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Default Hi everyone!

I'm so glad to have found this site!

I've been fighting my weight most of my adult life. About four years ago, I started working seriouly on losing weight, and over the next two years, I lost about 50 pounds. That's slow, but I could live with it. And the weight has stayed off, thank goodness! But I still have a lot to lose, and I have gotten sloppy about it.

Then I met someone very much like me whose life has fallen apart in the last three months because of health problems directly related to her weight.

SO, i've re-committed myself to the journey, and I'm very glad to have you all for company

I'm at least as interested in being healthy as I am in losing weight, so I try to avoid things that are harmful for me EVEN if they are low calorie. I avoid white flour, refined sugar and partially-hydrogenated oils, and I eat organic, unprecessed food as much as possible. I grow a lot of my own food and cook most of what I eat from scratch.

And I'm just now getting back to exercising. I'm a walker. Before I quit, I was doing about five miles a day; yesterday 1.5 miles wore me out! But it's good to be moving again.

But because I'm trying to develop a "diet" and exercise plan that I can (and will) follow for the rest of my life, I lose weight slowly. Sometimes it feels as if all I ever do is worry about my weight, count calories or read low-cal recipes. I remind myself of the health problems waiting for me just around the corner if I don't lose some weight, but I've been hovering JUST over 200 pounds for so long (about two years now) that I'm beginning to believe it isn't possible for me to break that barrier.

I'd love to hear how each of you encourages yourself to keep plugging away when the going gets rough.
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HI Janet!

First and fore most, I am doing this for me. I remind myself everyday is a new day, and go from there. And when I don't think I can even do it for me, I think about my 3 small children. Cheyenne is 3 1/2, Lucas is 1 1/2 and Kaleigha is 6 months old. I don't want them to be teased about having a fat mommy, and I want to be around to see my grandchildren. I've got a long time before that happens!! Thank goodness. But like I said, *I* come first, when it comes to my lifestyle change, or on some days my lifestyle CHALLENGE. It's not easy somedays. The kids want to act up or what not when I'm trying to exercise. I won't stop. I HAVE to do this for me. SO they cry for 5-10 minutes. When I'm done I give them my undivided attention and then we ALL feel so much better.

SO I want WELCOME you, and let you know that we are all on the same wagon, working it one day at a time.
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Welcome Janet!

Personally, what has gotten me finally motivated to get my butt moving and lose some weight was being asked to be the matron on honor in my best friends wedding (she is short and petite and I'm not either). I didn't want to be the fat girl standing next to the bride. I did, however, find that as I started to loose the weight, I started to feel better about myself. I found myself enjoying shopping (because the clothes I thought would fit were getting too big instead of too small), and just generally happier doing the meanial tasks I used to just lothe. I know that it is from the amount of weight that I have been losing. I now do this for me. I am determined to maintain the loss that I have already had, and more. I will do this, and in doing this I become a better mom, wife, and person in general.
I too, have learned to let the kids whine while I finish my exercises, after all that is "me" time, and everyone feels better if mommy feels better! As for diet, I have found that WW works wonders for me. I am learning very much from it and believe that I will be able to take it with me for a lifetime, instead of just for now.
I'm glad to see that you are motivated and ready to work! You can do this and the people on this board are always very encouraging and generally just wonderful. We are all glad that you have joined us, so post often and feel free to join in on the halloween challenge, or other challenges around.

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Hi Janet!
Welcome! This is a great place to be and a great bunch of folks to be with.

Good luck on your weight loss journey --

Hope to see you here often.

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You have found our little secret on the web. A place where people are like you, going through what you are going through. The ladies here are very supportive when needed but are willing to give you a swift kick in the behind when needed too!!

I hope to see you on some of our other threads. Please feel free to jump in!!

The Secret is: CONSISTENCY
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Default Welcome Janet!

Welcome to the 100 pound club! I have a similar experience to yours. I have lost 60+ pounds but it has been s-l-o-w. I lose some maintain it, then feel psyched to lose some more. What keeps me motivated?? Looking at old pictures at my highest weight. I never want to look like that again. It has been close to two years since I started losing weight. Some people have lost 100 pounds in a year but not me!! Also what keeps me going is like you--buying smaller clothes. I love to shop for clothes and trying on smaller and smaller sizes is such a THRILL!! Also I am getting divorced soon and dont want to be referred to as the "fat ex wife" if that doesnt encourage me nothing will!!
Think about carrying a 50 pound bag of flour around all day and think about how heavy it would be. You have lost that much and soon it will be more-you can do it!!
good luck and stick with us!
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I am very desperate to lose the weight I've let myself gain over the years. As a child things happened to me (I won't get detailed) that very much changed the way I looked at men and became so cut off from what I believed was the 'normal' world that ate and ate to become invisible. Ironically when you are overweight, or obese in my case, you feel like you become the centre of attention...from the sneers and snickers to the how could she let her do this to herself comments. At 17 when my Dad died, I became so depressed that I only did 3 things...go to school, eat and watch tv in my room. I was 250lbs at 17 and since then I have gained almost 100lbs. Last year I was diagnosed as having hypothyroidism and it took 1.5 years to get my meds at the right level.

There is a point to this post I promise ...when I started my meds I started suffering from heart palpitations. This scared me to death, but after ekg and getting further diagnosed with acid reflux, the doctors have assured me that my heart is strong. Now however I suffer from anxiety attacks before I go to bed worrying that I will have a heart attack or something through the night and don't sleep well anymore....I thank God every morning for giving one more day to 'fix' myself and that is what motivates me. I am losing weight to live a long and healthy life. I want to have confidence and ambition and energy. I am so grateful to find this site and have another chance to be alive.

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