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Talking Ever so quietly ... SO Bonus ... or NSV perhaps

I'm one of those who is heavy and so is my SO. He also has a complex set of medical problems, and weight loss would help with a lot of them. He resolves to "start tomorrow" or Monday, or whatever, and then lasts a matter of hours. He's frustrated...in younger days he did the Iron Man triathlon and was fit/strong, but between time and the medical issues it's a lot harder for him to be active now.

I couldn't keep waiting for him to be ready and couldn't keep making my own excuses; I really need to get this weight off and resolved to do it with or without him. I have been working on it steadily. I've been doing quite a bit of the cooking (he's actually a better cook than I), and eating plenty, and the meals have been good. I'm losing weight. I'm not craving and therefore able to say "no" to the things that I cannot have (ever, i think, as bad carbs and sweets turn me into a ravening monster with insatiable appetite and limitless capacity) and be healthy. All told, I'm doing well.

He's watching, though...commented last weekend on my dedication...and then noted that he thinks he's lost a notch on his belt. Then today we had an email exchange from work about dinner, discussing healthy/balanced meal, and he was telling me how he was staying away from the baked goods at work.

It feels something like an undeclared war, but I'm pretty happy for both of us.
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Way to go, calluna! I'm happy for you and your DH. Keep up the great work. You've inspired me today!
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that's great! easier for you to stay on plan if he's going along, and of course, better for him too.
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Congratulations on staying the course untill he got on the bug. Now that the competition is heating up, it looks like you both can win.

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This is great. Good for you for staying with your plan, too.

Move ticker, move!
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I'm so glad for you that you decided you had to do it for you and your health whether he was in it or not. I am also glad that he decided to join in and I hope he stays in.

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How great is that? Congratulations! To both of you!
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Great job, calluna! on sticking to your plan and setting such a good example.

It's so funny how men can be sometimes. I've tried having the heart to heart with hubs about his bad eating habits, his smoking & drinking and it never seemed to do anything for him. However, last year while I was getting healthier and lost about 20 lbs at that time, that had more of an effect on him than any conversation we'd ever had. He started working out, eating better, quit smoking (although he's back to that again ) and even was telling people "we calorie count" (too cute).
So maybe leading by example is the best thing you can do. And be proud that you are such a huge inspiration to your husband! xoxo

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Great job! My husband keeps putting off getting healthy as well... so frustrating! I also decided that this was it for me, with or without him My hubbs isn't as overweight as I am, but he has stopped exercising and started eating junk over the past year (since he came home from deployment), and it has made a difference on him. Since I "let myself go" long enough to really set me back, I wish I could open his eyes to turning his habits around now, and saves himself all this work!
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My husband is big on exercise, doesn't really like to talk about food choices. But if I put the good stuff in front of him, he eats it. I think it's as much about not liking to admit it's something he doesn't know about as anything else. But we're gaining ground. He actually asked me which of two sandwiches at the ball game was a better choice last night - and that's a step in the right direction.
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That is wonderful! You are leading by example, showing him that weight loss is doable.

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Thanks, ladies! I hope it continues too...but even if he doesn't do it consciously, he'll have to go out of his way to eat poorly, so there will be at least some benefit to him.

It's a great deal of fun to be able to talk about it with some people who will understand and appreciate the situation and the humor!
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That's great! Maybe when he notices that his belt is going down, he'll finally have some motivation to REALLY get on plan with you. I bet it feels awesome to be an inspiration to family. Go you for starting alone, that can be the hardest thing.

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That is too funny! Leading by example almost always works! lol!!!! Soon you'll both be fit and trim and leading an active lifestyle and he won't know what hit him
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