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One with the Wind and Sky
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Default Current photo and self-motivation

This plateau is killing me! I've been especially vigilant about my eating in the past few weeks but still no change. So instead of focusing on the negative I'm doing my best to think positive. I really feel I've come a long way but have to remind myself every so often. So I took a photo last night and placed it beside one near my highest weight . . .

Hard work really pays off! I'm using this as a reminder to keep going rather than give up; I'm sticking with lots of veggies, salads, and smoothies. It'll break one of these days, right?

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I can do anything!
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Wow!!! You look like a completely different person! You are beautiful & you can do it!
It's OK to be Strong & Pretty! Lift heavy or go home!
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Way to go! You look awesome. What tremendous progress! Hang in there and just keep swimming through that plateau!

Your side-by-side photo comparison is a great idea for a reminder of the progress you've made! I recently started out at 364 lbs. (at 5 ft. 7 1/2 in.), and sometimes I feel so demoralized at having 200 lbs. to lose. But then I see progress pictures like yours, and I'm reminded that I can't wait to be 248 lbs. and enjoy all the delicious fruits of my hard work, like feeling and looking better (including getting rid of this double chin! -- you're a ch-inspiration! ;p )

As for your plateau, I'm no expert on such things, but the two things that come to mind are these: 1. Perhaps you are gaining muscle at the same rate as burning fat, and thus your fat loss is not being reflected on the scale at the moment?; 2. If you calorie count, I've read elsewhere on this site that some people find upping or lowering daily calorie consumption, or even calorie cycling, can help with plowing through plateaus. In any case, a plateau is not forever, so keep up the hard work and keep congratulating yourself on your progress!

I love your ticker, by the way! I began reminding myself Dorie's motto just the other night.
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Okay....wow! You look completely different and the photo shows your accomplishment! Keep on with the positive and before you know it you will be out of your plateau.

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loving my beautiful self
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Yes!! It will definitely break!! Hang in there!

Your weight loss is amazing! Congratulations and good luck!

I love the ticker!

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You are beautiful and you've done so much for your health!
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I will do the Komen 60 mile walk for breast cancer again this year!!
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wow, I hope it does motivate you to stick with it, because it definitely motivates me! Thank you for sharing.

My thought on plateaus: I have no science or medical information on this, it is only how I think about it. I see them as time for your body to rethink normal, to reset what normal means. After losing a certain percentage, your body has to totally change how it works. Kind of like rebooting your computer. The pictures you took show how much it has to rethink about, how the blood flows, how the heart beats, what the system requires just to live...... ok, I am rambling, but it helps to think of plateaus as good things. If it reset to the present conditions as normal it seems less likely that you will gain it back. Sort of like on millionaire when you get to a certain amount of money, you are guaranteed that much and then you try for the next goal, takes a little longer and the questions are a little harder, but the pay off is so much more! You wouldn't say "Oh Meredith, I only need $5000, so I won't finish the game, no sense in going for the $25,000 or even the million....." how much more important is your health? Don't give up, you CAN do this!!!!!!!!!

Ok, that's as much as I've got this early Have an awesome day and enjoy the fact that you have lost so much that your body system have to catch up! Isn't the body God designed an awesome machine!
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Who's that girl? You look totally different. You should be so proud of your self. You are beautiful. Congratulations. Job, well done.
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Yes....remember how far you've come in this journey. You look so beautiful. (I think you were pretty before, too)

The weight will come off. Darn that scale. Stay strong and stay on your plan. It will happen.

Move ticker, move!
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you look great and yes, that should be good inspiration because even in the very worst case scenario that you never lose any more weight, you are way better off now, right? But of course, that's not going to happen anyway - I agree with bythenumbers and I do think our bodies sometimes need a chance to reset to a new "normal" and then go from there. but having said that, I do wonder how long you've been at a plateau and what plan you are following right now? It's certainly possible that what worked 100 lbs ago has to be changed up to something that works for where you are now. (and maybe you have done that already and it is a plateau that you just have to ride out for a while - and if so, try to look for other goals to focus on like inches or a specific physical activity that you have to work to achieve)
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you look amazing wow completely different person. congrats on you current accomplishment and good luck with the rest of your goal
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Why did you put pictures of two different women?! Just kidding, I get it--it's just that you look AMAZING and like a whole new person. What an accomplishment. Plateau or not, you're way more healthy than you were 100 lbs ago. You've already done so much for yourself.
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Yes!! Keep up the GREAT work. Consistency and hard work do pay off! What motivating pictures
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You look great! Just hang in there and maybe try to change things up a little bit. Our bodies become used to exercise and food fast if we are doing the same thing over and over. Good Luck!
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Finally Losing Myself
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Awesome pictures. In order to break my 6 month stall I had to totally change my workouts and slowly I starting losing again. Keep it up chickie!
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