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Height: 5 feet 5 inches

Wink Our families and THEIR weights.

So where is your FAMILY in terms of eating, weight, exercise et all? We often forget that we are on this journey WITH our family and that we ALL deserve to be healthy and happy!!!

So tell me about you and yours

Now obviously I am overweight and was morbidly obese at 377 when I started. I am still obese at 204. I will be a "heathy" weight this year I am very small framed. Pixie like. I exercise a minimum of 5 times a week.

My husband is 6 feet tall, built like a linebacker and 227 pounds. He could stand to lose 40 pounds. He is working on it himself and does not want or require my help He does Krav Maga (Israli street fighting) 3 times a week, and adult Jazz once a week.

My oldest daughter Madeline is 8.5 years old. She's 4 foot 6 inches and 61 pounds. She is medium framed and very slender. She dances a MINIMUM of 12 times a week currently.

My middle child Olivia is turning 7 in June. She is 3 feet 8 inches and 42 pounds. She has a tiny frame (like me) and very slender/tiny. She dances a minimum of 8 times a week right now.

My son Phoenix is turning 4 in June. He's 3 feet 4 inches and 37 pounds. He has a medium/large frame and is built more like his daddy. He's solid but only in the 50th percentile I believe. He never stops moving. He will start taking dance in the summer.
On my own personal journey I started on September 27, 2008
Starting weight 377, Weight in spring of 2010 198, Weight in August 2011? In the 240's.
Still plugging along on this weight loss highway!
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I've always thought of myself as large framed but I'll let you know for sure when I see ALL of my bones. :-) My husband is 6'3" and used to weigh about 370. He lost about 150 pounds and has gained a little back - he's about 245-250 now but amazingly fit. He participates in triathalons and runs lots of 5k, 10k, etc. Rides his bike about 100-150 miles per week (in the basement on rollers right now). I checked his resting heart rate the other day and it was 47bpm. Jeez.

We have two girls - 5'1" and a junior in college. Very curvy little person. Eats healthy and exercises regularly. Both our girls were 4 sport athletes in school, so it's their nature to be active. Youngest daughter is 5'10" and all legs (but she does have her momma's bootie). Also very active. Can still eat everything in sight because of sports participation. Neither one has any weight problems (praise be to God!) and have both watched their parents struggle with weight and learned the lessons.

Just the other day one of the boyfriends commented that he'd never eaten supper at a table where it was so OK to not finish your food. You still get dessert even if you don't eat your whole meal! I was very proud!
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Positive Focus
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Height: 5'1"


My changes have definitely brought more health to my family.

DH is about 230 (I think - he's kind of secretive about it) and at 6' could lose about 30lbs. He has a lot of orthopedic problems and would really benefit from it. He's been trying to clean up his eating and I think he's lost some weight.

My oldest daughter is 9 and I have no idea what she weighs. She wears a size 10 in kids clothes. She did make a comment to me the other day that her pants were looser. She likes junk food a lot, but has really embraced the new foods we eat at home now. I try to help her with portion control to keep her from gaining weight. She's 110% average right now and I don't want her to stray from that. She cheers and plays basketball in addition to doing "kid stuff" for exercise.

My youngest is a bean pole. She is 8 and wears a 6 in kids clothes. She is growing up, but not out. She naturally loves health food. It is the strangest thing I have ever seen. It's always been that way. We go to a restaurant and she orders the grilled chicken and veggies. She doesn't like bread and will barely eat meat. Thankfully she loves baked beans so I can get some protein in her! She cheers and plays softball in addition to the usual "kid stuff."

I come from a family where we all seem to start out thin and then gain (or have to work very hard not to gain) later in life. (A familiar pattern to me also! ) I am really focusing on healthy habits with the girls rather than just weight.

HW: 225, lost 75lbs in 2011 LW: 150
Losing again starting from 210 5/9/2017

No words of widsom. After years of reflection and dieting, I still don't have this thing figured out.
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I live with my mother and 2 of my sisters currently...

My mother is about 45 lbs overweight... She has leukemia and has had it for about 5 years now. She eats terribly and doesn't exercise.

My younger 24 yr old sister is about 45 lbs overweight... She doesn't eat very healthy either. Lots of fast food. She usually eats a lot of junk and then eats nothing... or eats junk and then exercises a ton.

