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Default Couch to 5K?

Hey there,

With almost a week back and eating like a normal human being again, I'm ready to re-add exercise to my life. (Wanted to get my food straight first and not try to conquer the world at once.)

Even though it pains me to admit it (because who am I with the working out? I'm not supposed to like it!), once I'm done it makes me all happy. I've tried lots of things in the past -- variety is key to keep me going -- including swimming, weight training, treadmill, dancing like a nut in my living room, kickboxing...you name it.

But I keep hearing about this thing they call running and jogging. (Every time I hear the word jogging, the Anchorman scene with "Veronica and I are trying a new thing called jogging...or is it pronounced yogging?" pops up in my head and cracks me up.) Anyway, I sort of hate running but I feel like I owe it to myself to actually try it. A much skinnnier friend of mine swears by Couch to 5K, but even that sounds scares me at the moment.

Anyone have experience with this program? Or suggestions to get me actually running a little bit? Keep in mind, I haven't run in uhm...wow. I think Carter was still president, if that gives you some idea.

Your input is valued as always.

Happy weekend!
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First of all, congrats on being on track for a week! I am currently on week 7 of couch to 5k and it has helped me A LOT! In case your friend didn't tell you, you can find it on coolrunning.com It starts you out very gradually and you should have no problems whatsoever. Your body will surprise you! I know mine did. At first, I just used a stopwatch to time my running and walking intervals but that always got boring. I then found out about podcasts. I got on itunes and searched couch 2 5k podcasts and found a bunch. There are ones you have to pay for and free ones. I am using the ones by robert ullrey. They have been extremely helpful in getting me through my runs. I got hooked on running and was able to complete a 5k when I was on week 5! Also, there is a thread here in the exercise section called 'couch 2 5k when do i know i'm ready to move on?' Where there is great support from others who are doing it along with you!

Good luck!

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I can not say enough good things about the program - I never, ever thought I could be a runner, but I've already finished it once and am currently repeating it and focusing on getting my speech up. I've already run in 2 5K races - albeit slowly - and have had a blast.

My only advice would be 1) go to a good running store, get your gait analyzed and get a pair of shoes that works for you (if you have the extra cash) and 2) don't worry about being slow. People don't wake up one day and qualify for marathons - everyone starts out somewhere, and it usually involves huffing and puffing and sweating while jogging at the pace of a slow walk. You might feel embarrassed sometimes (for example, I was the last person to finish my first 5K race...), but generally, people are more focused on their own training than on what you're doing.
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My husband (who currently weighs 291) just finished up the C25K program and swears by it. Before he started he couldn't run for a minute. Yesterday he ran 3.1 miles without stopping. The way the program is structured definitely seems to ramp up your stamina and endurance, so I would say, go for it!

Myself, although I haven't done the program, I have been increasing the amounts of running I've been doing and have done 2 5Ks in the past month, with another one planned for New Year's Day. I have never been a runner but I am loving it. My next goal is a 10K.
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I loved the C25K program and totally recommend it I now run 5-6 miles a day

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Make sure you listen to your body if you decide to start running. I decided to add some jogging into my workout routine a little over a year ago. I started out with 30 seconds, 3 or 4 times per treadmill session. I made it to day 3 before I had torn the cartilage in my knee. I had ignored some minor pain in days 1 and 2. For full disclosure, I was way too heavy to be trying jogging. I think I was at 300 at the time.

I had surgery last January and my knee still hurts when I do too much walking or standing. I really wish I had just stuck with elliptical and treadmill. I get really depressed some times thinking that I may have to spend the rest of my life with knee pain when it could have been prevented.

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I LOVE LOVE LOVED the Couch to 5K program! When I started, the first 60 second interval was hard and this morning I just ran my first 5K event and I loved it!

Give it a try! If I can do it, anyone can

Takin' it one step at a time!

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I started and stopped c25k more times than I can count. I recommend if you do it...do it outside. I realized that the reason I kept having issues with it was because I was picking too fast a pace on the treadmill. When I jog outside and naturally pick the level my body feels more comfortable jogging rather than walking...I do much better.
I can now run for 30 minutes straight if not a bit more. But it's nowhere near 3 miles! LOL. I'm sloooooooooooooooooooooow

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Thanks to everyone for their input. Knowing that others who started at a similar weight as mine have found success with the program is really inspiring. I've been doing some reading thanks to the links you provided, and downloaded the week 1 podcast. Psyching myself up to give it a shot now. If only there was a way to make all my neighbors stay in their houses and so they don't have to witness the fat girl trainwreck I'm sort of anticipating. Oy vey!
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i, too, hurt my knees by doing this program around 300 pounds. I plan onwaiting till i am under 250 before starting it again. I switched to the elliptical machine for now!
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I am a graduate also.Even thou lately i feel like i need to start over...
I run mostly on a treadmill and it seems like if im not runing FAST. My legs hurt.... Going to try to stretch more..or just walk more at a longer time.
Good Luck!
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I'm not doing an actual C25K program, but I've been alternating running and walking intervals which is really the same concept. I've been advancing very slowly because I'm still pretty heavy and have had weight-related knee problems in the not too distant past. But I am up to running a little over a third of a mile straight, and up to 1.25 miles total (with about .8miles walking mixed in). My pace right now is about 5.1 mph, which is considered more of a fast jog. I started at 4.8 mph.

I agree with the post that mentioned listening to your body. I didn't start running until I could do it without knee pain (for me, around 259 lbs). And any time my knees or ankles start to hurt I stop or just walk. I've gotten really excited about running. I didn't think I'd ever be a runner, not even at goal weight. Now that I'm commited to it, I really don't want to throw myself off track with an injury. Slow and steady works just fine for me!

And I went today to get fitted for good running shoes. I can't afford them so I'm putting them on my Christmas list. The woman at the store measured my foot, looked at my arches, ankles, and the way I walk. She told me I over pronate, and showed me what that means on a model. When I saw how the model was putting so much pressure on the joint at the base of the big toe I knew she was right. That joint often gets sore when I speed walk or walk long distances. So she picked some shoes for me to try on that would help correct my over-pronantion and I selected a pair of New Balances. I can't wait to get them for Christmas!
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i love the C25K. It took me from hardly being able to run 1 minute to running 3.1 miles . now I'm training to run 5 miles next weekend, and planning on running a 10K in January. I cannot say enough good things about it.
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I did my own sort of c25k I was doing intervals of run/walk and was out of breath when I started and last thursday I ran 6.2 miles non stop took me about a month and a week to build up from 1mile to where I am today, and I feel great!! I am sure you will love it!!
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I loved the C25K program! If you have any questions or need some encouragement, PM me or email me at [email protected]
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I will do the Komen 60 mile walk for breast cancer again this year!!
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