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Default Even I was surprised! "20 Worst Restaurant Foods"

WOW! This list of the "20 Worst Restaurant Foods" from Men's Health Magazine was a real eye-opener for me. I have never been much of a cook, but since starting this journey last year I have really concentrated on preparing fresh, "real" food at home and I honestly think that is one key to success. I'm also glad most restaurants are posting more *nutrition* (I use that word loosely here) information on their websites!
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That was informative. Thank you.
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sort of makes me glad i am on the other side of the pond.

i am sure if someone looked, they'd find similar **** here too.
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Can yhou believe those sodium numbers ! Yikes!!! I love the Eat This Not That books. I have all four (just not the kids one) They have really helped me to eat out without busting out.
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That is scary!!
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Cheesecake Factory Kids' Pasta with Alfredo Sauce:
1,803 calories
86 g saturated fat
876 mg sodium
70 g carbohydrates

I know alfredo sauce is just the but still. You'd think they could use lowfat cheese or milk or do something to cut the calories here! And I've heard it said that it's a good idea to sometimes order a childs portion when out to eat or even boxing 1/2 of it up as soon as it arrives, but even if I did both of those things with this meal, it still would have been disasterious! That's just terrible. Thanks so much for the info!

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Holy s***. I have always known that most restaurant food is not very healthy, but I had no idea that some of it was THAT bad. I have a friend who is on a limited sodium diet and some of those would be 5 or 6 days of sodium intake for him. What should he eat the rest of the time? Can anyone say water retention...
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I feel sick to my stomach just reading that list! What an eye opener.
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WOW!! i knew that ordering out was one of the big causes for my weight gain, but after seeing those numbers, it's no wonder I have gotten to the size I am! Those numbers are just plain scary. YIKES!

Can't wait to go shopping for cute clothes and cute shoes!!!!!!!
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This makes me really glad I don't eat out much !

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Thanks for the heads' up!

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Originally Posted by AbbySinthe View Post
Cheesecake Factory Kids' Pasta with Alfredo Sauce:
1,803 calories
86 g saturated fat
876 mg sodium
70 g carbohydrates
This is totally irresponsible! I cook for my kids but there is no way I can be sure they never go out and have a kids meal. I don't expect that to be healthy but I would never expect to have more calories and fat and salt then a child needs for days.
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You know, what pisses me off more than anything? It's that a couple of those dishes are marketed as "grilled chicken..."

There you are, trying to stay on plan, looking around the menu for something healthy-ish, and you find the grilled chicken wrap....

"grilled chicken wrap..." I mean it's designed to SOUND like the healthy choice.

I've noticed that at a lot of restaurants-- "the healthy choice" is smothered in 3 kinds of cheese and 8 kinds of sauce and obviously not healthy after all. I mean, come on! If you're going to serve a grilled chicken wrap, how about making it lean and healthy.

There are way too many restaurants where there is not a single healthy choice available....

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Wow! I am amazed on one hand and not amazed on the other. *sigh* We eat out a lot too. Of course we don't have many of those restaurants...I can't wait until more restaurants will be putting calories, etc on their menus! That kid's meal one is CRAZY! Makes me want to write the company!!
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hopefully all of us now are food-savvy enough that after one BITE we'd know exactly what it was LOL horrifying! As soon as I read "ranch...mayo" in the same sandwich - pass! Back in the day i'd have a creamy caesar salad, big alfredo pasta dish, and a giant dessert, ugh what did i do to myself??? geeez! Now I automate my choices at restaurants, because I still love to go. Virtually every place has a salad with grilled chicken, or a small steak with steamed veg on the side. Although those buffalo chicken snack sammiches looked awesome....nooooooo!!!

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