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Out is Through
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Thumbs down A salty situation..

Hi Chickies :]

I've been tracking my foods on TDP since I've started my journey and this weekend my sodium intake was at an all-time high. I was at about 180% my daily value, due to eating a Smart Ones for lunch and soup and salad from Panera Bread for dinner. Do you all watch your sodium intake? If so, how do you cut back? I know I'm retaining water now, my weight is up 1-2 pounds from yesterday and I hate feeling like this


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Hm... I do watch sodium, in large part because of my partner (for whom it is a real issue) but also for myself.

We mostly start from ingredients for our meals and don't add salt (lots of other spices, though - we don't eat bland meals). Any frozen meals are ones that we made and froze. Eating out we do pretty rarely, but it is a lot harder to avoid high sodium then.
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I'm like calluna, I eat mostly low sodium. Since I started my lifestyle change I eat mostly at home. When I do go out I try to choose low-sodium dishes, although that's not the easiest. The few times I do eat a lot of salt (usually when I go out to eat) I notice it on the scale right away. Thankfully it's all water weight and it goes away after a few days! Drink lots of water to help flush the sodium out of your system.
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frozen meals are a killer! Also canned soups and pretty much anything from a restaurant/deli/convenience store. I don't count my salt but I consciously choose things with as little salt as possible and I prepare as much of my food by hand from raw ingredients as much as possible. This seems to help and rarely do I feel over-salted or bloated.
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I try to minimize processed foods, which in turn lowers my sodium. There are occasions when it spikes, but they're rare. Due to my schedule, I have had to get more frozen meals, which I hate, but since I don't use much salt otherwise, it's not killing me.

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I use TDP as well and find myself constantly going over in sodium.

I don't salt my food at all, but I do use quite a bit of spices and most spices contain a small amount of salt. (Or at least that's what I was told.) But I frequently eat subway or a lean cuisine frozen dinner for lunch, out of convenience... so I know where my salt is coming from.

My advice is just make a mental note to eat less of it. On days where you know you've had too much, drink some extra water. It'll help take the bloat off.
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I am very watchful of the salt content in everything. I don't count it but I do check it and we eat very little processed foods. I even check the salt in restaurant foods. I was getting my salt from chips because I ate a lot of them. Now I don't eat them at all.
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I watch the salt intake on things - although I don't keep a daily tally. But, if I have a frozen meal for lunch - then I try to keep other parts of the day less salty.

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I am mindful of sodium and try to minimize it whenever humanly possible.
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Sodium is not something I consciously monitor, however I should b/c I know that is why my WI's aren't as good as I expect some weeks. Going back through my dailyplate logs, it seems I am right at or just below 100% dv about 30% of the time and between 150-200% the rest of the time I pretty much knew it would be like that, so I guess I need to start watching it a little more closely.

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