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Don't Give Up!
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Unhappy Struggling with overeating.

I'm struggling with overeating. Did some Christmas baking last night. Sampled to many cookies. Not exercising much. I'm off plan. I don't want to gain back anymore weight. How do you get through Holidays and not feel deprived? I should want the weight loss more but having trouble being motivated this time of year.

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Shrinkin' Salsa :P
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This Christmas is my first during my weight loss, so I can't draw on any experiences for you. I can, however, send you some and hope that you can keep focus and get through the holiday season victorious.

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Back in Action
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Yikes, this is a tough one. In my personal experience I have found that I need to stay away from the temptations. Last year I only did a tiny bit of holiday baking, (for Christmas DAY only) and any treats that were given to us were set out on pretty platters for our Christmas Eve open house. If I would have started baking 20 days in advance I would have never made it. I took care of the other projects first, (decorating, cards, shopping, wrapping etc.) and save food related stuff for the last minutes. That way it was around for a shorter period of time and less of a temptation.

You just gotta want to be healthy more than a sugar cookie.

Edited to add: I am working my exact same strategie for this year. I Know, without a doubt, that if I would make cookies today, they would be gone tomorrow.
Highest weight - 333 pounds. Lost 193 pounds by calorie counting in 2008/09. Regained 73 pounds in the last 7 years and am working on getting back to a normal BMI.

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Really maintaining now!
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Yes, I've decided that what little baking I do is going to be a) quick breads, which I can't be tempted to sample, because hello, why is that piece missing from the loaf you just gave me? and b) not happening until Christmas Eve, so I can get them out the door the very next morning. I stayed on plan, for the most part, last year and still gave away a lot of baked goods, but holy cow, it almost killed me, having that stuff in my house.
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Holiday Temptations YIKES! No way could I do baking! And I am very blessed to have a dh that doesn't do a lot of cookies, candies or any of that! I love to bake and decorate cookies...unfortunately in this new lifestyle I have to choose to give some things up.

BUT (isn't there always a but? ) For Christmas I am going to my sisters and there will be cookies and treats galore. I haven't thought of my plan of action yet...but for a moment I did, and I got a shiver.

The words I have HATED over the years were plan and structure. Lately that is what I have been understanding as I read these threads. It really isn't motivation (as I always thought) I think it really is more plan and structure -- with a dash of motivation. IMO motivation seems to be a shaming word...that there is something wrong with me...why can't I be and stay motivated? Just thoughts to ponder!

Everyone have a peaceful Sunday!
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I feel your pain! I've been in a slump since Thanksgiving. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to bake. It's my number one hobby. Of course I haven't done much baking in the last year I was thinking about it today and I decided that I am only going to bake when I am going to a party. I have 3 parties that I know of, so I made a list of the things I really want to make and I'm going to make two of them for each party. This will satisfy my baking craving without having all the baked goods around the house.
The only way I know of to re-motivate myself is to sit down and reflect about why you want to lose weight and how it makes you feel to have success losing weight. You have to put time and energy and thought into it or else the weight lose won't happen. Get excited about it again! It really is fun when you're losing and reaching goals!
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I really have lots of trouble with this time of the year.
It always triggers disordered eating in me.
I just can't get enough.

I love to bake a zillion different types of cookies. I make tons of candy and nut breads.
In fact I spend so much time in the kitchen, that I'm rushed to do other Christmas things.
For me Christmas is all about the food.
How pathetic is that

This year, I'm going to keeping the baking to an absolute minimum and not make any candy or extra cookies.

I'm really going to focus on decorating and enjoying friends and family and not be sorry come January 1.

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If I am to be successful I can't continually put temptation in front of my face. For me that means that I don't bake like I used to. I pick holiday parties with care. I try not to have foods in the house that I can't control myself around. This doesn't mean that I never eat any of it, but I have learned that after the first bite, it's a lot harder.

The thing is, when I'm doing well, I don't FEEL deprived. I feel much better being in control and feeling good than I ever do wolfing down cookies. They might taste great at the time, but come with a lot of baggage.

For me, not feeling deprived involves a change in my mindset. I'm not saying "No" to the cookie, I'm saying "Yes" to me!

My 5 C's of healthy living: Commitment to conscious control, with the understanding that choices have consequences
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Hey, I totally understand where you're coming from!!! I've decided to give myself 3days of holiday eating.. It doesn't mean eating till I literally can't move but I'll enjoy my food! I refuse to binge on cookies and cake but I'll happily have some with a cup of tea. It's 3days in a row 24-26th but, that way I can get back on plan before new years
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I think that yes it is partially food to blame for the holiday difficulties with staying on plan, but why is it so hard this time of year? I suspect it has to do with an increased stress level (So much to do. So little time.). Then you add in the family stuff and who puts the "fun" in disfunction quite like family?

I'm focusing on reducing in all 3 areas this year. Gifts will be bought online, parties will be attended if I can reasonably do it, if not, they get first preference next year, time will be spent with positive relations only, and my baking will be done one day and given away the next. I also turned down an offer to be part of a christmas cookie exchange. The last thing I need is dozens of cookies laying around. That's the best I can do. I am thinking about having a planned treat but I'm not sure.

