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Don't Give Up!
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Cool Just went for a bike ride.

I bought a bike a few months ago and haven't ridden it for about a month. The weather here has been Fall like in the 70's. Hope to get out and ride the bike more. It's good exercise and Fun. Sometimes exercise isn't fun.

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Yay! I'm planning on buying a bike next summer. I can't wait.
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NEVER EVER going back
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That sounds awesome! I don't do bikes yet... but I will!
On my own personal journey I started on September 27, 2008
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One day at a time!
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The weather here has been Fall like in the 70's.
Sounds like heaven, the temp here is still in the 90's and humid.

It does sound like fun. It is wonderful to find a way to make exercise fun!

Persistence is more important than Perfection

Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potential. - Winston Churchill
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Good job!
Determined to find "Fawn", the skinny chick within me!

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It is fun. I got an old schwinn at a yard sale a couple months ago. Then, we got a trailer to haul the kids in (correction: for my husband to haul the kids in). It's been so much fun, especially going down hills .
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That sounds fun!

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.--Winston Churchill
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Originally Posted by cfmama View Post
That sounds awesome! I don't do bikes yet... but I will!
CF, when I bought my bike 5 years ago I couldn't ride more than a couple of blocks. As time has passed and weight has been lost it has become much easier. I often ride 2 miles to our swimming pool in the summer and really enjoy it.

Yes, you will ride a bike-maybe sooner than you think!

Hi to all the other bike riders!
Debbie R

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I've been thinking about going to goodwill to get a bike. The only thing that worries me is whenever I ride a bike my butt hurts!
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Overall goal
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I love biking....back in the day (read 20 years ago) I was up to riding 20 miles each morning before work. I even did the MS 150 from Cincinnati to Dayton. I haven't ridden my bike in at least 15 years.

Shoot...I did that then, I can do this now. I'm older, but I can still do something like that.
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It's funny I never knew how much I missed biking until this summer. With 3 boys it's always been tough. I did it when I had just the one boy and we have a seat that goes on the front bar in the middle just ahead of my seat.

It became impossible coordinating but now that two can ride their own bikes and I can put Mica in the seat we biked a lot this summer. I've had my bike since I was a teenager and it's a great old bike. Needs a better seat but it works.

Have fun!!
Donna -Snowbound Start March 2, 2013 Plant-based April 11,2016
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"All of the things I really like to do are either immoral, illegal or fattening."
-Alexander Woollcott

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Yes, now that all my kids can ride their own bikes, I got one this summer. It's fun, & frankly, we're all about on the same level. I can keep up with my two younger ones, & my oldest daughter doesn't realize that she could out-ride us!
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