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Default Fair, Theme Park, Carnival, Midway Strategy?

So we went theme parking today for family fun.

I made sure we ate before we left, and if we needed it, had on plan frozen meals at home for dinner. I didn't want to do more than one meal at the theme park!

I came in at zero on my food log. No gain, no loss. I'm pleased with that part.

So choosing the simplest/smallest burger/fries combo with lots of veggie toppings worked out even though I was crazy about it -- average burger, nothing to write home about. At the same time, choices at places like this are so limited!

How do you guys handle it? Is just going with "kid sizes" the best strategy or are there others I haven't thought of yet?

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I often bring something with me. Some parks are picky about it, but you can always smush it down in the bottom of a backpack and throw a sweater on top.

I was in Disneyland this past February and I brought energy bars, apples and mixed nuts. It was a little snacky, but having enough food to keep me satisfied with an easy meal at home works well.

Otherwise, I think you made a good choice. You picked the best choice you could find and kept it within a calorie budget. Sometimes, its nice to just live in the moment (carefully).
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I think it's easier to eat at permanent theme parks like Six Flags and Disneyworld. They usually have more than burgers and fries... our Six Flags has Subway subs, and a couple places where you can get grilled chicken or salads. But you have to plan ahead.

I think fairs are MUCH harder, because the places serve fried foods almost exclusively. But much like fast food, there are still things that will fit into my plan. I can have the occasional hot dog, or bowl of chili, or small burger, even if I can't find a salad anywhere near. But then, I'm more cognizant about carbs than fat on my plan, so I'm a bit more flexible on calories than some folks would be.

I do think you had a great idea to eat before you go, and to have a quick dinner prepared and ready for when you get back. And to sneak in a few snacks here and there. I think half of any successful plan is in the planning!
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I've not been to a theme park for years, but I always took something with me because the food prices there make you well aware you're a captive audience. I always used to take a sandwich and an apple and my platypus water bottle. The only think you have to worry about is crushing.

Of course if you have a family going with you, you could try to make a picnic of it but you don't really want to be lugging around enough food.

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When it does come down to choosing among junk type fare (for whatever reason) I consider a slice of pizza the safest. (Obviously I prefer moderately-sized, regularly topped, etc ~ no funny business like giant calzone-looking things, etc).

I am comfortable with pizza. I know not everyone else is, but it could become the 'devil you know.' You know where the pizza calories come from, and only so much can be done to make it even more calorific ...

Many slices of pizza have as low as 300 or so calories. Sure, many others have more -- but I feel that I can plainly estimate, here. I would rather know what I'm getting into than have something with a much, much larger margin of error.

What you picked does sound pretty good, btw. I don't eat burgers (or prefer much meat at all, in general) but even so I too have chosen a modest cut of bare meat when it seemed the least mysterious option.
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This is festival time here & while they have a lot of unhealthy choices it's almost guaranteed that there is boiled crawfish/shrimp, charbroiled oysters, etc somewhere on the grounds So you can eat healthy (might take in more sodium than you would like though) if you can resist all the deep friend stuff!

We have a Strawberry Festival every year here in my town & it's one of the largest festivals in Louisiana....lots and lots of fresh strawberries! I do plan a splurge of a seafood stuffed baked potato & a link of Boudin during the weekend. I also buy about 3 flats of strawberries to clean & freeze...and eat!

I do agree with the permanent theme parks...they usually have salads, grilled chicken, etc to choose from. I just bring my own salad dressing if we go to Busch Gardens or Disney (we lived right outside of Tampa, FL for about 4 years & we still go to them when we visit my inlaws).

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