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Default Proof the scale is evil

I didn't weigh myself for about three days (one of those days being my daughter's birthday party where I was off plan) and when I weighed myself I had gone from 239 to 246! I spent the whole day in a funk feeling sorry for myself. The next day I weighed myself and I was back at 239. Hopefully I will remember this next time I have a bad scale day.
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the scale is a evil seductress who leads us astray and tries to make us feel sorry for ourselves so we can induge ourselves into self harming habits .... it can make us cry , control our moods and on some occasions it is good to us ... you just have to show it whos boss and ignore it sometimes ... step away from the scale ! lolz
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Is the scale in the exact same place every time you weigh? My scale is under a counter and I have to pull it out to use. Someone here posted the importance on having the scale in the exact same spot every time and I realized that mine was not always. I now put it on the same spot on the bathroom floor and line it up with one certain floor tile. My weight is more consistent now.

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Ok, think of your scale like a kitchen appliance...would you allow your blender, microwave, or food processor let you have a bad day? Scales are just one way of monitoring--inches lost is better, I think.

I've struggled with this for a long time. It is just a number. You control your destiny by your actions. I can do this / it will go down again if you make it.
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Digital scales are notorious for showing a different weight every time you step on them. I had to make a rule that I step on it only once; otherwise, as in the past I was getting off and on for five minutes, looking for a smaller number.

That is one thing I want to change this time. Not to have my entire day governed by what the scale says in the morning. It's hard to do that, against all reason I still get in a funk if it isn't down. The scale is really a in disguise. I've been successful a few days and I'm plugging away, taking hope from the fact that I've abstained from compulsive overeating for one more day.
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Also, it was three days. Unless you ate 21000 extra calories over those three days, you could not have put on 6 pounds. It was probably salt, which can cause you to gain massive amounts of weight, and then lose it just as quickly.

I now expect it after a salty meal, and I actually sometimes enjoy watching it! When else can you lose 6lb in a day

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I leave my scale on a marked ceramic tile in my kitchen. My scare is SCARILY accurate in that I can jump on it 10 times and it will always be the same number.

One thing to remember though... if you bump,drop,jostle a digital scale it can throw your reading off. So remove the battery for a minute or two to give it a chance to reset and then go for it
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I have had that huge fluctuation in scale-readings, also. That's right! Not my weight but scale-readings! I used to be obssessed by that little number but I'm on such a long journey that it's starting to loosen it's grip on me. I sometimes just hold on to water weight and then BOOM I've lost six pounds.

I started hitting the scale on Sundays and Wednesdays. That way one "odd" weekly reading won't throw me off. Plus, there is really nothing like how clothes fit to tell me what's what.

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For these reasons, I had to get rid of my digital scale and get a balance scale (like they have...or used to have...in doctor's offices). I literally would stand there for more than 5 minutes, getting on and off, on and off, trying to get an "average" LOL! I've reduced my obsessive scale readings dramatically by tossing the digital. There are a lot of VERY accurate digital scales out there but they are very very expensive.

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