My little 9 year old sister is about 60 lbs and very tiny. She loves healthy food but doesn't eat it often enough (unless I am the one feeding it to her.) If she eats with my mother at meals it is generally not as healthy. The girl LOVES salad like nobody's business.

...As for my other siblings, my older sister (age 31) is overweight by maybe 40 lbs (?) and my older brother (age 35) is a little overweight too, maybe 20 lbs. He's in the army though so it seems to fluctuate depending on what he's doing.

.................My family doesn't get in much on my healthy eating. I tend to buy my own groceries and cook all my own meals. Generally if I cook for anyone else it is my 9 year old sister. She's the only one I gave an all-access pass to my veggie drawer in the fridge. I told her she can eat anything out of there... I can't, unfortunately, afford to feed the rest of my family 24/7. For a while I was cooking dinner for everyone so they would eat healthy too. Which was great... but I couldn't afford it. We were going through a weeks worth of my veggies and stuff in a matter of a couple dinners.
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Most of my family is in my signature.

My husband 6' also and weighs around 238. He's trying to lose weight right along with me, more because he's competitive I think. But hey, whatever motivates him. Unfortunately though his BMI has always been better than mine, his body doesn't react well to any extra weight, so it's really important he lose it. He has high BP, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, heart palpitations, and no endurance.

Our near ten year old son is 4'9" and 111 pounds as of today. He's "trying" to eat healthier and wants to lose weight, but he wants it to happen magically. He's a computer genius and loves video games. He hates the outdoors. Not a good combination. So we're trying really hard to motivate him and teach him without making him self-conscious. Tough balancing act.

Our eight year old is 4'8" and a half. He's very tall for his age and about 73 lbs of muscle. He's pretty darn average except for the fact that he's so tall. He loves to be outside and is very, very, very active. He's hard to keep up with.

And then there's the dog...6.5 pounds. No problems there.
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Well, I live alone, so I don't have the kind of family that most of you have, but I can talk about my mom and brother.

My mom is in her mid-50s and she's been overweight for as long as I can remember. But not by a lot, not as much as me. We started losing weight together this time. She's just under 200 and 5'8". She's aiming for 165, so she doesn't have much to lose (compared to me). We're both exercising every day and counting calories.

My brother lives in another state, so it's hard to keep track of what he's doing. He also used to be overweight, but he lost a lot of it a few years back. He only eats once a day, and barely, which I don't think is healthy. He's stubborn about it, so he won't listen to me about how unhealthy that is.

Last time I saw him, he was just getting over brain surgery from a brain tumor. It's now been a little over a year and I imagine he's put on a bit of healthy weight. Not that he was too skinny or anything, but he looked very sickly before his surgery (tumor-related, obviously).

It's sort of like all 3 of us are recovering from how things were when I was a kid. We weren't encouraged to eat well. Kind of the opposite. We'd drink pop like it was water and would eat McDonald's all the time. In fact, I have a huge trash can full of Happy Meal toys from my youth. When I grew out of the 'super small' size of happy meals, I would get two Big Macs. When I was in elementary school. That's too much food for an adult!

I'm glad we're all on track now, though. It helps to live separately from them, though.
- Trisha

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Height: 5-4


My husband is 6-4 and about 250 lbs (as of this morning, I weigh less than him! woot!). He could stand to lose a bit, and he eats like crap, but when I met him and he weighed what the weight charts tell him to, he looked way too thin (and he was - he didn't have much money and wasn't eating nearly what he needed to). My 9 yo ds is about 4-6 or 4-7 and around 66 lbs of lean muscle. Seriously, I could not pinch an inch on that child and he has a 6 pack and has for years. He's very strong and runs around like a hyperactive chicken with it's head cut off . He really doesn't eat healthfully at all, buthe has some special needs that contribute to him being very, very picky. What he does eat is generally healthful, but he has whole food groups that have been stricken from his diet. He pretty much lives on whole wheat bread, cheese, and water. 6y8months yo dd is about 4-2 and around 45 lbs. She's also thin and very tall for her age, but not nearly as active and much more physically tentative than her big brother. She reminds me of me in that respect. She will eat practically anything and her favorite food is beets. She's likely to hit the veggie tray at a party before even looking at the cookie tray. Ds2 is 4 and a half and tiny. He's about 38 inches tall (3 foot 2) and 32 lbs. he was a preemie and has always been small. He's a very active little guy with a HUGE sweet tooth that I have to keep a close eye on, but he eats a wide variety of foods and loves lots of different veggies and fruits.

