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Default Deep thoughts and epiphanies!

So I've been doing a lot of thinking and I turned to my blog to help express my feelings and WOW. I came to so many realizations about myself and how I think about food that I feel super compelled to share! A lot of my "epiphanies" are probably no surprise to a lot of you 3FC-ers who are super successful with your weight loss, but to me if I keep them in mind I know I *will* be successful too!!!!!Looking at how I view things and my mindset, to me, is the most valuable tool in my journey. Last time I jumped into the deep end of the pool with no water wings or lessons. This time I am giving myself lessons and starting at the shallow end(ok, metaphor fail lol. I tried!)

It's in my blog post if you care to read it, although the outcome is the more exciting part to me!!! You ladies ROCK

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Thanks for sharing... I read your blog post and can relate to a ton of what you said! I think we all have our own little "epiphanies" from time to time. It is funny how often it can seem like something so simple and obvious is such a profound thing to discover about yourself.

I know what you mean about the emotional eating and about eating when you feel fat. I definitely struggle with staying on plan when the scale is moving the wrong way and I start feeling sorry for myself.

And I totally get what you mean when you say that your fat is a buffer for the outside world and that being fat can be blamed for everything. I totally fall into this category of thinking. I have hidden behind this buffer for far too long and used it as an excuse to not try anything... used it as an excuse when really I am just running from my fears of failure, and oddly, fears of success. So I get it...

Keep up with your journal. It will help you.
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