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Default working out vs. social anxiety ..

it SUCKS SOOOOO BAD .. sorry just needed to vent about this .. I'm sick of being over weight and i just can't seem to eat right w/out working out i guess that's just how my mind works eating right and working out go hand in hand .. here's my problem though .. I suffer from severe social anxiety so i discovered that they Y is pretty much dead around 7 pm so that's when i have been going w/ my best friends mom and lil sister .. well last night we all went to meet up and i go down stairs to the "old gym" (they just did a multi million dollar renovation and everyone goes to the new gym) which i don't care for .. well i get down there and its packed but i thought i could do it so i get on the ONLY equipment available .. the elliptical .. after 10 mins i have a HORRIBLE anxiety and panic attack .. and here comes the fight or flight of anxiety and of course i flight .. go upstairs get my daughter the whole time convinced I'm dying and run out of there .. now i fear going back .. if you have anxiety problems you totally understand .. I'm so upset w/ myself as i have been going regularly i just wish i could live my life anxiety free!!
I will no longer allow myself the choice to be unhealthy and overweight!!

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Ahhhhhh....I'm so sorry that you have those darn anxiety/panic attacks.

You are doing so well......how about if you, insteading of doing the whole gym thing, walk at or around home or at a park or something that might be a little less cramped quarters?

I just joined a gym last week but have been successful up until then walking. You can get really creative with your walking, not sure where you live, but you can find some neat areas I bet to walk/hike, etc...

Don't give up......you CAN DO IT!!!!!!!
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I totally relate . . . I've had panic attacks on and off throughout my life, most of which have involved uncomfortable social situations. I eventually learned I have agoraphobia, which has actually helped me deal with these situations when I put myself up to it. But when I do work out, I find myself hitting the Y at the least busiest time of day possible as a coping mechanism. And lately, I've let a lot of overall stress affect me to the point of not working out altogether.

Maybe it's a little ironic that exercise can help anxiety/panic attacks? There are several things you can do before confronting a provoking situation, like deep breathing exercise. Try googling natural remedies and see if you can find anything that will help you cope long enough to get yourself through this.

And maybe I should listen to my own advice . . . I'm pushing myself to hit the exercise class I've skipped for several weeks tonight.

Good luck to you, you can do this.

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I also have panic attacks, very very bad ones. Here's what helps me - if I know I can leave. If I'm working out and I start freaking, I can stop and leave. No one will care. I'm just done with my work-out. And look, you did leave, and it was OK. No one hates you, and no one is going to make fun of you when you go back.
If you're frightened about it, just go back to the gym with every intention of leaving in 5 minutes. IF you stay longer, great, if not, well, you were only going to stay 5 minutes anyway. It totally gives you a safety net.
My panic attacks are that I think I'm going to die while working out. I keep hearing stories about people having heart attacks on the treadmill. Now, my bp is fine. I had a stress test, fine. But my dad had a quintuple bypass at my exact age. So sometimes I get scared that way.
Good luck. I truly understand what you're going through.
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Thanks ladies for your advice .. toomuch i have the same fear with exercising .. but i tell myself that if i dont lose this weight i'll die but that doesn't help it would be embarrassing (to me) to pass out in front of a room full of people while working out .. thats my honest fear lol and i know it sounds dumb but at the time it sounds legit .. chances of it happening i know are very slim but when your in that moment it just seems so real .. Sirenity I'm agoraphobic also thanks for your advice sometimes hearing other peoples stories helps and knowing im NOT alone I'm sure ill get back there but the time off will be rough TOM is coming and this always makes me worse and it sucks cuz the people who are close to me dont believe me they think this is all made up .. but its real .. if it weren't a real issue i wouldn't be on disability for it .. i couldn't work because it was so bad .. thanks again ladies
I will no longer allow myself the choice to be unhealthy and overweight!!

One for every 5 lbs lost!!
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I absolutely understand where you're coming from. Some of the scariest moments in my live revolve around panic attacks.

Why not try a couple exercise videos at home? There are lots out there and you can often find them free online. Otherwise, Target and Walmart sell them for under $10 all the time.
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I've also suffered from the dreaded panice attacks. I think only those of us who have had them know how truly terrifying it can be.

I don't want to tell you to avoid a place that may be good for you because I've been told that the avoidance of places that may be panic inducing makes the panic worse! That being said - the Wii is saving my life. I hurt my back and I can only work out in ten minute increments. The Wii is wonderful because it's so easy to breakup the workouts into ten minute "games." Just today I did the Ski Jump, Kung Fu, Stepping from Wii Fit and did the "Walk it out" game for another ten. Super fun!

Also, like ducky posted, a lot of great at home videos are available. I've even borrowed from the library and rented them on Netflix (much less expensive than buying new ones all the time).

Hang in there!

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I have social anxiety, but thankfully not panic attacks except in certain driving scenarios which is frankly dangerous.

I have a small understanding and am very sympathetic. I have to go to the gym early in the morning when there are fewer people there and I notice that the few people are very regular. You rarely see new faces. Last week I went to the pool expecting it to be empty. When it wasn't and I found all the lanes full, I did an about face and ran back to the "safety" of the locker room. I caught myself up and made myself go back. I simply asked someone who looked nice if I could share a lane and of course it was fine. I got into my mental zone and did fine. That fight or flight response is a real barrier and I'm very thankful that I'm able to talk myself rationally out of the flight mode, but I understand it's not like that for everyone.

People at the gym are so nice. I know you know that rationally, but what you're feeling inside tells you otherwise. Your body tells you you're actually in danger. Everyone at the gym is so consumed with themselves. Gym is "me time" for everyone. It's a time for self-reflection and for finding your inner voice and your inner athlete. That's what everyone is thinking about, and not you.

And just so you know, a tiny, very athletic man collapsed in one of my classes this morning. It can happen to absolutely anyone. Everyone was very helpful, very sympathetic and very tactful
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I do have anxiety attacks too but it has to be an extreme situation otherwise I can keep them under control. I don't have any magic advice to offer but like others said don't beat yourself up over it. When it happens make sure you have an alternative plan in place to get your exercise in - like other suggested maybe a video at home or a place you can go walk.

Big huggles to you!

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