As for my family growing up - my mom yoyo dieted for years (putting me on them with her. ugh) and then spent a lot of time hanging out at well over 200 lbs (at 5-2). In the last two years she's very slowly lost about 60 lbs. She's still not at an ideal weight, but much smaller and healthier than she has been in a long time. My brother is one of those magic metabolism guys and eats like a horse (even now, at 43 years old) without gaining an oz. My sister was always thin growing up until she had my niece, and she has been yo yoing ever since (and niece just turned 22). Right now she's heavier than her ideal weight, but looks way better than she did a couple of years ago when I seriously thought she had an eating disorder - she lost so much weight, so quickly, he teeth looked horrible, her skin looked lack luster, she looked gaunt, etc. I don't know how much she weighed then, but it did not suit her at all.
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My Sweety is 6'2" and about 350. He has been losing some weight now that have moved to a place where we can't order take out every night. He has sleep apnea, sciatica and a herniated disk. He needs to lose between 100 and 150 pounds, but hasn't committed yet. I am trying to be patient with him because I refuse to nag. He has a mother for that.

My BFF (basically family ) is 5'6" and about 170 or so. He needs to lose about 20 pounds or rather trade 20 pounds of paunch for muscle. He does martial arts and has been held back by his lack of endurance and strength. He is the suportave one; the one who notices when I lose, and does push-ups with me, but he hasn't gotten to getting his self going when I am not around. (I do the majority of my heavy workouts as soon as I get home from work to ensure I get them done and don't procrastinate until it is bed time.) Where as I require schedules to keep me honest, the BFF has decided he is more of a plain/reward type person. Therefore, starting at the beginning of next month he has committed to exercising 5 days a week and for each days he skips he will put $20 in a jar as punishment. I will have control of the $$ and when he wins fighting competitions I will use it to buy him rewards. I hope that works out for him. I know he wants to be healthier and stronger again.

A year from now, you will wish you had started today.
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Originally Posted by traci in training View Post
I've always thought of myself as large framed but I'll let you know for sure when I see ALL of my bones. :-)

ha, I feel the same way!

My immediate family is me and my 5 year old son. He's flirted with being clinically underweight (lower than 5th percent BMI) but for now, seems to have put on just enough weight to push him back into thin but not underweight at about 3'8" and 38-39 lbs. I can only hope he hasn't inherited my tendency towards being fat. He seems to have a pretty good sense of eating for hunger and stopping when he's full. Even with a food treat, he will stop in the middle and either save the rest for another time or toss it out.

My family of origin have all struggled with weight - my sister and I have both had times where we've been thinner (she got pretty small at one point but is very pear shaped so still carried excess weight). Right now, we're all making some form of weight loss attempt, although in all honesty, I am by far the most dedicated to it and having the greatest success. However, it's helpful because they are all supportive and even if they make eating choices I don't want to make, I still get support for my choices.

Hopefully, I'll end up being an inspiration to them and in another year or so, we'll all be thinner and healthier (well, except for my son, who will hopefully put on a few pounds! lol!)
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As I have lost weight my husband has gained. He was in the low 240s I believe, and now is over 300. I have no understanding of this, really, except perhaps it has to do with how often he eats chips, ice cream, and candy in front of me in the evenings while I refrain.

One of my boys was on the chubby side when I started and he has really slimmed down. He is still a big, solid kid but he is 6' tall and around 185. My other son has always been muscular and thinner, is 6' and 155. The oldest is a normal weight after a bit of pudge around puberty. The youngest son is thin as a bean pole and needs to EAT!! He does not care about food one bit (well, he likes a cookie or candy once in awhile!) And my little girl, who is 4 and a half, is a peanut weighing 36 pounds (also needs to gain).

So... the nutritionist says to give the 2 skinny ones whole milk, cream, buttered pasta, cheese, peanut butter, etc. Makes cooking dinner interesting.
Lost 103 pounds, regained 80+, taking it off again.
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Great thread cfmama

Me Age 34 ~I was 259.9 at start and morbidly obese & I am 5' 5 & 1/2 Inches tall~Now I am at 163.0 and overweight 13 lousy pounds(LOL) But those 13 pounds are coming off at a turtles pace.Have been counting calories and exercising 5 to 7 times aweek (unless ill or injured as I am now) For a little over 15 Months now.

