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I'm on a Low Crap Diet
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Default I didn't tell anyone this time

I normally would announce it to the world that I'm on a diet and I cant have this or that, like everyone should stop what they're doing to accommodate my diet or something. *rolls eyes* YEs folks, the world really does revolve around me and I am that important. OF course I know better than that.

This time I have kept it to myself. I've been counting calories and exercising for 1.5 months and most of my family and friends don't even know it. I feel comfortable with that.

Did any of you do this when you started?

I just didn't want to hear "She cant have such and such because she is on a diet!". I'm not on a diet. I'm changing my eating habits so I can become a healthier, happier individual. I don't want to people to ask me if that's on my diet everytime I go to eat something that doesn't look like diet food.

Frankly I'm tired of the pressure I get from other people. It's really none of their buisness what I do or don't do.
I get asked by friends and family "are you on a diet" because I'm eating differently and I say "No" and that's the end of the discussion. Then they look kind of dumbfounded by my response.
I just think its funny.
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In the past I've always shared when I was on a diet but this time, with the exception of my family, I'm keeping it to myself.

It just feels right and I can remember some remarks made in the past that made me uncomfortable so this is the best way for me at this time. If I reach my goal people are sure going to notice, but I'm not bringing it up until they do! AND, if they never do that's just fine with me. I get all the validation I need from my family and my doctor. Oh, and the smaller clothing I'm going to be able to buy...
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I've done the same thing this time too. I just felt in the past people have gone "Wow, good for you" when I just started, and in a subconscious way I guess I was already congratulating myself, even before the hard work started!

So this time, I figure I want the results to speak for themselves. And it will be so much more rewarding when people notice I've lost weight. I think if people know you're dieting, they can say "Have you lost weight" just to be nice, instead of actually noticing it.

And you're SO right - I also like the fact that when people don't know, they don't watch what you eat and raise their eyebrows if you have something they think you shouldn't. If I want to have a slice of the office cake we had for someone's birthday, I can and then work it into my own calories and go for an extra walk, without having to explain myself to everyone!

Best of luck!
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I also told very few people. A few close friends and my hubby and kids. that's about it.

Partly because I was afraid to fail and partly because I wanted the weight loss to speak for itself. Now everyone that sees me is noticing my loss (it's about time! It's over 60 pounds LOL) but the first few comments were the ones that meant the world to me!

and it is a lifestyle change for me, not just a "quick fix" diet ("quick" being relative, you know)

Takin' it one step at a time!

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I never tell anyone. I have some immature family members who mock me if I quit anything. What I eat is my own business.
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Happy Plodder
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I didn't tell anybody for exactly the reasons that people then think they have the right to comment on my food. Hey, if one day I decide to max my calories on candy or fries, that's up to me. Of course I'm not recommending it but I get so cross at being given advice by people who have no clue. Mz Angry, that's me!

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Yes, I never was inclined to tell people, then they become *aware* and start paying attention to my food and body... not exactly what I am looking for. Also, they may feel at liberty to "comment" or even try to "help".

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Shrinkin' Salsa :P
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I haven't told many people either, mainly because my weight loss is part of a larger transformation that I'm going through right now, and I'm bad at just stopping at one piece of information. I have to be strict with myself about my boundaries: just tossing out personal info about yourself is not the way to build up proper and lasting friendships. Unfortunately I've learnt this the hard way - so I'm not going to do it again.

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I have no problems telling people when I"m on-plan. The people around me are usually supportive and encouraging. When they know I'm on-plan, they have healthy options for dinners, they don't bring junk food around me and they recommend restaurants with options for me when we go to dinner. Telling the people around me that I'm on-plan seem to give me a measure of accountability.
- Rhonda

"Live the life you've always imagined." Henry David Thoreau

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One day at a time!
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I did not tell anyone at first, not even my husband and children. I had failed so many times that honestly, I was embarrassed to tell. I had to tell DH and the children still at home pretty quickly. It was too difficult to keep it a secret. I told my parents before I went to visit them but I had already lost about 40 pounds at that point. I knew they would notice.

I never did "tell" my co-workers. When it became obvious that I was losing weight, I just acted like trying to eat healthily was the normal thing to do. When offered cakes and cookies at work, I would just say, "Thank you but I can't eat sweets." I have heard that the grapevine thinks that I have a serious health issue, probably diabetes. It is not true but, hey, it makes it easier to turn down food.

Persistence is more important than Perfection

Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potential. - Winston Churchill

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I'm on a Low Crap Diet
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Originally Posted by time2lose View Post
I had failed so many times that honestly, I was embarrassed to tell.

This ^ is another reason why I haven't told.

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That's me!
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I usually keep it to myself that I'm making changes in my lifestyle. Though I usually tell my best friend. I prefer not to discuss it most of the time with others because I would rather avoid the topic altogether. I spent my life with everybody else watching my diet more than I did. I certainly don't want to encourage them to continue! lol When it comes down to it, my lifestyle choices are about making me happy, so nobody else really needs to be involved in that.
Work like you don't need the money, love like you've never been hurt and dance like you do when nobody's watching.
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I don't tell anyone at all. I don't people judging me, looking at what I eat, giving me advice. I want to be able to eat what I want when I'm around friends, esp since that's not my main problem in weight loss--my main problem is eating when I'm alone.
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Overall goal
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Only my husband and my mom really knows that I want to lose this weight (well... plus any of you who read my posts! haha). I am a person who becomes VERY insecure if I know people are watching me closely. I definately don't tell my dad I am trying to lose weight ever cause he would always comment on what I eat.. "should you eat that?" In all honesty, its better to have a little of something you want one day and move forward from it rather than make it "forebidden" and next thing you know you bought 10 boxes of it and binged the week away. What I learned from my weight efforts in the past is that food is just food... and as long as I see it that way it should help my weight loss efforts.

Anyway... got off topic. lol I just become very uncomfortable if people are watching me in my efforts to try to lose weight. I don't want to fail... I don't want to be watched or talked about. Even when I get down to the size I want to be, I don't want to talk about "all the weight I lost"... because then it makes me feel like I was always a big person even when I'm smaller. Just one of those things... besides my husband (who is helping me) and my mom (who is always talking about her weight loss anyway... lol) no one really needs to know I am trying to lose weight. I'd rather just show up thin.
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NROL4W-Stage 5
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I didn't tell anyone in RL that I'm working on losing weight/lifestyle change cuz frankly it's nobody's business. The only people who know is my husband (he's doing it with me even though he doesn't need to lose weight per se but it's a lifestyle change) and another friend. I like to think it's a lifestyle change for me and not a diet. Be it eating healthy or working out consistently. I eat to please myself and if that means I have to eat proportioned meals several times a day I'll do that. I don't need to skip meals or take any such drastic measures to lose the weight. I found what works for me and I'll continue to do it till it doesn't. And, from what I've seen and heard, concept of eating several small meals throughout the day is still alien for many people as it is not considered "diet" friendly by them.

Couple people at work asked if I'd been losing weight and I replied "yes" and they said good, keep up the good work, it shows. And the conversation ended. I was happy about that.
"Exercise is really the right elixir"
"For above average results, it takes an above average effort. For mind blowing results, it takes a mind blowing effort. With effort and hard work, amazing transformations can happen." Tom Venuto

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