier, it doesn't fill me up enough to justify the calorie expenditure. But the size of the sandwich would depend on the number of calories I need for that meal and what else I would want to eat with it. I don't track calories closely any longer (I think I'm pretty good at "eyeballing" - but I'm open to doing it again if I find I'm not as good as I think), but when I first started calorie counting, I LOVED Fitday. I just had to log what I ate, and it popped up with a convenient calorie count and nutritient breakdown for my diet. It was quite eye-opening. Maybe you might consider it? A piece of bread, for example, is frequently about 100 calories (depending on what brand, what kind of bread, thickness, etc.). 100 calories of light yogurt, strawberries, carrots, oatmeal, etc. fills me up so much better than the slice of bread. Not that there's anything wrong with eating a slice of bread. Fitday just really helped me understand that I was choosing that slice over another food that I might find tastier and more satisfying.
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I usually have a flat out bread (90 cals) with one wedge light laughing cow cheese (french onion is my fav & 35 cals), 6 slices of oscar mayer deli fresh ham/chicken/turkey (that is a serving and like 50 calories), then load it up with sliced tomatoes, lettuce, alfalfa sprouts, or whatever other veggies I want, spritz with 2 sprays of wishbone salad spitzer (10 sprays for like 10 cal)...then I roll it up and eat!

It's huge, btw The more bang for my points the better!

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Mostly in the last couple months I may have a few(3-5) sandwiches a month. Typically avocado, tomato and lettuce. That is nights my brother has BLTs my dd will usually have bacon too but also tomato, lettuce and avocado.

I try to get the multigrain breads. Used to eat a lot of Roman Meal bread but since I found out it has high fructose corn syrup I switched to Natures Own I think the brand name is. When I eat them I eat a whole sandwich with 2 breads for the most part. Occasionally if its the wide bread I will cut one slice in half and eat only the one slice of bread. I am going to try the Ezekiel bread which is sprouted grains and flour free from the bag said. Otherwise I have been avoiding a lot of bread.

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I eat sandwiches pretty often (just had one for breakfast). Originally they were in half a large low-everything pita but I switched to a hearty multigrain bread because, honestly, I needed more healthy carbs in my diet and the bread is very filling and satisfying. I used to eat a whole sandwich but now I eat more smaller meals so my "sandwich" is usually one slice of bread (Arnold's dark german wheat - 110 calories) and a couple slices of turkey (70 calories). I could (probably still can) happliy eat a whole pound of roast turkey lunch meat (I buy actual turkey meat sliced up not processed and reformed deli turkey and I love love love the stuff) but now a sandwich and an apple is my meal rather than a pound of meat.

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I tend to avoid too many carbs, so when I do have a sandwich, I only use one slice of bread. It's not so much a half-sandwich, though, because I use the same amount of meat/cheese as I'd use on a whole sandwich. I can't do that with PB&J or tuna/chicken salad, though, because it oozes out.
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I eat a whole sandwhich when I have them, I buy "light" whole wheat bread, it's 70 calories for 2 slices.. the catch? The slices are very thin.. like 2 slices is really about as thick as a regular slice of bread.

I also buy whole wheat wraps that are 100 cal each and make a wrap out of them.
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I seldom eat sandwiches but I have a whole one when I do. I use either 50 calories/slice whole wheat bread, sandwich thins, or 70 calorie whole wheat buns. I won't eat an entire package of the sandwich thins or the buns so I freeze them.
I've been really watching my portions & eating balanced and healthy meals, but I can't believe how hard it is to resist the urge of eating more.
It gets easier to resist that urge. I found just watching portions and eating balanced healthy meals harder than counting calories. I just can't gauge portion sizes. That switch in me is broken. I like knowing how many calories I should have and then weighing and measuring food. I always try to get in as much food as possible for the calorie count.

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mmm i loove sandwiches for lunch i typically pack my whole grain roman meal bread (110) for both slices smoked turkey (30cal) big ol slices of tomatos (i love tomatoes juicy) lol and baby spinach instead of lettuce no sauce or sometimes less than a tbsp of hidden valley low cal no cholestrol ranch dressing (30 cal for 2 tbsp) and my baby spinach salad for lunch which is just baby spinach with some iceburg lettuce for crunch factor sliced tomatoes broccali with hv ranch yummy and lots of water...im always full after that....just a idea...

this is all for VEGAS in July !!!!!!

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for every 5 lbs lost
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The other day, I made lunch of coleslaw, baked french fries, watermelon and veggie burgers. I realized it was too much food so I had half a veggie burger and 1 piece of bread and it really satisfied the sandwich craving while not over indulging.
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Depends on the calorie value of the sandwich. I prefer to eat a whole one, but I also prefer my meals to be around 400 cal total.

Going with water for the drink saves some, but if I'm jonesing for sides too I might cut it in half and save the rest for later.

Started Jan 2016:
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I don't have sandwiches too often but when I do, it's a whole one unless I was having something like a soup and sandwich combo. The biggest thing for me is skipping the mayo - that stuff is crazy high in calories! I like using avocado on my sandwich instead - still some calories in it but it's healthy fat and I try to eat some pretty much every day. And it tastes sooooo good!
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