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Cool I have support for mental..but not weight loss :(

I am seeing so many people working hard on thier weight loss..am sad due to the fact that this people have control and choose healthier food choices. It is tough on me and have no real life support to get me going...I am just about to give up and accept my size the way it is..

I live in a health care place and don't control on eating whole grains, fruits and veggies,. I can't afford weight watchers and can't do this alone. I am going bonkers and I just give up struggling/fighting.

I have support for my mental health..but not for weight loss. Any suggestions that I can do or get help?

Thank you for listening.
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I am not sure what kind of health care place you are talking about?But, can you follow a diabetic diet plan, even if you are not diabetic.Usually restricted in carbs and calories.Is your food provided for you ?
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You can do this. We are here for your support. It is a struggle no matter what situation you are in. Start small and work your way up....like cut portions back, don't do dessert, etc. Those things are huge for me.

Thinking of you.

"You've got to say, I think that if I keep working at this and want it badly enough I can have it. It's called perseverance." Lee Iacocca
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Hi there! I pm'd you with some info re:ww if you are interested...

You can do this, you really can...

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Ok girl, you have been doing great- don't give up now!!!
Many of us have no real support at home, that is why this board is here. The people here are your support. I think I speak for most everybody, that we are here to lean on when you need us. Do a search for my name and see how many times I have asked for support since joining this board. I can been the Queen of whinning, but the support here has been awesome. I have leaned heavy on everyone here and it has been a key to my success so far.

You have been successful, walking and climbing stairs if I remember some of your recent posts. Just keep doing it! Don't fret about what you can't do with your food. Make the best choices you can out of the food that is given you. Even if you don't prepare it or have a say in what is bought- you do have control of how much of it you put in your mouth. We all have days where we want to give up because it is hard or because we have slipped- but the end is the same, you have to get back on that horse!

Hugs to you!! You can do this!!
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yay! summertime!
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I am not exactly sure what your situation there is, Liliann. It sounds like your food is provided by the place you live in --- is that right? There are probably still a couple of things you can control:

1. Drink lots of water.
2. Watch how much you eat of everything --- you know, smaller portion sizes.
3. Eat breakfast everyday --- things like oatmeal are pretty good weight-loss wise.
4. If a fruit or vegetable is provided, eat it before the high-fat stuff.

Also, I would talk to someone (doctor? floor nurse? not sure) and just ask them what they might be able to do to help you out. Since lots of people have diabetes, they might provide a different set of meals for them and that would be better for you losing weight. They might be willing to work with you some on providing more choices --- or they might just say no, too! LOL But it doesn't hurt to ask.

Another you can do which really helps me is to keep track of everything I eat (the good and the bad) everyday. Web sites like http://www.thedailyplate.com/ or http://www.sparkpeople.com/ let you record what you eat and then they calculate how many calories and protein etc. you have eaten; they also can calculate how many calories you should be eating for your height and weight to lose or maintain, etc. They might take you a little while to figure out how to use, but they do help and they are free!

You have already done so well, that we need to find a way to keep you going! Don't give up, Lilann --- you deserve to be the healthiest you possible!
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All the above advice is Great, also try to do some moving more everyday, start out small, walking is the best, but if you can get to a pool or just do some yoga {that will also help with walking} anything you can do to rev up the body and burn some calories is super! Also try to let us help you, please don't give up, you do not have to just settle for anything, you are so worth it. Good Luck and hope to talk again soon


Blue Team

February 1st
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Don't give up Lillian! You have been doing great, just keep taking it day by day.

I agree with asking you doctor to prescribe a diabetic or lower calorie diet. Surely your doctor must be supportive of you trying to get healthier?

Hang in there!
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Just wanted to send you some hugs!!!

Is it possible to request meeting with a registered dietician that can help you with some ideas?

You can do it!!!

You're in my thoughts.
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I am not sure what kind of place you are living in but I have worked in several different facilities for individuals with physical disabilities and in my state if the doctor orders a specific type of diet the home had to provide it, so I would talk with your PCP. Also, you mentioned having mental health support, are you taking medication that may hamper your weightloss? If so, just lean on us more, cuz we understand the struggle.

Everyone else gave great advice - eat the "healthiest" foods first, work on your movement, take one day/meal at a time and talk to us. There are many websites out there that show how to do body weight exercises. Gaining some muscle will help in burning the calories.
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Just here to offer Great advice above
1st 5%:

Long Term:[url=http://www.TickerFactory.com/weight-loss/wIluyhi/]
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I work in a nursing home and I eat the same tray that most patients eat. It is only one meal a day that I eat there but there are a few things I do to keep me on plan.

In talking to the "lunch ladies", I learned how big the portions are so I can track them. 4 oz for meat, 1/2 cup for veggies, I was just eye-balling it at first, but now I know how much to account for. When I get my tray, 99% of the time I toss the dinner roll in the trash, before I think about it too much. about 90% of the time, I give my desert away, they are small portions, so if it is something I love, I may eat it and account for it. But usually, nursing home cake is just not worth it!

Since you are a client/patient at this facility, it seems very logical that someone could help you get a diet portion ordered. Without knowing what type of facility this is, I am just guessing, but I am sure there are diabetics there, there should be a menu variation for different needs.

Are your meal served "cafeteria style" where you go down a line picking your menu, or are the trays pre-made??

Talk to your case-worker, doctor or whomever is in charge of your care. Explain how your health is important to your overall rehabilitation plan, whether is be physical or mental rehab.

Good job on trying to work around this hurdle, it has to be an extra challenge when you are not in charge of what is in the kitchen. But I am sure you can find a way to make it work.
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