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If you wanna Rock It . .
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Default No appetite in warm weather

Does anyone else get this way?
Now that we've hit in the mid to high 20's here - I really have no clue what that is in farenheit - but I find I have no appetite at all.
I ate today, but mostly fruits and veg since it's fresh, its cold, it's crunchy . . . perfect hot weather food . . .but . . . here I am at dinner WAY under calories for the day.

Any suggestions?
Live real, live hope.
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aka Sarah
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Peanut-butter milkshake made with natural PB, sugar-free vanilla ice cream, and skim milk Add a scoop of protein powder if you're low on protein for the day.
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Age 53
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Yes, I always used to love that side effect of summer. Sadly it didn't help with weight loss as generally when it got hot enough to affect my appetite, I also didn't want to move my body at all!
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What the other gal said. Have some ice cream! Blend it up with some fruit. Yum.

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I'm there -- too hot to cook, don't want anything but fast fixes like sandwich, salad, smoothie, etc.

Started Jan 2016:
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Big Miss Sunshine
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I lived in Phoenix, AZ for three years - that was all I could take. I was a lot younger then and I remember doing Jazzercise after work at 5:30, 110 degrees outside, no air conditioning (they had huge warehouse fans going).

Every summer my appetite went way down. That 's when I got hooked on Jamba Juice! I don't know if there is such a place in Canada - basically it was blended frozen yogurt, berries, lime juice, crushed ice - heaven. A large was about 450 calories.

Oh my gosh - my mouth is watering!! I'm gonna go get a sugar-free popsicle out of the freezer . . .

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I don't feel like eating (other than some fruits and veggies) when it is really hot. If you like cottage cheese or yogurt you could have that with the fruit for a few more calories and some protein. Oh and you could mix in a few nuts with that too.
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If you wanna Rock It . .
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Awesome ideas . . . Thanks so much, this is going to help a lot!
Live real, live hope.
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I just bought some rainbow sherbert cups (80 calories each) plus some banana popsicles (50 calories each). I'm loving them as a summer treat!
Then of course there are the lo-cal fudgesicles. All of them from Wal-Mart.
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You all might be interested to know that there is good data that indicates that AIR CONDITIONING is one of the underlying causes of OBESITY.

Apparently, humans have a normal tendency to eat less (and lose weight) when it's hot. With air conditioning, that effect was lessened and the natural weight loss tendency of summer disappeared.

Turn off that air conditioner, eat less, and ENJOY!

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.--Winston Churchill
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Ohh the shakes are a great suggestion! I Have the same problem here in the summer which, in the past, instead of helping with weight loss the heat would hinder it as I opted for "easy" not healthy food choices. We're in the mid 20s now and it will hit low 30s by next month peaking at low 40s before summer is over. I'd really like the heat (and humidity) to HELP with weight loss rather than hinder this year

Keeping salad stuff prepped in advance (grilled chicken breasts, veggies that will keep well when cut) so you just need to pull it out of the fridge and toss together is helpful for those days it's so hot you don't really want to move let alone cook something.

Ubergirl, very interesting point about air conditioning!
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One of my favorite summer meals is a couscous salad. I just make a regular salald (mine consist of lettuce, cucumber, red peppers, tomatoes and my homemade dressing) Then I throw in some feta cheese (I just use a little bit of the real stuff, I think the fat free stuff is awful!), a few kalimata olives, and some cold cousous. You have to prepare the couscous beforehand and stick it in the fridge so it's cold.

So good, and very transportable! Plus, you can add as many veggies as you want and it only makes it healthier!
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Coondocks - Oh my gosh! It's soooooo hot here today, so I don't know how you are making out.. I've been drinking anything cold I can get my hands on! I love summer, but this came on really quickly, eh?


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I'm with uber - you feel like eating less - so, ummm, than - eat less. I don't see what the problem is. I'm sure they'll be times when you'll feel like eating more - it all evens out in the end. I'd listen to my body.
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loving my beautiful self
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Great advice so far. Robin has a good point. If you do find you need to up your calories, nuts are a GREAT way to do that. Healthy, easy, and just a handful will get you up by 200. Plus, you can eat them mixed or vary which type you have when, which helps with the variety.

There are also summer soups and salads that are great meals for hot days. Cube a chilled avocado (or half of it) and add it to your salad, another healthy source of fat and calories.

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