My hubby age 36 is ~6'1" Tall...weighs about 173 to 175 And is very athletic and in really good health. Very active

My daughter age 17 and 5' 3" ~Was a size 16 When I started my journey & when I switched all the foods in the house~She lost a bunch of weight too~ she is wearing size 10's now and is weighing 150 to 152~So she has zoomed through some pounds~I think she was around 180 or 190 before hand just guessing. ~She aint to much into the weight loss thing But She seems to be healthier when we took her into the doctors office for a checkup.

one of My sons Age 12 is 5'7" And weighs 202 ~He was about 235 or more when I started and He lost clear down to being 194 From my food changes ~but since school has started back up he went clear back up to 213 But I switched a few more items around Just for him(But he is unaware of it~Didn't wanna make a issue of it since he is just a kid) And got him back down to 202 so far
I noticed last summer was the first time I have saw him run & play in years~He was so full of energy...And I felt so good to be helping him too.
He is Very handsome and Really growing tall so I am hoping to help him get down a little bit more throughout the school year & To a healthy size in the summer....Gonna do alot with them outside....I did last summer. We got them a new trampoline that worked wonders actually LOL!!!

My youngest son ~Is age 9 Not sure his height but he weighs 60 pounds...Wear 12 slims~And is so active I can bearly keep up with him.

Its still a struggle in my house ..But I am working hard at changing there lives along with mine best I can.....I am still Changing things as I learn...Trying to get healthier...More fruits & veggies...A big goal for me is to get all of my family members back into the 100's....Just 3 more pounds and We will be back to be a onederland family.~( & Nope my son is unaware of this~I never make an issue over his weight~kids have enough stuff to deal with At age 12)

~For those with little ones that may not know where to start....Here is some ideas...Switch to sugar free items if possible...Such as sugar free pudding & jello. Remove all cookies and only have them on holidays~my kids hated that one but they got over it.JUST SAY NO TO little debbie cakes!!!ALWAYS!!! These things can help u too!!
If they drink soda switch them to diet!! No sugar is super & 0 calories is fabulous....These are simple things to help if some need to eat lower calories.

My hubby

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My BF is overweight, but refuses to get on a scale - last I saw he was 250 and 6'1", but he has definitely gained a few pounds. He has a pretty physical job and is quite muscular, but could definitely stand to lose about 40 pounds. He cooks quite a few meals for me, but then orders pizza.. it's quite odd!

My mom is overweight, over 100 pounds I think, she never tried to lose weight as I was growing up. On the flip side, my aunt and grandma are tiny tiny, and always watching what they are eating... wish I'd gotten more of their gene's!


November Goal: 2.5 down / 2.5 to go!
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Well, I'm not sure their exact weights, but they've alluded to them. They're totally against my weight loss and it's sad, but I'm going it alone. The way I figure, maybe they'll see my success and they'll decide to do it eventually.

Mom: 5'4", about 255
Sister: 5'8", about 315
Dad: 5'10", about 330-340
Me: 5'6, 269.4

As for health problems they have, my dad is the worst of the bunch. He has type 2 diabetes, heart disease, copd, sleep apnea, and rheumatoid arthritis. Mom is menopausal, high blood pressure, and has knee problems and needs knee replacement. My sister has depression and PCOS. As for myself, I have PCOS, anxiety, and bipolar depression.

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This was an interested thread to read. Hubby (29 yo) is 6'1", 215 last I knew. When I had our second child in December and started to lose weight again, he lost with me. He got down to about 205 from a high of about 225 just by eating what I was cooking (don't you hate men?). He, obviously, backslid and is eating crap again when on his own. He was about 190 when we met and wants to get back there. Otherwise, my babies are fine! I'm not sure of his height, but my almost 2 yo weighs about 25 lbs and is growing upwards like a weed. His 24 month and 2T size clothing are too big, but necessary for length. My little one (2.5 mos) was 25" and 13 lbs at last check. Rest of my family: mom (50 yo) at 5'4" and 175 (currently losing, high of 200ish), dad (50 yo) 6'2" and 220-230ish, bro (32 yo) 6'3" and 175-180 TOPS pretty skinny dude, and bro (30 yo) 6' and a very muscular 180-190. At 25 yo, 5'10", 301...Yep, I'm the fat one all around. Joy (not), but working on changing that.

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