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Exclamation Pull me back in kids!!!

I think I have, at best, not lost any weight this week and I'm pretty sure I've put on a pound or two.

It's just been a crazy week. I do not want to make excuses but I do want to share what I've learned and ask for some advice along the way.

Bad choice #1: Youngest son wanted to eat out. I divided my meal in half and took the other half home. I was thinking one of my other sons would enjoy it later that evening but he didn't come home that night. So.....as I sat there watching TV (that room is open to the kitchen) I could hearing it calling me so I reheated it and ate it. Which brings me to....

Bad choice #2: In the evening I just need to stay out of that room! It seems everytime I'm there watching tv I ended up snacking! Since I have a tv in my room upstairs I have decided that is where I need to spend my evenings! It's amazing to me how just the proximity to the fridge increases my hunger?!?!

Bad Choice #3: Stress overeating. Scenario: I spent a couple of days with a friends DH who is dying of brain cancer. He is still at home and on many days does well but this week he had wandered outside and left the barn doors and gates open. She doesn't want him left alone (while she is at work) so I volunteered to stay with him on the two weekdays she was working. She has found someone who can start coming in next week so I won't be doing that again but on one of the days I was there she called to check in and was very angry at her DH because he had asked me to walk the dogs--no biggie to me, I like her dogs. Anyway, he was cranky for the rest of the day and when she got home we talked and it was all good. She was just stressing because she was having a tough day at work and it spilled over into their conversation. I spend time telling you this lenghty story because I can see so clearly how others peoples stress spills over into other peoples lives. There is NO getting around that! However, I could use some coping skills in this area and I'm very open to suggestions on that one. I can't begin to tell you how I overate that evening!

This last one is not really a 'bad choice" but I could use some advice because this is going to come up all the time. I had a meeting at my house last night for our neighborhood watch. One of my sweet neighbors offered to make a goodie for our mtg. Great, one less thing I have to do. I had no idea she would bring 3 full pans of goodies. And because there was sooooo much left over she wanted me to keep it for my boys. Well, they're not here as much since college has started, one just left, one lives on his own. And frankly, none of them are big sweet eaters anyway. So we all feel pressured to 'take something' home even though it's pretty apparent most of us don't want to. I immediately threw away what small amount I had taken. I don't feel bad about that, although I certainly would never want her to know. I did have one very small lemon square at the meeting and many glasses of water. She's a good cook!

Anyway, with the holidays coming up and my slips this week I'm starting to hear that conversation in my head that says I can't do this. It's just a bit of a whisper at this point but I sure could use some words of wisdom to nip this in the bud. I will say, strangely enough, I am trying to learn what works, I am trying to identify my triggers and come up with coping skills. I am NOT going to beat myself up over a bad week--no name calling. With all the activity this week I only missed one work out but I kind of knew that was coming so I doubled my treadmill walked one evening and I'll probably workout a little extra this weekend.

I don't want to hit that wall where I'm this close to quiting. Is that possible or is that just part of this journey? I guess I'm asking for advice to help me NOT go there. Am I in time??? Or have I already gone there???

Thanks guys for listening!
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Sorry to hear you are having such a stressful week. Fall will be here soon and can get to more normal schedule. (kids back in school). It's hard to break the habit of eating in front of the tv. Maybe, just try eating healthier foods like piece of fruit and some ice tea. Or air popped popcorn measured out serving. Stress eating is hard to deal with. I'm going to try the beck diet it helps with working on overeating problems. You can use it with what every diet plan you are using. It's called the Beck diet by Judith Beck.

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Lose the holiday lbs!
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it is true. that actually having bad foods in close proximity increases food intake. they did a study on it. and found just moving it far away reduced the food intake.

i'm so sorry to hear about friends DH (what is DH ? does that stand for darling husband?) brain cancer. how sad

you can do it !! you can ! i dont know which programe you are following. but what is really helping me, is the Paul Mckenna "i can make you thin" concept.
and also the gabriel method.

i ordered both books. the gabriel method just arrived in the post today so i'm looking forward to reading that!

but what i have started to do is eat really slowly, and only eat when i am hungry!
and putting down my fork between bites. and really tasting the food and savouring it. and also making healthier choices via the gabriel method. but no food is forbidden, if i really want something i will have it. but must be hungry at the time, not emotionally hungry, but actually hungry and must eat it without any distractions.

i've stopped eating infront of the telly. and just eat my meals at the kitchen table and without the tv on, and i have found i'm eating only half of what i normally would eat! and i have to really take my time over the meal. the last meal i ate, it took me 24 minutes to eat! 1 pear, 1/2 cup of rice and 1/2 of chick peas curry. ordinarily i would have eaten triple that amount of food in 1/3rd of the time!

and you've lost 17lbs that's very impressive! you can do this. just keep taking it one day at a time

if you're interested the golden rules of "i can make you thin" programme are as follows:

4 GOLDEN RULES (Paul Mckenna)

1. When You Are Hungry, Eat

2. Eat What You Want, Not What You Think You Should

3. Eat Consciously And Enjoy Every Mouthful (eat SLOWLY, no T.V)

4. When You Think You Are Full, Stop Eating

but with rule number 2. i am combining, half of what i want, and half of healthy stuff. like for eg, i will have rice, but at the same time, eat a salad with it aswell.

Also if you're hungry, drink a glass of water, some of the time you're not really hungry but thirsty. if after awhile you are still hungry, then go ahead and eat something. a woman lost 4 stone by doing just this according to Paul Mckenna.

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Sorry for your stressful week. I find that watching tv especially while we're having dinner makes me tend to eat more, and I agree with you that close proximity to the kitchen can lead to snacking - my answer has been to not watch tv after dinner. I either come & check out 3FC or read. If I'm involved with another project I don't even think about the food. Good job on throwing the goodies away. My DH always says "I'll eat them later" and then lets them sit around for a few days. How is it that most men can only eat one cookie?

Also, The Paul McKenna Golden Rules posted by echo are definite keepers.

Good luck and remember we're all supporting you.
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Originally Posted by ANewCreation View Post
I I don't want to hit that wall where I'm this close to quiting. Is that possible or is that just part of this journey? I guess I'm asking for advice to help me NOT go there. Am I in time??? Or have I already gone there???

you might like this post.

it does not sound to me like you've already gone there. you're working on a few issues lots of people have. I believe, and I've seen it said here by others, a lot of this process is mental.

it's so much easier when you set up the environment for success -- maybe you have a couple of tweaks with that you can make, you seem to be aware of those and already have ideas for yourself. don't have the goodies/extras on hand if you can't resist them. that's why chips no longer enter this house.

then stress eating, tough for many people, including me. I would say having someone close to you dying of brain cancer hits pretty high on the stress o' meter. maybe one thing you could do, before you reach for the food, if you're really stressed, go to someplace quiet and just sit with yourself and breath, even if it's just the bathroom, where you're alone, it's quiet and you can decompress even for a couple of minutes. have activities and pleasurable things like bubble baths on your to do list. it's important. enlist others, to talk to, vent, help out, support.

and if the neighbors offer to bring over goodies, feel free to speak up that you really appreciate their offering, but you are working on your health (or however you want to put it), and your keeping the extra food doesn't work for you (esp if they're sweets), you're too tempted when it's around and you'll eat it (even if it's meant for the boys).

I'm telling you, so many people can relate to that, I doubt people will feel offended.

hang in there!!! why quit, you've already lost 17 lbs, and it's going to get easier as you fine tune.
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Thanks for the encouragement! It wasn't a good weigh in day but it certainly wasn't a disaster. 1# gained, not happy about it but today is a new day.

Thanks again!
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