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Default Eating on Ambien

OPooooh hhelloooo, If it's 3 a.m. and you've got a message from me, it's written on ambien! That drug tht leads me into sleep. The laptop looks sort of wooly and the yelling carrot seems like it could indeed come on over and leap over in carrolitic joy!

-- Note -- I deleted the rest of this rambling insanity. I don't take it very often. Last night I couldn't sleep and today is the last day of classes and I have to be somewhat awake. Usually I remember to hide the computer.
My friend eats on Ambien. She will come downstairs and have the entire contents of the fridge laid out on the counter. So, I guess it could be worse. Sorry!

Last edited by toomuchmoxie; 05-18-2010 at 08:00 AM. Reason: This is why I usually put away the laptop before taking Ambien.. sorry!
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damn, you're really high lol. I tried to get my doctor to sign me up for them, but i was told the medical community is careful about prescribing it to college students who might end up abusing it. I hear it's crazy stuff though, with people having vivid hallucinations and such.

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Jen Lancaster (one of my favorite authors) wrote a wonderful essay in one of her books about her Ambien highs...she ordered Barbie heads (the makeup/hairstyle ones) from Amazon.
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aka Sarah
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If you have problems sleeping, have you tried melatonin rather than drugs? I find melatonin to be amazingly helpful to my sleep. It's the sleep hormone, naturally produced in your body in response to darkness. I take just 500 mcg, which is only a little bit more than the body would normally make, and it helps me get to sleep and sleep deeply throughout the night. Good sleep is so criticial to overall health, and weight loss both.
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I also use Melatonin. It helps a lot, I'm falling asleep within about 20 minutes of taking it before I started it I'd be up all night, exhausted, but unable to sleep.


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My mom had an ambien experience. She woke up the morning after taking it seeing that she had cooked a meal and even got out the good china to eat it on. She did not have any recollection of any of it. She never took it again!

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Eating on Ambien could be the least of ones worries. I have a friend who took Ambien and unbeknownst to her, drove while "asleep", purchased hard liquor and ended up having random sex with a stranger.

Apparently it can cause the person to do things very uncharacteristic of them. It scares the stuffing out of me that in pursuit of relief for insomnia someone could be prescribed something that has such a negative potential.

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Oh man, my dad works random shifts at work. When he was on graves, we used to get him to do the funniest things on an ambien.

I also had a friend who took it once and didn't sleep because she was too busy watching elves build train tracks in her bedroom.

I would always just fall asleep and stay asleep for too long. Oh Ambien....
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OMG. I park on the streets of the city and can barely find my car as is, so I think I'm OK there. But I'd like to see the elves.. Seriously though, I'll talk to the doc and see about melatonin, but the semester is over so I should be OK for a while!
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aka Sarah
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Melatonin isn't prescription. You should be able to get it wherever you can get vitamins. And it's extremely safe to use at the recommended levels.
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I tried Ambien when I had insomnia and going thru a very stressful time. I got up in the middle of the night and walked into the kitchen and WOKE UP after I got there! I have the worst, intense food cravings taking that stuff - not to mention the sleepwalking! My sis had similar problems with it.

I guess when that stuff works, it's great. But for some of us it's an instant bad trip! Hope you find something that helps! it took me a while to find what worked for me. Good luck!

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Just saw this thread -- it's funny you mentioned the wooly thing, moxie. My doctor put me on Ambien years ago (when it first came out) for insomnia. I remember taking it and messaging online with a friend before bed, and I experienced a wooly, breathing monitor. That sang.

It made me hallucinate a LOT, even on the lowest dosage. I think I took it on and off for about a month before realizing it just made me too crazy.

My friends have gotten some hilarious Ambien emails from me in the past, though. Crazy stuff.
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Was on Ambien for almost 3 years because of insomnia due to overnight shift, fibromyalgia and depression that got really bad the last 5 months. Started with 5 mg 2-3 days a week and it worked really fast. I would have to be in bed in 5 minutes after I took it otherwise I would start having weird hallucinations but that was a sign for me to jump in bed and I would sleep fine. But had to go up as I build up tolerance and the last couple of months had to take 2-3 10 mg pills and would wake up 2-3 hours later and needed to take another one to get more sleep, again I would only get 2 hours. Obviously it stopped working so tonight I go the first time in about a year without it and so far I haven't been able to sleep in yet, been up for 26 hours.
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I have had family members on Ambien and it scares me. They get up during the night and don't remember it afterward. My mother is diabetic and eats at night without knowing it. Once when I was visiting, my mother had made a cake to take to a church event. We got up in the morning and half of the cake had been eaten. This could be very dangerous!

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I have had some patients have issues with ambien and some dont. I would say to try melatonin first as someone else suggested.

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