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Default Thirty lbs. till goal!! And I'm about to give up! Help!

I have lost 130lbs and I have roughly 35lbs. to go and I just can't get it off. I eat 1200-1400 calories a day and do the treadmill for 45 minutes daily and my weight won't budge. I have not lost any since Christmas. I am at 212lbs. It's not like I'm super small. It is so discouraging to do everything right and make no progress. Someone please tell me the solution. I am at my wits end. Thanks.
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First of all congratulations on the 130lbs. WOW!!

I can see why you are so frustrated. Your calories are already quite low. The only things I can suggest are double checking the number of calories your eating by weighing and measuring everything. Also you could try adding some strength or resistance training. Maybe 30min on the treadmill and 15 of strength training.

Good luck! You have come so far and done so amazing.
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I am almost in EXACTLY the same place as you! 133 pounds down, 40 to go, 205 pounds and losing at a snail's pace. While it makes me really frustrated, I tell myself that even if I stayed here forever, I'm in a much better place physically and emotionally that I was in the past. If this is what maintenance looks like, I'm doing it so that feel good. But like you, I would really like to get to my goal. Perhaps you need to shake things up. Change the type of exercise you do. Maybe your body has gotten used to the treadmill routine. You could also change how you use the treadmill like go up in incline or try jogging on it if you generally walk. You could also eat the same in calories but change some of the things you eat.

Whatever you do, don't give up! You clearly have hit on the combination of things that will help you maintain and that's fantastic. If you never lost another pound (which isn't going to be the case!) you are in a place that is infinitely better than where you were or where you would be if you gave up right now. So hang tough. You are a strong person to have come this far. Don't stop now!

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Don't give up !!!! You have come too far. 130 pounds lost is fantastic. Look on this as a temporary slump and try some of the things that CC and Liz have suggested.
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I feel like if you have spent so long high above the 200lb mark (I spent 10 years there, and I am only 20), once you get down around to it your body has to regroup. My first 60ish pounds came off relatively easily, and I had been stuck in the 190's for a year after that. Now suddenly my body is in a place where it feels comfortable to lose again. Maybe that is the case with you.

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First off---CONGRATS ON 130lbs!! That's freakin' awesome!!!

Second off---I've come nowhere close to losing that much, but have learned alot from this site. I'm also a calorie counter, and from my experience (and reading others post about this also), I think maybe you should up your calories...maybe try 1500 for a couple weeks...I know its a small change, but it might help. Also, as the others have said above, change up your exercise...maybe try a video or just change up what you do on the TM. IMHO, I think our bodies gets used to what we eat or are doing for exercise which requires us to then change it up to start losing again....

You've come so far already...DON'T GIVE UP!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!

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Fantastic progress so far! 130 lbs is amazing! Please do not give up! Never give up! Have you tried calorie cycling? Google it. I know some of the ladies here have had success with it when they hit a plateau.
Just whatever you do, dont give up!

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Wow, 130 lbs is WONDERFUL!

I think everyone has given you some great advice. I found when I lost 90lbs before that my body does adapt pretty quickly to exercises and it helps to change things up. So this time I am planning on changing this pretty frequently to challenge my body in different ways.

Anyways, do NOT give up you have made such a huge accomplishment.
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To echo what's already been said....

I'd track those calories REALLY closely for two weeks. I mean REALLY closely - measurements, weights and each and every bite, lick, taste, crumb and sip that goes down your throat. You want to be absolutely certain that your calorie counts are spot on.

Also take a look back and think if you've had any "off" days or meals - because that could really stall out your weight loss.

Not sure if this IS a factor, but how is the "quality" of your calories? I know for me grains, yes even whole ones, don't do well with me. I am very carb sensitive. I eat plenty of them, but those found in veggies and fruit.

How is your water intake?

And again, if you're not doing any strength training, I'd DEFINITELY add that in - like NOW. If you've been steadily doing 45 minutes on the treadmill, perhaps you'd like to INCREASE it to 60 minutes. Or switch it around, one day treadmill, one day some other sort of physical activity - an aerobics class, zumba, swimming, bike riding, something different.

Giving up is not an option, ya hear? You have done incredibly well, but yes there's more you've got left to do, so none of this silly talk.

Hang tough. A closer look at your food menu, a little more activity, a tweak here and there, a bit of patience and before you know it that scale will be headed down once again.
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You have done amazingly well!! Don't give up. You are an inspiration to me.
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Thanks everyone for the great advice and encouragment. I have been keeping a food journal so I know my calories are in range. Maybe I will add some resistance training and change up my cardio. If it works I'll let you know. Thanks again everyone.
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