Is there any way you can restructure anything holiday related to make things smoother?
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Treats I see only once a year = unrestricted binging. I've learned that the hard way over the years. I limit the number of things I bake and to bake very very close to the holidays. Just like Lori Bell said in her post. I also realize that I don't really enjoy the treats that other people make. I find I'll binge on them anyways but this is out of habit and not because I like them. Once I recognized this, I just don't eat them because I know I'll regret it and I won't really enjoy them. My own baking is another story and the only thing that works is to restrict it.
Oh, and I chuck every single yummy temptation out on Boxing Day. That means all cookies, all cheese straws, all chocolate, all perogies, all cabbage rolls, left over Christmas Cake, Christmas Pudding, ice cream, unfinished unhealthy food gifts, potato chips and dip, and so on that aren't eaten. They have to go. If I don't do this I'll eat them so I bake the right amounts so I'm not throwing out too much.
Wasteful, I know, but I have to to this or i'm in the midst of a big big binge.
I read somewheres that it isn't the eating on Christmas Day that is the problem. It is the pre and post Christmas overeating that results in piling on the pounds.

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Girl Gone Strong
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As has been said on this thread before, the way I deal with it is that I don't bake as much as I used to. Once, I took pride in my baking. I liked bringing in food to the office & to friends & making them happy.

Or so I thought. I had to interrogate myself about this. I realized that no, that wasn't the real reason. I could make them happy in other ways, if that was what I really wanted. But it also meant that I could have a lot of what I wanted, in quantities that no one could see, since I'd be in there working on my project alone, and that the food would be easily accessible.

Also, my binging wasn't only on finished baked goods. Sad to say, I found the individual ingredients just as tempting. And I don't mean cookie dough. I mean even before the mixture attains the consistency of dough. I'd be shoving my fingers in the brown sugar bag, looking for lumps to eat. I'd be taking a spoonful or two of the sugar & butter & vanilla base, just before the flour is added. I'd have some chocolate chips, straight up, or some of the sugary coconut right out of the bag. A handful of raisins here, a dab of green icing there. The whole preparation phase was a smorgasboard of constant tasting & even more than tasting for me. So, to make it easier on myself, I just don't do it anymore.

And surprise, surprise, no one noticed all that much. Others rushed in to fill the gap. There are plenty of women at the office who bake. There are many other bakers in my family. There are specialty bakeries all over the place, doing all kinds of cookies & cakes & whatevers. Christmas is so full of food & food sellers, my little drop in the bucket wasn't missed at all.

What a relief, to have one less thing that I needed to put time into & to be good at.

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NEVER EVER going back
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I don't bake. Period. It's my weakness. So instead this year I ordered baking trays from my daughters ballet studio and FROZE THEM the second I got them home. They'll come out closer to Christmas! And my strategy this year? We're going away... and I'd be far to ashamed to binge in front of all of my inlaws lol!
On my own personal journey I started on September 27, 2008
Starting weight 377, Weight in spring of 2010 198, Weight in August 2011? In the 240's.
Still plugging along on this weight loss highway!
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hot. like a curry.
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Originally Posted by saef View Post
Sad to say, I found the individual ingredients just as tempting. And I don't mean cookie dough.
THIS! Yes, this. And it's precisely why I'm not baking this year.

Baking for the holidays is a longstanding tradition for me. Every year I make dozens and dozens of cookies, parcel them out, and bring shopping bags full to work as gifts. But I realize it's a trigger for me -- which is weird, because I'm not even all that much a a sweets eater -- and this time around I'm just going to avoid it altogether.

I started crocheting again a few months ago, so it's scarves for everyone. Not only does it keep me out of the kitchen, it also keeps my hands and mind busy so I'm less likely to snack. Plus, people will have something from me that won't be gone in an afternoon.

As much as he digs them, my boss will live without my double chocolate brownies this season. He's one of those super active healthy dudes, and I'm sure having a healthy assistant is a greater gift to him than a plate of sugar and fat.
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Originally Posted by gloo View Post

I started crocheting again a few months ago, so it's scarves for everyone. Not only does it keep me out of the kitchen, it also keeps my hands and mind busy so I'm less likely to snack. Plus, people will have something from me that won't be gone in an afternoon.
this is what i have done too. i embroidered pillowcases and hankies for people rather than baked goods.
my son and husband are very understanding this year, and know that it wont be as plentiful in junk as normal. rather than buying a tin of cookies, i bought a packet. i bought one tube of pringles for us all to share, and instead of a box of 25 bags of chips i bought a pack of 6. (in ireland the bags are 25g each. not like the big bags in the states!) so there are still treats there, just not enough for me to binge. because if i do it means there isnt enough to go around!

i have also planned on spoiling the family with the meals. i plan on making a good breakfast of oat pancakes with homemade blueberry coulis, sides with dinner are balsamic roasted cauliflower, maple roasted sweet potato, marrowfat peas with mint, spiced carrots etc. all very low calorie, but fancy and delicious. so i most definitely wont feel deprived in that aspect.

i think planning is key for the holidays. i hope you manage to keep on track and enjoy the festivities without dwelling on food too much.
Need all the support i can get!
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