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Unhappy Getting out of my 280's with Polycystic Ovaries

For some reason I can not ge tout of my 280's! It's been driving me nuts. I hit 278 a week ago and then went right back up to 282. It's frustrating. Has anyone else had any issues with Polycystic Ovaries? I have high cholesterol and dangerously close to becoming diabetic due to my weight. My doctor, last I saw him, put me on Metformin which is suppose to help with allllll of these particular things as well as help me lose weight. I let my perscription lapse and I am too ashamed to go see my doc again because I was 275 when I last saw him. He lectures me if I don't lose or if I can so I was just wondering if anyone else has had the same issues with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and not being able to lose weight due to them?
Shelly de Flores
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Welcome! There's a whole bunch of us over at


Just call the office, tell them you need a refill, and for them to call it in to your pharmacy. (Have pharmacy info handy to give to receptionist/nurse person.)

You can do this tiny thing for yourself -- just a phone call.

And if you don't like this doctor's bedside manner... "fire" him and get a new one.

Started Jan 2016:
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Hi Shelly,

I don't have PCOS, but I know that it makes weight loss more difficult. I'm just wondering what your eating plan is now? When I was looking up information about nutrition, I was interested in going on a low-GI diet, and it's good for insulin resistance and PCOS. Although you probably are already aware of it, I thought I'd throw it out there. This link is helpful. http://www.the-gi-diet.org/glycemicindexchart/

I think there's also a "chicks with challenges" message board for PCOS on this site, I'm sure they can give you a lot of great information.

As for feeling ashamed and not going to the doctor... heck, I know the feeling! But if the Metformin is going to help you lose then it's worth a little temporary discomfort. I'm sure that your doctor would rather see you be successful in your weight loss than chide you for gaining a few pounds.

Hang in there!

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I've got PCOS as well. I've done WW in the past successfully, but I did it while watching carbs (only good and trying to make sure all my points weren't carbs). Then I got pregnant and gained a bunch, and then had a baby and gained some more.

Now, I'm following a Primal Diet, which is a low carb diet. I am so much happier doing this than WW. Yes, I still have to pay attention to what I'm going to eat, but it's nice because I can eat until I am full and satisfied, not until my points run out and I go over if I'm still hungry. I started at the end of March.
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I also have PCOS. With a combination of the IR Diet and some intensive exercise I lost 80#. And as soon as I stopped doing those things, I gained about half of that back, so here I am, back to doing what I know works for me.

Find a diet and workout routine that works for you (and get back on your medication.) It may be a bit more difficult for us girls with PCOS but it's NOT impossible! Good luck!
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Yes, it sucks. Being on my met and doing low sugar/carb seems to be helping.
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I have PCOS..well I have had a hysterectomy but the drs says I still have PCOS.
Yes losing weight is harder for us.
I have to be very low carb diet. Very low sugar. I use splenda.
Lots of water, limit even diet drinks.
Portion control.
Excersise...I am up to 3 miles a day
lots od disipline...I now have the power to fix my kids something and sit down and eat my salad or healthy meal.

It's hard...but just keep pushing. I get stuck at certain weights. At 202 and now at 193.
I started at 255 Jan 18th 2010

Good luck!
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How are you doing Shelly?

I have PCOS but I don't take Met, I do take BC pills that help regulate my hormones. It may take a little experimentation. I personally follow a high carb diet but I do try to keep added sugars, refined carbs, etc out of my diet.
You can't out-exercise poor eating habits.
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