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Default How to start over????

I've been away for several months and have gained back 50 of the 70 pounds that I had lost. I feel yucky again and am ready to start over! At least I didn't gain more right? *lol* Anyways, before I was doing ww without going to the meetings. I have an older book that I went by and just wrote everything in a journal and was using the points system. For me, I know that works but I see that alot of people here count calories and it works for them. Seems like it would be a whole lot easier to count things that way instead of worrying about the fat and fiber, especially when I look for new things at the grocery store. Should I go back to what worked or try something different? If I go to calorie counting, how do I find what calories I should start with?
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It's totally up to you I tried counting calories for a few months (with the daily plate) and while I lost weight I became a bit obsessed so I went back to counting points.

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In Onderland!!!!
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I just looked at your before and after pics Tanee, and you look amazing!! Congrats!!!

I feel like I should follow what I know works for me but sometimes it can get frustrating finding the point value of things!
Finally in Onderland!!!

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I say whatever works for you! If you had success with points before, I'd definitely try that again.
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I don't find calorie counting difficult, but I have a tendency to eat the same things over and over and over because it's just easier that way. Counting calories when you're eating whole foods makes it pretty simple, though.

To find your base calorie rate, the easiest thing to do is probably figure out the calories from a typical day back when you were having success on WW, then use that as your target. You might have to tweak up or down a little, but it would give you somewhere to start.

There's a whole formula using your BMR you could figure out if you're feeling ambitious, but honestly, going by BMR is pretty subjective anyway. Everyone's metabolism is so different that the formula doesn't always work.
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You say WW worked for you -but did it really???? Now granted, you didn't gain back the full 70 + some, but none the less you have gained back 50 lbs.

Obviously the best plan in the world, whatever that may be for each of us as individuals will no longer work - if we stop MAKING it work.

So, I think you may need to decide what plan, whether it be WW, South Beach or my beloved CC, you are WILLING TO MAKE WORK - on a permanent basis.

Moving on, I am a cc, like I mentioned. But counting calories alone would have not worked for me - I need the CC along with a focus on whole foods. Where those precious calories of mine come from matter - a lot. I need filling, satiating, nutrient rich, voluminous work for me not against me calories.

Not only do I think a *plan* is essential to follow - whether it be your customized one, like I've done with the CC, but I think it is just as essential to PLAN out your days - your meals and snacks - AHEAD of time. Always knowing where your next meal/snack is coming from. Eating healthy won't happen on it's own - it must be planned out in advance.

Another part of my plan means setting myself up for success by keeping a well stocked home, you gotta have the right foods on hand in order for this to work and keeping my home junk food free - you can't eat it if it's not there.

I look forward to hearing of your progress as you re-start your journey to optimal health.
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