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Default moral support ... didn't binge at least

The NSV part is that I didn't cave in to the urge to binge this afternoon...

The reason I had the urge to binge is that the kids had a pitched battle in the living room (faster than I could get here) and my laptop computer screen is now cracked. I have used my computer for my living for years - so it's either shell out bucks for a new one or pay for a new LCD (prolly $400 all told and the laptop is several years old now)

And the final irony is that SO and I were in the garage, cleaning out/arranging to use for a real workout space at the time of the battle. We succeeded - it looks and will work great. As my SO said, we were feeling pretty righteous at the end of the day.

There are days, however, when I think I shoulda stuck with dogs.
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Ugh.. so sorry the kids did that! I'd definitely have them doing extra chores, to say the least. Glad you got some work out space, though!
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that a major drag about the computer.

but great that you didn't give in to the urge to binge, esp because that would have been kinda sad given all the effort in creating a spiffy new workout space!
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Good job on not eating, stuff like that makes me want to eat or smoke a cigarrette, both bad habits. And on the laptop, that happened to mine a few years ago. I bought a new screen on ebay and put it on myself, it's really pretty simple. You may want to check it out before you pay someone to fix it.
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LOL, I often wonder if I should have just stuck with pets too. My 9 year old son is a handful at times, while my cats (2) and dog are sooo easy!!

Kudos on avoiding the binge. Every little step in the right direction gets you to your goal!

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Thanks, all. Things are a little brighter this morning. another small-scale victory - I didn't lose my cool with the children. I don't do that all the time, but it happens sometimes, and I have been trying to look for more productive outlets.

this morning I was thinking that grounding isn't gonna do it; they can't pay for the damage; taking away privileges also won't get the point across. I'm considering looking to see if there is some way for them to "help others" - volunteer. I just don't know if there are programs like that for children, or if I'll have to invent some kind of service they can do.
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Kids!! Yeah, they drive me to the edge of binge eating too, sometimes.

When my kids break something valuable, I made them a list of chores with a dollar value by each one, and they have to earn the value of what they broke. For example, when my son was using a self-made ramp to jump his bike (uh, NOT ALLOWED), and rammed into my car and dented it, he became responsible for washing all the cars (for a credit of $5 each car wash) weekly. He is still paying that one off... but at least he didn't get off scott free.
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Poor you ! Those kids need to make it up to you somehow. ...Great about the gym, though! Maybe they could do some of your chores so that you could have more free time to work-out.

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