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Default Bra shopping. Ugh.

There are moments when I really am thrilled by all my progress so far, and there are moments when I am forced to face how much farther I have to go.

Today, I faced the three-way mirrors and went bra shopping.

I had done research on-line about the correct way to measure: My band measurement+4" gives me a band size of 42" and my over-the-boob measurement of 47 makes me a D cup.

But trying on bras was just a disaster. Nothing seemed to fit. A 42 C fit pretty well, but a little snug, the exact same bra in a 42 D was too tight. 40D was okay... 42DD a little too tight, and etc.

I have so much fat on my back up under my arms... ugh.

I haven't bought new bras since I started losing and the ones I have are all stretched out and slide up in the back.

Should I just wait until I lose more to buy more bras?

I left the store with nothing.

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.--Winston Churchill
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one day at a time...
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I am in the same position u are in. Its really hard to find a good comfortable bra these days!
time to start over!!

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Is there a lingerie store near you that has trained women who can size you properly? We have them here and I get a perfect fit every time. I was wearing the wrong size (normal I hear) which they changed.
Just a thought, even the dept stores have good people to help you.

Frustrating to walk away empty handed, Ubergirl.

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One day at a time
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If you can muster up the courage, specialty bra stores do actual fittings and I don't mean just the measurements that places like Lane Bryant do. It is a little uncomfortable, but totally worth it when you find the perfect bra.

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fabulous by 40
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I just went through this on Wed. Went to Macy's to get measured and the lady measured me (btw she measured a year and half ago for the bra I wore in to the store) and told me I had gone from a 40D (her measurement again) to a 38 DDD... WTF??? There is no way I went up that much in cup size after losing as much as I have. .. So I went to Nordstroms and Fredricks of Hollywood and both measured me at 38D. So if you are unsure of your measurements get a 2nd or 3rd opinion.
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Never want to go back!
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Larger band measurements are the pits (combined in my case with a small cup size and the situation is even worse). There just isn't much selection in that range, so it's even harder to find a bra that fits in a process that's a crap shoot in the first place. Argh! Hate bra shopping!

I have no suggestions for you, just offering commiseration...
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I go to Nordstrom and have been fitted there a couple of times. It's totally worth the time (and slight embarassment) because those ladies are really familiar with how all the different styles fit.

The online size guidelines never work for me. That whole business of measuring around your rib cage and adding 5" to get your band size? That would put me in a 42" band, which would mean that my boobs would hang out underneath the band because it would be way too big.

Get fitted. You won't regret it (unless you get a fitter who doesn't know her business, like sindurella experienced) and you'll come out of it with the girls held high and proud. And no, I wouldn't wait--I'm always AMAZED at the difference that a properly-fitting bra makes in my appearance.

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Really maintaining now!
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Chiming in to say, yes, go to a proper fitter. It makes all the difference in the world. The online bra calculators I used before were laughably wrong. I was nervous about it, but the lady who helped me find some decent bras was incredibly nice, understood my situation perfectly, and got me into some bras that were both flattering and not terribly expensive, since she knew I wouldn't be wearing them for long.

It's really tempting to not buy bras when you know they're going to have a short usable life, but the difference it made in my body image was immense. A good, properly supportive bra that FITS will knock weight off your appearance like crazy. I looked about ten pounds thinner once I got a good bra on.
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Yeah, I did the online bra fitting, measured everything, and it said I needed a 48G! I almost died! Then I went to Lane Bryant and the gal measured me and gave me several different things to try on. It turns out I wear a 44DDD. Much better, haha.
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Another support for the professional bra fitters. I go to Marks and Spencers for mine. I dont' get fitted every time but every couple of stone or so. The first time it took a lot of retreating to a safe place inside me to do it but now it's easier: I just focus in my mind a) how much I've lost and b) that because I'm in this process I'm a winner.
The resultant bras are really worth it. It also kind of helps me be ok with the reality of the distance still to travel and to acknowlege it, rather than be horrified by it.

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Shrinkin' Salsa :P
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I go to an independent lingerie store here and there the ladies always come in and take a look and give you suggestions. It's invaluable to me - I love www.bravissimo.com, but I won't order bras online.

One big thing I'd like to say: YES, bras are worth it. Especially for us larger ladies. Our boobs and back need good support, irrespective of how much back fat might be hanging over the strap (been there, done that, got the extra-large t-shirt to hide it). Having a well-fitting bra is good for our health, posture, and mood. So do invest what you can in making sure you're well-fitted!

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I also tried the online fitting - and it did NOT work for me! I also worked in a clothing store at one time (similar to Lane Bryant) and another girl measured me, and it did NOT fit! Every time I'd lift my arms above my waist my boobs would pop out the bottom. If you are shopping at Lane Bryant - don't forget that their bra's stretch out! Good luck, bra shopping is my MOST frustrating things!!


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This all reminds me of something to add to my list things I'll be happy about when all the weight is gone.

No more bras that fit me like a dag-gone suit of armor! I long for the day when 2 hooks will get the job done instead of 4!
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I need more coffee.
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I have always hated bra shopping fat or thin.

My question is why the manufacturers seem to assume that big women don't need smaller cup sizes? The cups are always too big for me.
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Originally Posted by Eliana View Post
No more bras that fit me like a dag-gone suit of armor! I long for the day when 2 hooks will get the job done instead of 4!
I don't know what size you wear, but I started out as a 38G and am now a 36F. All along the way, I've worn the 2-hook bra in this link. It gives great support, fits really well, and only 2 hooks! This is the one that the people at Nordstrom fitted me with. I used to wear the balcony style but this last time I went with a little more cup coverage and I really like it.


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One dancer for each 5 lbs lost!
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