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Must Refocus, Immediately!!!!!

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Old 08-19-2009, 04:45 PM   #1
Trying so hard....
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Exclamation Must Refocus, Immediately!!!!!

Im not quite sure what has happened to me, but I must stop and refocus immediately! Ive become a little bit relaxed and this does not need to happen.So, as of right now, I am re-commiting myself to do Rockin Robins famous words: "Do what works for you, then keep on doing it".

I re-commit to:

Use Fitday.com every day for all foods eaten!
Start cooking actual meals instead of snacking for a meal!
Start making the weeks lunches on the weekend!
Exercise every day whether its humid or not!
Drink at least two 16.9 oz water per day!
Stop snacking on junk food period!
Do not buy any more cereal, peanut butter, or low carb bread cause they are binge foods, big time!
Slow down on the boiled eggs with the yolks, I can easily eat 10 a day if I dont watch it...I know, I know!!


Does anybody else feel the need to re-commit?????
If so, post away!
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I know what you mean... I've been feeling the need to refocus as well.

I am working on increasing my water intake again... and I really need to eat more lean protein and veggies, rather than whole grains and fruit.
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Old 08-19-2009, 05:00 PM   #3
NEVER EVER going back
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You go girl! I think everyone needs to recommit every once in a while. I know I did after my surgery and then my trip! You can do this my friend
On my own personal journey I started on September 27, 2008
Starting weight 377, Weight in spring of 2010 198, Weight in August 2011? In the 240's.
Still plugging along on this weight loss highway!
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Today is my first day back here in a long time. I ate right yesterday, walked this morning, am eating right today. Why did I stop? Why did I let myself gain SO much weight back? There's always stress, life, etc., but did gaining the weight back make any of that better? NOPE!

So, starting yesterday...

Minimal white stuff
6 fruits and veggies per day
No junk
Walk or jog or bike everyday
Plan meals and snacks
Count the darn calories

Lost over 60 pounds doing that. Why did I stop???
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Old 08-19-2009, 06:57 PM   #5
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I havent really fallen off the wagon but I feel kind of hopeless and like I'm slipping.
"Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it's the courage to continue that counts." --Winston Churchill\

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Old 08-20-2009, 10:40 AM   #6
Trying so hard....
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Originally Posted by lottie63 View Post
I havent really fallen off the wagon but I feel kind of hopeless and like I'm slipping.
Things will look up for you soon! From your posts I can tell you are really getting into this....so keep your chin up! Keep on keepin on and you WILL see results.
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Old 08-20-2009, 10:58 AM   #7
Right foot, left foot ...
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Go Mug! After a lax sumer I'm re-committing with you. Time to get fit and fabulous in the fall.

You can do this!!!

"Nobody in life gets exactly what they thought they were going to get. But if you work really hard and you're kind, amazing things will happen." - Conan O'Brien
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I'm still chugging along. I have to re-commit daily! I get on the scale every morning and tell myself that today I will keep it from going up... so far it has worked
Determined to find "Fawn", the skinny chick within me!

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Excellent! You CAN do it!!!
Stopped smoking October 21, 2008
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I fell off the wagon big time this weekend. Well maybe not, but it feels like it and that is what matters. I am going to the grocery this afternoon and stock up on yummy on plan food. You can do it Mug! We all can.

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I have been trying to recommit and get going again for awhile now, but am really struggling. There is just so much stress right now, like major stress coming from every direction imaginable! I am perfect and feel good all day long, then fall into major binge mode in the evening when the kids are asleep and it's just me and my thoughts.

I know what got me past that in the past and I need to do it again. So, starting right this very second I recommit myself to the following...

1. No eating after 6PM, no matter what.
2. At least 4 bottles water daily.
3. Count every single calorie and stay under daily/weekly limit.

I am okay with exercise, that is about all I have been managing to do right these days
10% Mini Goal:

Current Waist to Hip Ratio: 0.88/0.87
Goal Waist to Hip Ratio: 0.80

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I agree, most of us have to do this. I find myself doing it on a somewhat weekly basis.

I realize that I am a carb addict, I don't eat nearly enough protein. When my protein consumption is where it should be then I don't crave the carbs. So, I often have to commit to eating more protein and I'm working on keeping easy sources around. Protein drinks, bars, etc.

It's really about recomitting to a new lifestyle that I know I can live with and not falling back into old habits.

Go MUG Go! You can do this!!!!
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I haven't slacked off in every area, but I have noticed a slight relaxation with my food plan. Weekends cannot send me off plan. AND I can't justify it because my workouts have been so good. It all works together! So, I'm with you. I'm keeping a more strict accounting of my calories.

We all can do this!
Onederland in 2016

This time, I'm going to be stronger, I'm not giving in. - Rudimental
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Hi! Are you my long lost twin?? This is my week in a nut shell. I set my first ever mini goal yesterday so that I can get refocused It is so hard when you start to get relaxed. I am not sure what happens in our heads but I know you can pull your sef out of it!!
~ I am proud to hold my head low with my tail between my legs if it means that I am back here and trying again. ~

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Happy Plodder
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This re-focussing is a beach, isn't it!?!

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