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Default Salted Nuts

I bought some nuts to keep around as a snack in a bind. I was careful about the portioning but not the salt. Holy cow! I'm up a pound in salt bloat. Looks like I need to read the label more carefully and select the unsalted varieties. Eeeek!
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Oye! At least it should go away quickly.

I had a similar experience when my fiance was diagnosed with diabetes. I was super worried about sugar content and not carbs. I definitely pay more attention now.
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Salt is clearly the tool of the devil, lol. After I started weighing myself daily I discovered the 'effect' of salt, and it's shocking how much water weight it can suddenly add...at least it goes away after a few days. Low-sodium is definitely the way to go!
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With me the danger isn't the salt, but the nuts themselves... I literally have to count them out to ensure I don't go ahem nuts over them...

Salt just increases water weight, and who cares? It's fat that we want to get rid of. Making sure you drink more water when you eat salty foods helps.

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I buy any nuts in the baking section where they are all unsalted. And you can get pecans, hazelnuts, walnuts, etc. All except peanuts but those are easy to find in jars unsalted.

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You've just given me an excuse to voice one of my pet peeves: It really annoys me that the mixed nuts sold under the various Planters Nut-trition labels are salted. And that the "unsalted" nuts are harder to find & often don't go on sale when the rest of the line does. Damn it, I'm getting less than the regular, because they didn't have to brine the stuff, so why am I not paying less?
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I will never understand how something that is less processed (less work) will always be more expensive than processed.

I avoid extra salt as much as I can. True, the weight you can is just water but when it's time to weigh-in and put on your snug jeans, it becomes discouraging. You know the reasoning behind it but it still puts a damper on my mood.

Once I reach my goal weight, I wouldn't mind a little bit extra salt now and then and the extra pound of water weight. But right now it's something I don't want to deal with.
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