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Default big butt, little seat.

Ok, so I haven't really been to this site in a good while..... wish I could say I have lost a bunch of weight and am coming back to share my success.... NOT SO MUCH.

My fiance and I (and 2 VERY skinny friends) are flying to vegas in early march for a last minute get-away. I haven't flown since about 2001, and I was MUCH smaller then. I have no idea what to expect about the seating on the plane. I will be so very embarassed if I can't fit into the seat! or if i need a seatbelt extension! and will the flight attendant say something to me or will i have to bring it to her attention? It almost makes me not want to fly. Any idea how big the seats are? I might have to double up on the Spanxx that day.......

i'm working on it.
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I just flew to Chicago for Christmas...and I weighed 259....I didn't need a belt extender... but it was TIGHT!!!
I'm not sure how big they are.. but the seats seemed small... I was on a smaller plane... not sure if they are bigger on bigger planes...
OK I was absolutely NO HELP TO YOU!!! lol...
Good luck girl... Have a blast!!!
(Together.. anything is possible!!)
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When I flew over here at 240 I had about 2-3 inches of wiggle room on the belt, and my arms were a little uncomfortable, but I just crossed them and leaned against the window.

Are you sitting next to your husband? If so, you can raise the armrest between you which will help a little.

I would try to buckle it yourself first (it's always awkward fishing around under your butt for the buckle, don't worry) and then ring for the attendant and ask for an extension if you need one. A window seat is always a little more comfortable for me, but it varies from person to person. You'll be fine! Focus on all the fun you'll have in Vegas!
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I flew last year on a little plane.. I don't have a big booty but I have a belly and I have a large chest so it was pretty uncomfortable. I've never needed a seat belt extender but sitting next to people is awkward (I flew by myself) Try to get a window seat and cuddle with your hubby during the flight!

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Last time I flew, I was probably around 312 or possibly more. I don't remember having to ask for an extender, but I do remember the belt was pretty tight. You'll probably be fine.

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Red face

At my heaviest (233) I never had to ask for an extender, but I could feel the armrests touching the sides of my hips/thighs as I was sitting. To this day when I fly I have to fold my arms in front of me and try hard to sit still. I have a huge chest and I guess I have a lot of "underarm boob" (again with the TMI) that makes my upper arms sort of poke out there. A window seat is always my choice, too. It gives you the opportunity to lean against the wall/window so I feel less like I'm spilling over into my neighbor's seat.

Have fun in Vegas!

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I flew to Vegas on Southwest at my heaviest weight and did not have to ask for an extender....it was way tiiiiight but I fit lol

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At my highest I still fit in the seat without a seat belt extender, but it was tight, and certainly more comfortable with the armrest up. I don't think I really spilled into the next seat though. However, I have ALWAYS had hips that are narrow proportionally to the rest of me, which is probably why I fit as well as I did. If you have wider hips, you may have more difficulty fitting comfortably in the seat, at least with the arm rest down.

If you need to ask for an extender, don't be embarassed. I never had to but would have no problem if I needed one. I mean, obviously I was huge, how was asking for a safety device related to my hugeness going to come as a surprise to anyone? Not like it would suddenly draw attention to my size, as merely being there in the first place would have done that already.
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I fit Southwest in the 280s, but same trip on a smaller commuter plane I couldn't snap it. When I flew in the 260s I had no problem.

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How tall are you?
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It depends on the plane. At my highest I never had to ask for an extender but I was sure close (291 lbs, at 5'8). But I found that I'd be comfortable on one plane ride and not on another (at the same weight and flying with the same company), the difference was the model of of plane. The ones with 3 seats per row on one side and 2 seats on the other, had more room and longer seatbelts than those with 3 seats on each side. For more comfort being able to get your stuff and such, I recommend and aisle seat.
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I flew to Chicago at 240lbs with my 6 month old daughter in my lap. It was a very very tight fit, but we manged the hour flight. On the way back to TN I had no one sitting next to me it was wonderful. This trip I will buy two seats, my daughter is 2 now. Her and I will not fit together in one seat.
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I used to fly a lot and I'd bring my own seat belt extender on the plane (on my carry on bag). For me, getting an aisle seat helped because I could lean out a bit and not encroach too much on the person next to me.

Asking for the extender really isn't that big of a deal and usually the flight attendent is very stealth about giving it to you.
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I remember flying then I weighed 262 or 268, something like that. I didn't need a seat belt extender but it was a pretty tight fit. I am very, very hippy. I was wearing size 24 jeans at the time and 2XL tops). My guess is that you won't have a problem, but I guess it depends on the plane.

Oh, and I also think you can go online and look at the seat measurements for the specific plane you are flying. But, I guess there's no way to know how long the seat belts are.

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well thanks everyone... i'm feeling a little better about it now. i'm just going to BUST MY BUTT (literally) and try to lose every pound i can before the trip. every little pound helps, i'm sure! i'll let you all know how it goes!

i'm working on it.
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