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Who doesn't cook?

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Default Who doesn't cook?

I have been on Bistro MD pretty much since I started loosing wt. It not them, it's me. I get bored so easily and I am now bored with their food. Yet, I don't think I'm ready to cook for myself.

Part of it is that I would be cooking for one person. My husband, while supportive, is thin and healthy with a appetite for junk food. I can fill the freezer with burritos, tacitos, pizza, salisbury dinners, etc and he is just fine. We each pull our dinner out of the freezer and eat together. I'm not tempted by what he eats because that's not my food of choice. I'm high end, picky, foodie-gourmet. He's big-mac, boxed mac n cheese and pepsi kind of guy. Hence, we were eating out alot. But now, I'd rather stay in and make healthier choices, although we do still eat out some, often splitting an entree when we can agree on something. For example, I don't eat beef very often so we can split a nice burger at Applebees, he eats the fries, I'll have a salad. Okay sometimes I have a few fries too.

So, now I've justified why I don't cook.

What to do? What to do? What do those of you who don't cook do? I'm open to another plan, I'd just like some ideas. I just don't know if I'll ever want to cook again, kind of burned out on it anyway after cooking for a family for 20+ years. With a growing family of 3 boys I've done once a month cooking, bulk cooking,etc. You name it and I've probably done it! Burned out!!
Suggestions? Anybody out there with the same dilema?
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Hubby and I both can and do cook, but we also have health issues that can make it difficult. If only one of us is having a bad day, the other will cook, but we do often have days when neither of us is up to doing too much.

On my blog


I've posted my ground beef/tvp mixture. Freezing it ahead, so that it's scoopable, I can make a lot of quick, barely-cooking meals. I know it's not a no-cook method, but a reduced-cook method. I can microwave a cupful with a variety of seasonings.

But, we also keep a lot of no-cook foods in the house. Veggies that can be eaten raw, light cream cheese, canned fish products (not just tuna, but flavored tuna, salmon, mackerel, sardines - plain or in sauces, just watch the labels there can be added sugar and fat), rotisserie chickens, some deli meats. You can find better deli meats, but usually we also go the "semi-cook" way, using a crock pot to cook a turkey breast for example, and slicing it ourselves.

For me, cooking often isn't the biggest pain, it's clean-up. So, we keep a few disposable cookware (foil baking pans) and paper plates, and plastic silverware, and plastic cups for the "emergency" days when both of us aren't feeling well.

The crockpot really is our best friend. It's like cooking, without doing the cooking. I often make soup or stew in the crockpot, and we'll have several meals from it, either keeping the crock on low while eating from the crock for several meals during a day - or putting the crock in the fridge and bringing it ou the next day. I often make dishes that can be "transformed" easily, so it doesn't feel like we're eating the same dish every day. For example, I may make a relatively basic meat (roast, pork roast, turkey breast) and then add a sauce the next day.

I know some of this is still cooking, and that is a dilemma, because it's usually pretty expensive to have someone else do all the cooking for you, even if you're only eating 99 cent frozen dinners.

If money isn't an issue, there are a lot of meal delivery services you could try. Some are local only (check your yellow pages), and others are international. Instead of sticking with one (that you'll eventually get bored with), you could also rotate them, buying a week or two from one before moving on to another for a week or two.
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Hi From Canada, eh?
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Cooking for 1 doesn't have to dissuade you, cook for 6 and just freeze the other portions? Or spoil yourself, that's always fun, and cook yourself something amazing. Does your hubby not love awesome food if it's put in front of him? I love 'fancy' dinners, and they're so romantic! A nicely set table, good china and real napkins, I'm all over that!

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No he actually doesn't love 'awesome' food that's put in front of him. With the exception of my meatloaf (and that is not for someone watching their weight, trust me) he really prefers junk. I am not a bad cook, he just likes fast food and other junk. I prefer Brie cheese, he likes American--know what I mean? Also, eating for him is NOT a social, relaxed ocassion. When we were first married he thought nothing of getting up from the table as soon as he was done eating, regardless of whether or not I was done. We had more fights about that! Eating was a very social event in my home. And after dinner we spent a good hour just visiting over our day, sitting around the table. Not so much at his house.

I think I need to just be comfortable saying that I don't cook. I will try getting some frozen dinners at my local health food store and see how that works out for awhile.

Thanks for all the tips though.
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